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Welcome to the fourth issue of SCRAMBLED EGGS.First off I'd like to thank J.D. Lees for the flattering review of issue three he put in G-FAN #65.Though I think some people might accuse J.D. of false advertising.Now when has J.D. been less than honest?Actually his glowing review made issue three the best selling issue ever.Granted I could count the copies sold with just one hand but it was still our["our"?Who else has anything to do with this stupid rag?!?] best selling issue ever.My sincerest gratitude.

On to some unhappier news.The price of this miserable waste of paper has gone up with this issue.Now you are all probably asking yourselves "Where does Torgaman find the hairy gonads to raise the price on his already crummy photocopied fanzine?!?"Some of you are probably already forming pitchfork armed linch mobs to come after me,but let me explain.It's all real simple:


The prices at Kinko's,as well as just about every other photocopy place have raised their prices due to paper cost increase since I started this fanzine about ...oh never mind...And then there was a postal increase that occurred during the time interval that I sent my ad to G-FAN and to the time that issue actually appeared.So as I began getting the issues out I found myself pretty much without a profit.So in order to make the fanzine worthwhile to myself I raised the price a dollar.Call me greedy but considering the effort I put into getting the fanzine out I think it only fair.