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Director: Simon WincerWriter: Lee Falk, Jeffrey Boam Distributor: Paramount Pictures

As a new century of films begin,one can only wonder which are the films that will become the major influences in films.One would venture a guess that the LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy has already left en embedded mark on moviegoers the world over,and the director of these movies,Peter Jackson,is currently hard at work on a new retelling of the KING KONG story.One can only speculate what will make up the future genre milestones.Will it be an actor's performance as a certain character?Or will the need for actors finally be replaced by characters created from digital pixels. With cgi becoming the dominant factor in genre films,will they be able to inspire the same emotions audiences felt watching a silent Boris Karloff walk into the light in full makeup,or Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia swinging to safety amid stormtrooper blasterfire?And will cgi finally make years of martial arts training obsolete'allowing any joe schmoe to become the next Bruce Lee?We may not be able to answer those questions yet.However we can rest comfortably knowing we will always have these great classic films to plop into the vcr and enjoy with popcorn and soft drink.There is where the true power of these films lies.