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Here are some links that we hope
will be helpful to you.....

World Trade Center
Memorial Organization

FEMA - Website or call 800-426-9029

American Airlines - Website or call 800-245-0999 (friends and family)

United Airlines - Website or call 800-932-8555 (friends and family)

Pentagon employees only are asked to check in by calling 877-663-6772.

Army personnel assigned to the Pentagon asked to call 800-984-8523.

The Justice Department's Office of Victims of Crime has set up a phone line to provide information to families about victims and about services for survivors and their rights: 1-800-331-0075.

Anyone with information about Tuesday's terrorist attacks are being asked to contact the FBI at 1-866-483-5137 or via its Website.

The City of New York is accepting contributions to aid the families of Police, Fire, EMS and other City employees involved in rescue efforts. Donations can be made by check or money order to:
The City of New York
100 Church Street, 20th Floor
New York, New York 10007
Website. Also here, look for a lost loved one, get help (shelters and grief counseling), transportation information, schools information, donate equipment and more.

YAHOO RESOURCES FOR: Emergency and Relief Information - Website - All major relief and help organizations actively involved with helping the people of NYC in the wake of this tragedy, lists of victims, closures and announcements, emergency contact information, U. S. Government Resources, Missing Person/Survivor lists, search coverage of tragedy.