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Links To Good Samurai Sites

General Samurai Links

You can read The Book OF Five Rings here
About Hara - Kiri (Seppuku)
A fantasic site about all things samurai - including translated books
What is Bushido? Find out here
Do you collect Samurai swords? Come here to this UK catalogue
Buy Samurai films on video in the UK here
history of the Samurai - lists of dates
More on Japanese history
The Tokugawa Shogunate
A Guide to Kamakura
Portugal - Japan Relations - history
You can buy patterns here to make Samurai costumes
Pictures of samurai castles
About Samurai etiquette
All about Japanese swords
Death and the Samurai
The Samurai Creed
The history of Bushido
The best samurai discussion boards on the Net
An interesting summing up about the Samurai
The Buke-Shohatto
The history of Japan
Samurai weapons
About Japanese castles

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This is a page of links to more samurai information, if you know of any more good ones please let me know

Aikido events listings

The Shin Gi Tai Aikido society
The British Aikido Board

The Aikido FAQ
The history of Aikido
E Budo
Aikido video clips of techniques
Pictures of O Sensei
Bokken kata
13 count jo kata
folding a hakama
The International Aikido Federation
An Aikido glossary
One to ten in Japanese
A site on Judo