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O'Rourke Clan Ltd.

Formed in 1993 in Dromahaire, Ireland, the O'Rourke Clan Ltd. is an organization devoted to the study and promotion of O'Rourke history and culture.

Led by historian Patrick J. O'Rourke the O'Rourke Clan publishes a historical journal, 'Buagh', and hopes to produce a documentary file on the history and castles of the medieval O'Rourkes.

The O'Rourke Clan Ltd. also hopes to enlists O'Rourke families around the world and form a modern clan society. Membership rates for families and individuals are $40 (US) annually.

Corporate membership rates are $200 (US).

Contact them at:

The O'Rourke Clan Ltd

Dromahaire, County Leitrim, Ireland

telephone: 353-71-64601

Buagh is the journal for the O'Rourke Clan Ltd
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