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If you haven't heard,Mexican films featuring science fiction/horror/action adventure themes,or Mexican Bizzarro Cinema,as I prefer to call it,are rapidly gaining a cult following with cult film enthusiasts.These films run the gamut from comedies,musicals,horror,science fiction,westerns,secret agent spies,and sometimes all of these combined.Of course the majority of these film ideas were inspired by American films.However there was one aspect many of these films had that was not inspired by any American film.Wrestling!

Mexican wrestling,or Lucha Libre,reached the peak of it's popularity at the same time that studio execs were begining to crank out their Mexican Bizzarro films.With wrestling being a popular attraction in Mexico City casting wrestlers in films made for easy promotion.Since dramatic movies about boxers made for popular films the thinking was that dramatic wrestling films would also draw an audience.In fact the wrestling films became more popular than the boxing films.Big star the masked Santo was also featured in a popular comic book so the studios rationalized that masked wrestlers could become cinematic superheroes.By the seventies masked wrestlers had become synanomous with Mexican superheroes.

If your film interests favor this sort of colorful moviemaking,you need not look further.This is the place for you.