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Turning Points

Sarah Hudson-Pierce

from the book Turning Points


We are indelibly marked by the turning points in our lives.

Turning points are the places in our lives when we know without a shadow of a doubt that we are headed in another direction—as we stand at the crossroads of our lives—ready to step out—to take the dare—to begin the journey to last the rest of our lives.

For me, my turning points have been easy to see, to know, to trace, to pin-point—as I knew at the moment that I was standing at the crossroads to lead me to a better day.

One such turning point occurred when I was only ten years old. I was still living on the top of the rocky hill at South West City, Missouri, where my father died at home, when I was ten.

It was when a young minister and his wife, Wayne and Linda Earnest, came into our lives, giving my sister and I some much needed direction. After they moved in 1958, we never stopped looking for them, waiting for their blue and white Chevy—and daily we walked by their brownstone apartment yearning for their return.

When they moved they gave us their tiny black and white television. It was upon that screen that I watched a Loretta Young movie that impacted my life.

For it was upon that TV that I saw the story unfold of a young woman who adopted some children thus altering destinies in return.

Being born in poverty, to a mother who had been brain damaged from a fall, and was thus unable to function as a mother, and having lost my own father, I wished to be adopted myself. So, in my heart the image clicked within my brain and I said to myself,

"When I grow up I'll adopt a child."

When I grow up!

And thus my daughter, Robin, now thirty-four, was conceived in my heart, in my dreams when I was only ten—and down through the years the dream remained intact. Through a series of providential events, she came to be mine eleven years later, when she was only two days old.

And so it is with turning points.

If followed, turning points can make all of the difference within one's life.

Most likely when they occur we know—if we are perceptive—and if we are in tune to our moods—and if we are driven to move out of the slow lane—out of the inertia and into the fast lane where dreams do come true!


----Sarah Hudson-Pierce


Shreveport, Louisiana

Sarah is host of the Sarah Hudson Pierce

Show in Shreveport, the author of five books

and is the owner of Ritz Publications located In Shreveport