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Date: 09/14/01 07:27:23 PM
Subject: your in our hearts and prayers


Date: 09/14/01 07:35:17 PM
Name: Janet
Subject: Pray for Immediate Karmic Retribution

If we (the US military) retaliate against the forces who perpetrated the attacks against us on Tuesday, 9/11, then World War 3 will begin. We will be at WAR. A horrible thought.

If we forgive the madmen and don't pursue them, they WILL attack us and other free countries again and again, for they ARE madmen.

If we attack those who harbor them, does that included those who harbored them and did not know who was residing in their lands, or only those who knew full well, yet let them? That would include countries like Germany and even Canada, would it not? Should we hold them responsible? I think not.

What if we retaliate with strong military force against the Taliban in Afghanistan? They are the ones with money, funded by bin Laden, and they have probably ALREADY moved out of harm's way. Who would be left but (probably only) the innocent who do not, in their hearts, want war.

So, what are we to do? Pray to God (or Allah) for immediate karmic retribution. Ask God to give them swift, horrible death - all of those who helped in any way plan or carry out the attacks against the USA and its guests from so many foreign countries, like Japan and England, who had offices in the World Trade Center. If we all pray, each night at the same time, it will be one loud voice that God will hear. God will allow the energy released from our prayers to do its work and single out ONLY those responsible. 10 P.M. ET daily for 2 weeks ought to get the job done. Join me.



Date: 09/15/01 11:46:47 AM
Name: Susan PM
Subject: Re: Pray for Immediate Karmic Retribution

Janet, I will join you in prayer but as you pointed out, if we forgive, then they will attack again and again for they are madmen. You are right. I don't want to see World War III and think about the propecies of Nostradamas who said the third and final world war would come from a mad man in the middle east. Scary thought, true, but what is the world to do? Enough is enough! These zealots do not attack only America, but every nation that holds freedom and peace sacred in their hearts and tenents. They must be made to understand that we wish to allow them their own thoughts and beliefs but not at the cost of another human being's life. What is going to get through to them? What will it take? I guess we will have to trust our World's Leaders and pray they make the right decisions and truly, all NATO nations and those nations against tyranny must stand together and stop the insanity!  

Date: 09/14/01 07:37:55 PM
Name: Anonymous
Subject: Where is God!

At times like this you wonder where God must be?

So many dead and injuried, how could He let it happen?

Then I look at the thousands who have volunteered to help, the long lines at blood banks, and the unity of our people joined together in prayer and realize that God is here among us in our actions.

In our grief and loss we havew found strength in each other's comfort.

America will prevail, our spirit has been tested and it has proved to have an unbending strength!  


Replying to:

To all who are thoughts and prayers are with you. May GOD bless you and keep you strong in your darkest hours. Remember that you have the support of an entire nation.

To all rescue workers...Thank you for your bravery, honor, and courage. May God bless you and keep you safe in the days ahead.

Date: 09/14/01 08:07:03 PM
Name: Kim
Subject: Re: My birthday wish

Such a wonderful birthday wish that was. You are a very un-selfish person. I'd give my birthday wish to them too. May god bless you!
--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Replying to:

Today is my 41st birthday and I give my birthday wish to all the victims and their families...Lori 

Date: 09/14/01 08:07:38 PM
Name: Debbs
Subject: Re: From New Zealand With Love

From another Kiwi. My heart felt best wishes and hopes to you all who are going thru this horrendous act against human kind. Its affected so many people in so many different ways. Even us so far away from you all...
Please let people you know and care for that you love them...
--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Replying to:

To All that lost family and friends , our hearts cry and our prayers go our for you.
for the New Zealanders that died there that day, we weep also
so many people gone, so many familes torn apart. so many lives changed for ever. for what.
its hard to understand how any person/peoples could hate so much. 

Date: 09/14/01 08:24:59 PM
Name: margaret
Subject: Proud to be an American

This great nation has lost so much. My prayers are with every American. The horrific tragedy that took place on September 11,2001 will forever change our country. We need to unite and these cowards can never take away our pride. We are Americans! We will prevail. We are a great nation. Every one take a moment and look at your flag and all it stands for and say " I am proud to be an American"

Date: 09/14/01 08:32:41 PM
Name: Leilani from New Zealand

Dearest Americans,
I am deeply sorry for your loss in such a horrific tragedy.
It was a moment of shock here in NZ. On the morning of Wednesday the 12th, all students and teachers at Villa Maria College which is the school I attend, came together to remember all the innocent people who didn't have to die. We shed our tears and we comforted each other. My friends and I so desperately wanted to do something more but there's not much I can do from here but pray for you all. I'm so sorry that you had to go through that. It was so unfair and if I could, I would go back in time and change everything that happened. I wish you all well. Stand strong! Don't let the bad times get you down! United you shall stand and if you need a leaning post we'll be here.
May God bless you always. 



Date: 09/16/01 06:58:42 AM
Name: Mark Harvison

Thanks, Leilani

Your support means a lot to all America right now, especially to the families of those directly touched by this nightmare. Keep us all in your prayers, but especially the victims, the rescue workers, and all their families.

Thank you from America!  


Date: 09/15/01 12:38:46 PM
Name: Karen Evans

Dear Lelani,Thank you for your words of sympathy.We here in America are greatful to know we have brothers and sisters across the world to held aide in our pain.I hope that you never have to experience this firsthand.The grief is haunting me everyday and night.I exist right now in a daze.Wishing to wake up to this nightmare yet find I never really slept in the past days.The images on our tv are haunting.Please give your country our heartfelt thanks.And may God bless you ......

Date: 09/14/01 08:41:11 PM
Name: Kim
Subject: Re: from my son

If your son wrote this, he really knows how to put our feelings into words.....tell him thank you for writing and thank you for sharing this with us! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!!!!

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Replying to:


As I sit here and think
of America’s pain,
we must realize that our brotherhood
will always remain.

We will forever be here,
standing side by side,
holding our flags
and waving them with pride.

There has always been trouble.
There has always been despair.
When others need help,
who has always been there?

You have tested our strength,
and our will to keep going.
The flag will always wave.
It doesn’t matter if the wind is blowing.

Our country is the
best of them all.
From wars to terrorists,
Our flag does not fall.

We have been through things
that would make your head spin.
This attack, will receive only
the highest form of discipline.

Missing loved ones is
what this country fears.
For those people we shed
Our own little tears.

Americans will never forget
this horrific day.
At the same time we all know,

Thomas E. Starnes

Date: 09/14/01 08:46:57 PM
Name: Pamela
Subject: prayers

Thank you for your web site..
My thougths and prayers are with all of the families, friends,
loved ones and the rescue workers.. God Bless all of you..
I am so so sorry this has happen.. I live in Walla Walla Washington a long ways from New York but this week it doesnt seem every far at all.. In tears..

Date: 09/14/01 08:59:16 PM
Name: Kenix Wong Beng Hoon
Subject: something there

I'm so alone in crowd and cry. Too many tears, just like a child who's lost. I become a prisoner of my tears. People come, people go. They are hiding in shadows. Moving in, moving out. They are nothing bur strangers. Strange as it seems. My paper heart is so easily torn again and again. I never know what the reason may be it just doesn't end. There's a sound in the air while the time goes on slipping. Slipping away.

Date: 09/14/01 08:59:54 PM
Name: tuesdsgon
Subject: Freedom....

Never forget-Freedom isn't comes with a price;a soul,a name,a face.May God comfort his chosen and may we take comfort in the knowledge that on the day these innocents died,God received these souls.In his presence stood those whom committed this atrocity.God's judgement of them was swift...and eternal. 

Date: 09/14/01 09:28:40 PM
Name: Sam Geraisy - Nazareth, Galillee
Subject: We pray to Jesus to protect you.

As An oppressed Palestinian by Terror I and My palestinian brothers share your sorrw, pain and greif. We condemn strongly all shapea and types of terror, whether its indiviual, group or state terror.

We are as a peace loving nation offer you free americans my sincere and true condolences for thos who were killed and our best wishes for thr injured for safe and quick recovery.

Sam Geraisy Nazareth 

Date: 09/14/01 10:05:06 PM
Name: tigger
Subject: united we stand

I received an e-mail today from a friend. She got an article from the Miami Herald and the man who wrote it expressed exactly what every one, not just in America but around the world felt. He said that he has no idea what these monsters intended by doing this act. If their intentions were to tear us, as Americans, apart then they did not succeed in their task, for they have only brought us closer together. I have never seen America pull itself as close as we did to each other before these tragic events. It's sad that this is what caused us to unite as one, but it's better than ripping us further apart. I am so proud to be here in this wonderful country right now knowing that we are all looking out for one another, all praying for those who have lost their lives and those families that have been effected by it even though we might not know these individuals personally. May we keep up this effort to unite as one. As long as we remain as one these unspeakable bastards will not win. Because united WE stand and for that they WILL fall. My thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families as is the nations and the world's.  

Date: 09/14/01 10:23:03 PM
Name: Karma--Northern California
Subject: Like one large family...

We are as one right now. Our hearts breaking in unison, our voices calling out together for peace and an end to the madness. We stand together, regardless of location, race, religion, etc...and will prevail, will flourish once again, and will never ever forget those who paid the highest costs in this tragic event.

God bless America and ALL it's citizens!

Much love

Date: 09/14/01 10:40:11 PM
Name: Gary Kranig
Subject: With one voice.

The World is a place of many Nations and languages, but we speak with one voice. With one voice we all express our sorrow and prayers for all the victims of the attacks on New York and D.C.,and for the passengers of the four jets that were used as weapons of distruction without regard for the lives of those passengers aboard. With one voice, we pray to our God, whomever we believe him to be, to bring comfort and peace to the families of those killed. With one voice, we say that these attacks will not go unpunished. With one voice, we say that terrorism, whomever it is directed against and whomever uses terrorism as a means to an end, and wherever it occurs will no longer be tolerated. America was not attacked, the World was attacked and those responsible have indeed woken a sleeping giant, not America but the entire World. As an American, I say that I am proud to be an American, but I am also proud to be a citizen of the World. TO ALL THE FAMILIES OF THE VICTIMS, THE RESCUE WORKERS, THE FIREFIGHTERS AND POLICE OFFICERS THAT GAVE THEIR LIVES TO SERVE AND PROTECT AND THEIR FAMILIES, MY THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS ARE WITH YOU ALL. MAY GOD GRANT YOU PEACE, MAY GOD GATHER ALL THOSE INTO HIS KINGDOM, MAY GOD BLESS YOU, AND KEEP YOU ALL THE DAYS OF YOUR LIFE...........Gary E. Kranig Seattle Washingtom 

Date: 09/14/01 11:12:50 PM
Name: Michele


Date: 09/15/01 12:14:58 AM
Name: Martin Ellis
Subject: A poem


Know you now the tolling bell
of sadness at a nations heart,
the dreams that like the towers fell
on empty ears long worlds apart,
in endless grains of sand
whose centre is a rotted jewel
I saw a list of treason’s planned
by men who thought our God a fool,
until the cell phone’s silent fell,
the numbers of this different race
of people just one step from hell
turned hard to miss our Lord’s embrace.

In rubble from those million years
moved piece by piece from hand to hand
sought clues with ever present tears
to light the darkness of this land,
the city streets still holding pain
by day and brighter still by night,
I left no footprints in the rain
of dust and debris metal bright,
through avenues of memory strolled
the people of that other time
who led me back with just one goal -
to forge the links rent by this crime

Sent first my son’s to kill them all,
the feelings red and hot and just -
a few returned to still the call
of screaming rage and red bloodlust,
one step away from total war
our fires rained as well they must
upon a line we feared to tread
lost in the ever thickening dust,
until I turned and from the ruins
rose the dead and live alike,
to place upon the graves of children
roses from a future bright.

At this I cried and turned to see the shadow of a perfect man
that happens once was me,
and saw the outline of a plan I wanted still to be,
and to my knees my body fell
and stuttered out this plea -
“Forgive us Lord, please set your people free”

Martin Ellis. 14th September2001  

Date: 09/15/01 12:20:30 AM
Name: Anonymous
Subject: No Subject

There is nothing that I can truly say to those, who in the past few days, have had their worst nightmares realized. But...

To those who lost loved ones...stand fast to your faith and know that people care...that you are never alone.

To those who risk their lives and sanity to assist in the rescue/relief are heroes...know that God walks with you.

To those who are burned, injured, shattered (mentally or physically), broken or on the edge of life...hang on...have faith...we are here.

To the children, old and young, who lost a mom or a dad...or both...You were, and are, loved...more than you can possibly imagine...hold on to your memories, your hopes and dreams...don't let them die...and I am sorry for your suffering.

To the parents who lost children...vanquish the horror in your hearts and hold their memories high and know that you can see them again with God.

To those who are blinded by racism and stereotyping...may God open your eyes to His truth.

To those who have lost hope in a world of war, racism, Columbine, Oklahoma City, ethnic cleansing, terror and suffering...keep struggling...and know that God loves you.

Finally, special condolences to the family and friends of those employees with Fitzgerald. Carlton and Adam...I didn't know you for long but I will never forget you.  

Date: 09/15/01 12:22:16 AM
Name: Sue Duncan
Subject: Thinking of you all

We may be miles away in a little country and unable to do anything physical to help but know that our thoughts are with those who have lost or know someone who has been lost in this terrible tragedy. This should never happen to anyone anywhere! 

Date: 09/15/01 02:10:50 AM
Name: InMemoryOfVictorSaracini
Subject: Thoughts, Prayers, Rememberance

I live in Kentucky. My friend Dan was on his way to the WTC to go to work, he was running late. He is okay and for that I am eternally greatful. My TV hasnt been off since it's happened and I find it hard to perform even the daily task that I know I must. I think of all the lives lost, of all the familys left behind and my eyes fill with tears that stream down my face once more.

I would like to suggest something to all of you that visit here. Look at the passenger listings of those that lost their lives, and as the names become available of those lost at the WTC and at the Pentagon, everyone select one name, and make it your promise to that person, even though you never met them, to keep their memory alive. I have chosen Victor Saracini. I dont know him. All I know was he was one of the US pilots on one of the planes, and that his life is now gone and he has a family that will forever have to live with the empty void of him being gone. I carry his name and the memory of his life with me now too and in any postings I do, my user name is now "In memory of Victor Saracini".

Let no one that died in this tragedy EVER be forgotten!

God Bless us all! 



Date: 09/15/01 10:54:25 AM
Name: Susan PM
Subject: Re: Thoughts, Prayers, Rememberance

What a fabulous idea! Oh my gosh! That's great! I will do that also!

Date: 09/15/01 02:29:26 AM
Name: Dirk
Subject: Justice

Tears roll thinking of this tragedy and the loss for human kind.
My prayers go out to all victims and their friends and families.
I want to express my deepest respect ans support to the people of the USA. Soon justice will be there. I hope the Netherlands will aid in the road to justice. If not with an army that big but with a spirit for a million soldiers. 

Date: 09/15/01 04:00:07 AM
Name: Robert Housmans
Subject: 3 min Silence in Europe, We will support you

In europe yesterday at noon there was a 3 min silence.

Cars stopped on highways,
Factory production was halted,
Public transportation and trains toppen on their tracks,
Public life stopped
Everything in all of europe was quiet compleatly for 3 min

After the silence there was a huge hand of aplause for the ravery of the resque-workers, the fire department, the police, etc.

For 3 min all of our thoughts were with you, our american friends.

Reserve militairy personel everywere in europe, including myself is volunteering for any possible way we can help, even for militairy actions against the people responsible.

We will support you and our thoughts and sympathy is with you all.

This will not go by unpunished.

Robert Housmans
Sittard, The Netherlands, Europe. 



Date: 09/16/01 06:55:09 AM
Name: Mark Harvison
Subject: Re: 3 min Silence in Europe, We will support you


You don't know how much that 3 minutes meant to Americans. I saw it on television Friday morning and started to cry again. I live in Georgia, hundreds of miles from Washington and New York, but like all Americans and all humans, I feel a part of this. Your supports means so much to us right now.

Thank you,

Mark Harvison
Proud American

Date: 09/15/01 04:08:21 AM
Name: Thomas
Subject: Music Candle light from Berlin

We are deeply shocked by the terrible acts of aggression. We are personally concerned and we would like to show our sympathy from deep within our hearts to our US-friends and the american people. Especially many many people here in Berlin are in grateful sorrow.

We have done the song 'America the Beautiful' from our hearts and we canceld all our works in the sound studio and business dates - this song is only for the victims, not for ourselfs. We don't want any credits of our names! - It's a small light of hope from Berlin in memory of the painful tragedy and a sign, that our
friends in the United States of America are not alone!

mp3 music link, you can use it for free on your homepage, spread it on the internet or whatever you like to:

In silent memory,
Thomas (Linz/Austria), Michael (Berlin/Germany)



Date: 09/15/01 06:41:33 PM
Name: Karen Evans
Subject: Re: Music Candle light from Berlin

Thank You very much for your beautiful tribute to our National Anthem.You have done your country proud.My Husband and I were very moved by your rendition of our anthem.You moved us to tears,we are so greatful to you for your love and support....may God Bless each and everyone of you and your country.May you never know the pain and grief we here in America feel,and may you always have peace and American Friend


Date: 09/15/01 07:19:59 AM
Name: uhuru1701 (Patricia)
Subject: Re: Music Candle light from Berlin

This is so beautiful, you leave me without words to express my feelings. I hope you send this to all of our American news media outlets. I wish all Americans could hear your song. Thank you so very much!


Date: 09/15/01 04:23:33 AM
Name: Robert Housmans
Subject: Re: Re: Response-with apologies

I myself am in the Dutch Officer reserve corps, and I volunteerd together with many european colleagues to serve with our american friends to punnish the people responsible.

We will not fail or rest till your losses have been "compenseted" and the people responsible have been punnished to your sattisfaction.

Robert Housmans.
The Netherlands

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Replying to:

Our children are ready. Two of our sons and a daughter-in-law are currently serving as their father, grandfathers and greatgrandfathers before them. Sometimes are freedom must be fought for again.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Replying to:

Our country has been attacked. Thousands of civilians have been killed. For this we are sad and ready to help those who suffer.
We are also ready to respond. Our military is organizing for the orders that we know are coming.
No knee jerk reactions. No emotional response. Just a focused reply to say "Don't do that again!"
Our sons are ready 

Date: 09/15/01 04:34:15 AM
Name: Catherine Mccarthy - NY, NY
Subject: We will prevail

We have cried thousands of tears for each loved one lost.
We will shed thousands more in the days ahead.
We are burdened with grief and we will carry that grief for the rest of our lives.
We will not let our grief consume us.
We will not let our grief cripple us.
We are New Yorkers, and citizens of these United States of America, a free nation and ally to all great free nations.
We will never rebuild our indifference.
Out of the ashes of our complacency has risen a massive phoenix of strength, determination, generousity, compassion and love.
The wingspan of this phoenix is worldwide.
So, you failed. You will always fail.
We will always prevail.
We are the United States of America, one nation under God, indivisable, with liberty and justice for all.

We hear you, world. Thank you for all your prayers.



Date: 09/15/01 04:59:36 AM
Name: Shaun and Jenean
Subject: Re: We will prevail

Such a beautiful poem.
We will all prevail.
Our love and condolences to you.
We are hurting with all Americans here in Australia.
Tears of sorrow filled our eyes when we awoke that morning to see this horror on our tv. We are thinking of you, all our love
Shaun and Jenean

Date: 09/15/01 04:50:28 AM
Name: Shaun and Jenean
Subject: sharing your pain

America we love you all and are deeply sorrowed by this tragic event.
Our hearts thoughts and prayers are with all the victims and their famlies.
We live in Melbourne Australia and we are all feeling your pain and are in mourning with you. The world and our live from this day on has a different reflection on it now. Things have changed forever.

God bless America, we love you all



Date: 09/15/01 12:29:05 PM
Name: Karen Evans
Subject: Re: sharing your pain

Thank you for your loving words.At a time like this it is knowing that their are other people from other parts of this world that share in our sorrw.I have been almost nonstop since this has happened.It is worse in some ways than loosing a real family memeber.The grief is unbearable.But again knowing their are people with love for us out there helps me to go on.My wish is that one day we can have total peace on Earth........


Date: 09/15/01 08:15:40 AM
Name: Mourning
Subject: Re: sharing your pain

Upper Michigan sends its prayers and thoughts the heroes and the victims of this tragic event. Our Nation shall never be the same. We also send out or deepest gratitude to the nations of the world that mourn with us. For they will never know how much they have touched the American people. For this we say "Thank You with Love"!
God Bless this great Country  

Date: 09/15/01 06:23:31 AM
Name: Deborah Rosenblum
Subject: Random thoughts on Wednesday's walk to work

This morning I got off the train at Atlantic Avenue and as I always do began the mile walk to Court Street. It was a beautiful morning, cool enough to wear a sweater and not so chilly you had to. The sky was a perfect cloudless blue. A lot like yesterday’s walk.
As I walked along of course I thought about yesterday. Of course. I cannot stop thinking about yesterday. Who can? But you know how it is the mind slips sideways into more comfortable thoughts. I thought about where to have lunch and briefly thought about the Moroccan Restaurant on Atlantic. Atlantic Avenue is four blocks from my job and that neighborhood is largely Arabic. I rethought the lunch issue and by then I was again thinking about yesterday.

When the first plane hit the World Trade Center. Ty,one of our associates, was on the NJ transit train and saw it hit as the train pulled in to Hoboken. He called the office and told us.

Christine, one of the other paralegals, began to panic. Her husband goes to school across the street. She paged him repeatedly, and tried to call the school. The school’s line was answered by a recording and her husband did not call back.

We turned on the radio.

One of the partners called hysterical. Her husband had an 8:00 meeting at the WTC.

We listened to the radio and speculated on how stupid you had to be to fly into a building that big. What kind of plane? The radio said “airliner” from somewhere we heard “DC3.”

Christine’s husband finally called. He was fine, but cell phones were not working and it was hard to get to a pay phone. He asked her to call his mother.

When the second plane hit there was a little rattle at the window. Then the radio announced another plane had hit the other tower. So, it wasn’t an idiot pilot after all. Ty called back. He said the plane banked and hit and there was no way it was an accident. It was terrorists.

We rushed to Pedro’s office, where if you lean a little you can see the twin towers. We stood clustered together and watched them burn. Everyone cried and some people prayed. Everyone kept thinking of those poor people, and their families. We thought it was a terrible tragedy. We also thought it was over.


We heard from the partner whose husband was missing. He was fine. Strange coincidence the meeting had been moved. She said she had thrown up four times in the half hour he was missing. She wasn’t sure if she would be in.

A few minutes later they evacuated the building.

One of our co-workers is very pregnant, and last month she began to drive to work. Four of us got rides with her. It must have been as the first tower collapsed that we were walking down to Atlantic Avenue to the parking lot. It must have been then because that was when the ash started to fall.

We were completely safe. I don’t work in Manhattan; I work across the east river in Downtown Brooklyn. The scariest part of the day was as we walked down Court Street it sounded as though there were planes going by overhead. I wonder what that was.

Right after we got in the car the second tower collapsed; we heard about it on the radio. As we exited the garage the sky was black and the ash fell like snow. It looked like Hiroshima. The white ash was sickening and eerie. We knew what it was.

Once on the Brooklyn Queens Expressway the traffic let up a bit… for about a mile. Then it stopped. Through the back window we watched the black cloud and the flames shooting up into the sky. We looked at the man in the car next to ours. He was agitated, in tears.

Eventually, people started to get out of their cars. That man in tears got out and started to smoke. Maybe he needed to stretch, maybe whoever it was in those building he was crying for doesn’t let him smoke in the car.

A man in a NYFD T-shirt came up to the car and asked if we were ok. He gave the pregnant woman his soda, (it was already drank from and she gave it back) and told us about his day. He said he lost his whole company. They were on their way up to the nursery on the 42nd floor and he went back for a hose and an ax. He said he had enough for one day and he was going home to his one-year-old daughter.

Three hours later we made it to Queens. We went upstairs to use the bathroom before heading on to Long Island. We watched to footage on TV for a half hour. Well you’ve all seen the footage.

Eventually I made it home and like the rest of you watched in shock and horror and thought about the people who made it home the ones who hadn’t yet and the ones who never would. Just like all of you.

This morning I walked down Atlantic Avenue. As I got close to Court Street the blue sky turned a brownish gray. I thought about yesterday and tomorrow. And for a few minutes I thought about lunch. I wondered if eating in an Arabic restaurant was something I would be doing in the near future. It is.

We need to find the people who did this, and eradicate them. But even more important we must not become them.  



Date: 09/15/01 10:47:13 AM
Name: Susan PM
Subject: Re: Random thoughts on Wednesday's walk to work

How powerful and moving. I'm sitting here, reading this with tears in my eyes. You write beautifully - truly. Thank you for sharing. Wow.....


Date: 09/15/01 07:24:34 AM
Name: uhuru1701 (Patricia)
Subject: Re: Random thoughts on Wednesday's walk to work

I agree with you. We must not allow terrorists to turn us into the same blind mind-numbing hating zealots that they are. We must remain what we have always been...Americans.

Date: 09/15/01 06:24:51 AM
Name: Stan Granton
Subject: This hurts the whole of mankind!!

May God look after you all,our thoughts are with you.
With best intentions and respects. The Granton Family from Anglesey Wales UK  

Date: 09/15/01 06:56:33 AM
Name: Lisa
Subject: Our condolences

Our thoughts and prayers for those who lost their lives on Tuesday and for the families too. Pray for the rescue workers working endless hours to recover people. God bless you all.  

Date: 09/15/01 07:06:33 AM
Name: Eddie Ruddick
Subject: The Long Haul

The terrorists quitely trained for three years; we must patiently gather factual data, profile each known terrorist, and learn how to detect the devious within our midst. Other members of the current cell must be uncovered and we must thwart their deadly plans.

The terrorists lived in our neighborhoods and learned in our technical schools. We have paid a high price for not getting to know the strangers within our midst. We must offer friendship and fellowship, backyard socials and worship experiences, to such people. Any antisocial behavior on the part of strangers must be reported. Our schools must ask more questions and verify the background of all foreign students. Any contradictive data must be reported.

We know thw training camps now have germ warfare and atomic warfare as their subjects. We know that they have trained terrorists how to use small boats in port facilities, as the USS Cole incident taught us. You do not have to be an Einstien to figure that next year's variety will combine boats with A-bombs and over flights with germs.

The money laundrying of terrorists and terrorist backers will take some time to unravel. The original security deposits for credit cards may be as far back as a half dozen transactions. Each account will have to be audited until the original source is in evidence. In the long haul, we must wait until we have all the facts available before retaliation. However, if we wait too long, several million people will not be around when we do retaliate. 

Date: 09/15/01 07:09:58 AM
Name: Anonymous
Subject: No Subject

My heart is heavy with sadness beyond words and I am praying constantly for a miracle and that survivors will be found. 

Date: 09/15/01 07:37:36 AM
Name: Baptiste D
Subject: from France

I would like to express my deepest and most sincere condolences
to any and all of you that may have lost somebody you love in the tragedy.  

Date: 09/15/01 07:55:01 AM
Name: kitfun
Subject: US should learn more than retaliation from the tragedy

as a perosn with all my beloved remaining safe and healthy, i hope what i say won't become just sarcastic comments.

my heart, though thousands of miles away from your country, sank when the images of falling buildings and innocent civilians appeared before my eyes. i share with many who love peace, that terrorist activities especially those doing harm to the innocent should not be tolerated. such inhumane attacks must be condemned in every respect.

but days after the staggering disastor, memories which have been buried for a long time, go through my mind again. for many times in the past, pictures/images/news about "the US bombing innocent people/civilian villages in what, what, what ....... countries and causing deaths of XXX people" were covered by media in my homeland. for many times, i let those news go unnoticed as if they had not had any tiny impact to my life which could draw my slightest concern. for many times, i cared about others on a selective basis only. i felt very uncomfortable and even shameful about such "discovery".

that is made incomparable with this time when US technology and media is powerful enough to immmediate recall my concern and perhaps, conscience about the lost ones and my opposition terrorists.

one may say "oh, it is your business of lack of awareness about others' misfortune!!" yet i firmly believe that i am just one of the many in my society and yours who give different weight to different people suffering from the same levels of pain.

i am not intending to compare which tragedies are more important and worth more sympathy etc. before death, all lives should be equal. but i begin to find that sometimes, some lives seem to be treated, maybe unintentionally, more equal by me and many others who have been socialised by a particular culture and social environment.

i share with pain and sorrow faced my the whole nation of america.

the voice of retaliation is now at all time high. i don't know exactly what US people mean of retaliation when they answered those questions. currently, one of the four "retaliation" options being actively considered by your government is to bombard afganistan cities thoroughly regardless the fact that they are just housing average civilians. to be frank, i could not find any essential distinction between such option and the 911 act of the terrorists! what's more, i would be pretty disappointed, should this option be taken, that the US has not learnt anything from the disastor at all. it would be even more sadly if americans breathe out from the same nose as their government does. i could not see the future of reliation of this kind packaged under the candy of feedom and democracy.

if we are to wipe out the terrorists and their supporters, we are not only talking about uprooting their military bases, their conspiracies and their resources that could also otherwise causing huge losses from the US side. the terrorists are in fact backed by many people who fell victims of the post-WWII US-Mid East rivalry and the many century-old Christianity-Islam contradiction, which must draw a close if we really want peace and really care as we have been stressing since teh nightmare.


with my most sincere wishes to the US and the world.

a Hong Konger 



Date: 09/16/01 06:47:42 AM
Name: Mark
Subject: Re: US should learn more than retaliation from the tragedy

Your comments are nothing but sarcastic. You compare what happened last week to what the United States has done in the past. You make me sick. If you want to talk about what our countries have done in the past, China is no bastion of freedom and peace.

As for one of the options for relatiation, where do you get your information? Quit watching too much television, you are repeating what some newscaster reported.


Date: 09/16/01 07:28:02 AM
Name: kitfun
Subject: Re: Re: US should learn more than retaliation from the tragedy

i know much better than you about china being a hell, a prison for all freedom, peace and democracy lovers. sometimes, its rulers are just no difference to terrorists, i must say. china is accused of allegedly harboring Bin Laden. if it is proved true, i won't hesitate to take to streets and condemn the government. indeed, i believe that it is true, and hope someone would bring the hypocritical government to justice. that's why i've never stopped envying americans living in a free nation.

i said i was not intending to compare this tragedy with what the US has done in the past. i mentioned tragedies in the past just hoping that we can really review how went wrong with the East and the West thus leading to an unbridgeable gulf between the two major cultures in the same global village. hope that tragedies won't repeat.

the Hong Konger


Date: 09/15/01 11:05:46 PM
Name: Mule
Subject: Re: US should learn more than retaliation from the tragedy

Oh but we have learned more than retaliation. We have learned that once a terrorist group or country hosting terrorism is identified that we must strike first for the safety of the world.
Being that China is in partnership with Afghanistan I can see why you would post the way you did. Peace Mule


Date: 09/16/01 06:55:13 AM
Name: kitfun
Subject: Re: Re: US should learn more than retaliation from the tragedy

thankyou for your response the tone of which falls pretty within my anticipation -- my remarks would be seen as sarcastic even though i, like anyone who loves peace in the world, just wanted to explore something deeper than retaliation from the tragedy.

what is the root lying under such a tragedy, an immeasurable harm done by terrorists to the US? and i may ask, what is that lying under other horrible incidents caused by the western world? is there simple short answer?

life is valued by anyone who has it----it is true for and generally accepted most people. one or two people may be insane. but, when time and again, there are so many people who are willing to give out their lives to proof the existence of threat posted to my country, i would at least come to ask WHY?

and, given her military strength, the US is believed that it will win over the terrorists and perhaps overwhelmingly. an american told me the idea of 'America will have its blood price paid 10 the extent of exterminating a whole race/country if need be' revolved in his mind. i hope it does not represent the mainstream thought in your country. but my other questions are "what does it mean by retaliation--bring them to justice, revenge, blood price paid 10 fold...?" and "how about after the US victory?"

finally, i would like to stress that i am not speaking in the capacity of being a chinese. instead, i would say i am from the world.

furthermore, if the PRC is proved to be in partnership with Afghanistan, and Afghan proved to be linked with or have harboured terrorists who should be responsible for the huge losses of life and property om 911, i will not hesitate for even one single second to condemn the PRC, and that is also something people who feel they are chinese, should do. (in fact, some chinese and hongkongers involved in the tragedy are still missing.) i personally think that communists are terrorists and the CCP a terror group in some ways, but the targets of their Reign of Terror are the average chinese.

whether i am chinese or not has actually nothing to do with how i post the message the way i did. if i am accused of not understanding the US, maybe i am just misunderstanding you as i am doing about the Islamic world.

i totally agree that joint efforts would be desirable to combat terrorist activities. but more important than that, we must prevent ourselves from exerting terrorism and causing misery to people in the Middle East, who have no choice under totalitarian rule and who are as innocent as the lost ones on 911.

my conscience is clear. whether you believe or not, my wishes that the deceased would rest in peace and that your country will soon stand up again from the rubbles are also sincere.

the Hong Konger


Date: 09/16/01 11:40:34 AM
Name: Mule
Subject: Re: Re: Re: US should learn more than retaliation from the tragedy

Thanks for your reply. I think you should know that Freedom is the thing we American's hold most dearest to our hearts and a attack has been made on our freedom. We must use every means possible to kill this threat to freedom. I'm talking about all forms of terrorism and any countries hosting the terrorists. Hunt them down and kill them. It is unfortunate that some civilians might be used as sheilds or be in the wrong place at the wrong time, but that's war and we didn't start it. We will however finish it. Were pissed off now and will remain that way until we hunt down and kill these unholy animals.


Date: 09/15/01 08:21:08 AM
Name: kitfun
Subject: Re: US should learn more than retaliation from the tragedy

the Hong Konger again:

tonight's TV reports showed that some US people in NY raised banners asking "We Want Justice Not Revenge". like you, i hope that the US retaliation would result in justice being brought to the criminals, not more innocents being sacrified. peace in the US is always in my prayers.


Date: 09/16/01 12:35:19 PM
Name: Kat
Subject: Re: Re: US should learn more than retaliation from the tragedy


I think your original remarks were misunderstood: I read them to mean that you are sympathizing with America at the tragic loss of life, and trying to understand not only WHY this happened, but where we should go from here?


I am American. I do not speak for my entire country, as you do not speak for yours.

But in my heart is an anger and pain like molten lava laced with burns.

And all I want it to find the person(s) who did this.

And see that they never do anything again.

Including breathe...

Is this wrong? Maybe. I would prefer my heart be calm and pure, like that of the Dalai Lama.

It is not.

I want the man who ordered this attack dead.


Date: 09/15/01 08:23:40 AM
Name: Rodolf Marian Skowerski
Subject: Love

We figth all of our life for it... We get passionate because of it... We feel sometimes alone because of it... Ours smiles are its light... Our tears may also carry it... We are simply born swimming into it... LOVE... The most precious and unique gift we could ever get... Let's not kill what we've trying to transmit to each other since humanity was born...No body ever said it was an easy task...It is however the most wonderful purpose of LIFE...
I am sad ...I can feel this cold wind blowing in my stomach because of what happened...It could be my family or friends who died out there... I am suffering with the people who are going trough this extreme pain... BUT please ...who ever you lost...HAVE HOPE... WE ALL CAN STII MAKE IT IF WE STAND TOGETHER... LET US NOT DESTROY WHAT WE LIVE FOR : LIFE...

Date: 09/15/01 08:41:58 AM
Name: Kat

I've already emailed this to Mayor Giuliani, but he's a tad busy.

I think to cheer up the rescue workers and the people of NYC, he should hire those banner-dragging planes that haul signs behind them. And fly back and forth across the city with one that reads:


(and maybe one that reads: "THAT was your best shot? OUR TURN NOW...") 



Date: 09/15/01 10:32:36 AM
Name: Susan PM

You are SO right, Sister! That would be GREAT!


Date: 09/15/01 08:35:10 PM
Name: Kat

Maybe an angel with a big checkbook can make it happen?

I believe in magic.

And America.

Date: 09/15/01 09:10:42 AM
Name: dan
Subject: a poem for these times


the forces of darkness
are gathered together -
the insane the depraved -
the cowards and bullies -
they plan the incomprehensible
beyond horrific
wanton brutish
mass murder

they started as mosquitos -
then a nest of hornets -
now a ravening pack of wolves

they started with acts of
desperation and desecration -
then the killing of specific targets
then mass bombings -
now wholesale slaughter of innocents
for no sake other than
purest evil

no goal or reason -
just mindless boundless destruction

but now there is clarity -
now it is clear

there is no longer a middle ground -
there is no longer any justification -
they have moved far beyond that -
far beyond the boundaries
of any sane humanity

now all will stand and be counted -
on one side or the other -
all are now either
with us or with them

the individual pathological perpetrators

and also against
those who danced in the streets for death
those that enable the unspeakable -
by harboring and hiding them -
by supporting and financing them


the Idi Amins -
the Muammar Kaddafis -
the Saddam Husseins -
the Taleban

and against
the demented puppetmasters
who pull the strings
of their mindless puppets

the world is focused
on this evil
as never before -
we have a clarity
as never before

the mask is off -
their lies are exposed -
the evil is clearly seen
for what it is -
a bottomless pit
of pure evil and hate

the forces of good
will now come together -
to eradicate this infestation -
to exterminate these vermin

for the sake of the victims -
for the sake of future victims -
for the sake of civilization
and all people who stand
on the side of



Date: 09/15/01 10:31:42 AM
Name: Susan PM
Subject: Re: a poem for these times


Date: 09/15/01 09:22:58 AM
Name: Tiffani Smith
Subject: this is NOT a holy war

I have been creating a website in memorial to all that are lost and those forever changed by this...and i have scanned msg board after msgboard...
AMERICANS!!!! LISTEN... THIS WAR IS NOT A HOLY WAR has NOTHING to do with what RACE you are what CULTURE you call your own...what RELIGION you are...



Date: 09/16/01 06:43:05 AM
Name: Anonymous
Subject: Re: this is NOT a holy war

Well said, Tiffani! I have read some of the posting about a holy war as well and just read that those bastards in Afghanistan have said the same thing. They are terrorists as well...they have threatened the entire planet. They deserve to be extermianted like the vermin they are!


Date: 09/16/01 08:49:12 AM
Name: Tiffani Smith
Subject: Re: Re: this is NOT a holy war

thank you for being a rational human being.... bless god i have found ONE in many smiles
if you wish sign my condolence book on my webpage you at

Date: 09/15/01 09:32:44 AM
Name: Suzanne
Subject: Re: Thank You For Being Here

Lurv u Uhu! Thank you for taking the time to do this. I've mailed it to everyone I know & asked them to send it on.  

Date: 09/15/01 09:41:47 AM
Name: Suzanne
Subject: Re: 9-11

D if u are called please be careful. No matter where u are sent please remember that u are in our thoughts & prayers of all us PGLers. I hope that if you're called u will get a letter to one of us so that we could all keep in touch with u.

much lurv
--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Replying to:

Never forget, never again. 

Date: 09/15/01 09:53:55 AM
Name: Suzanne


Thank u for putting into words what so many of us feel right now. I've seen so many men (family, friends & hubby) brought to tears by this horror whom I've never seen cry in my life. I've seen people who are constantly fighting, hugging & leaning on each other. I know a piece my heart will forever ache at what happened on Tuesday.
--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Replying to:

I never knew what it was to really be an American until the morning that changed my life forever.
The early morning of Sept 11th,2001.
A call from a family member in Manhattan saying there had been an explosion.
Was my wake up call that day.

I watched in horror!
As I went to pick up my eight year old son from school panic had struck so many mothers.
I grabbed them by the shoulders, I challenged them to have courage and faith.

That one act must have planted the seed in my own heart to be strong.
For that moment I knew, that I too was part of the land of our fathers.
The spirit of them lived once again in us all that day.
The spirit that cries...
Home of the free and land of the brave.

I am so proud beyond words to be an American.
My heart goes out to the thousands of families that have lost loved ones now, and in the past through the hands of mad men.

I am also blown away by the thousands of men and women, who have risked their own lives to help try and save those in such grave peril.
For the amazing out pouring of love and support, by all our people through out this great nation of ours!

We will not be destroyed!!!>>>>>
For a house divided against it self falls.
We are a people united, through God we believe in liberty and justice for all.

God will heal our lands as we seek His face.
God has, and always has been the head of the USA!!!
His hand of love will guide us, lead us, and protect us in the days, months and years to follow.
Your loved ones are safe in the arms of love and you shall meet them again one day.
This is not goodbye but see you later!!

Now is the time for us all to put aside the pettiness that kept us divided, and together lets help make America beautiful and strong from sea to shining sea!!!
God bless our world.
May peace love and freedom ring forever!!!

Julie Mallen~ 

Date: 09/15/01 09:55:23 AM
Name: Suzanne (lucky)
Subject: Re: Our hearts are with you

Thank u!
--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Replying to:

In this time of great tragedy, we Canadians hold you all in our hearts.

Your nation is a nation of true heroes.

Much love and hope, isulte. 

Date: 09/15/01 10:09:12 AM
Name: Suzanne (lucky)
Subject: No Subject

All my thoughts & prayers are with all the victims, the recuers, all of their families & every American on the face of this earth.
Hold your heads high & be proud for this too we shall overcome together as one nation.

Date: 09/15/01 10:24:16 AM
Name: Susan PM
Subject: America


How lucky I am to be born in a land
where Freedom is not just a dream

Where freedom of choice is given a voice
not a whisper or murmur, but a scream

We have faced many strifes as we've gone through our lives
and though many nations have tried,
through terrorist acts via bombs and attacks
our Freedom will not be denied.

Proudly we stand, in this beautiful land
united with one simple thought....
Try as you might, you will NOT take the light
of the Freedom for which we have fought.

While we may disagree, at times, you and me,
about politics, religion and all...
when "push comes to shove", we agree we ALL love
the sound of sweet Liberty's call.

So, try as you might, to deny us our Rights
and bring us all down on our knees;
you will NEVER succeed with your pitiful deeds -

Date: 09/15/01 11:19:57 AM
Name: Kimberly
Subject: terror

God Bless those who lost their lives now and in the past so that we may be free. 

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