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Short measure - Labour promise

Prime Minister, Tony Blair, has pledged that Labour will call time on the practice of short measures if they win the next election. Mike Benner, CAMRAís national head of campaigns, said this is a giant leap forward for consumer rights. The government has finally decided to do something about the Great British Rip-off that is short measure. It is estimated that the practice of serving short measures is costing drinkers as much as £1 million a week!

Whilst welcoming such a pledge, CAMRA will treat it with some caution as such promises have been reneged on in the past. Also, there has, as yet, been no commitment from the Conservatives should they win the next election. CAMRAís campaign for full pint legislation goes on.

Charity challenge for Mr. Hague

William Hagueís favourite charity stands to benefit by £1,000 if he drinks 14 pints of Wentworth WPA in one session at the George & Dragon, Wentworth. The Tory Party leader often pops into the pub, apparently, when visiting his parents at nearby Greasbrough.

Following his revelation that he had drunk 14 pints in a day when he worked as a driverís mate, delivering to pubs and clubs for the family drinks business, Jim Whitehead, landlord of the George, and John Moorhouse, managing director of Wentworth Brewery have each pledged to donate £500 to the charity of Williamís choice should he take up the challenge.

Jim remarked that William enjoys a good pint when heís at the pub, and I decided to make the offer of £500 following Williamís remarks in a magazine. John said that he decided to also pledge £500, because William will do well to sup 14 pints of our pale ale in one session! We think anyone would John and we wouldnít recommend it, even for charity.

Ale and hearty

Traditional beers, such as ales and stouts, can cut the risk of heart disease according to recent research. They contain high levels of antioxidants, which mop up harmful chemicals thought to cause heart attacks. A research team, based at the University of Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA found that dark ales and stouts can reduce atherosclerosis, the furring up of artery walls with fats and cholesterol. The team, led by Professor Joe Vinson, believes that incidences of atherosclerosis could be reduced, or even halted by drinking dark beers. Experiments carried out on hamsters, administered the equivalent of two beers a day, showed that the rate of build up of cholesterol in the arteries was reduced by up to 50% in some of the hamsters.

Separate studies suggest that beer can cut the risk of Cataracts, especially in diabetics. The findings of both these studies were presented to the International Chemical Congress of Pacific Basin Societies in Honolulu.

Brewers favour Rotherham glass

Rotherham based glass manufacturer Beatson Clark have recently designed and produced bottles for several breweries, including a special design for the Batemanís. Managing director Stuart Bateman described the bottle as giving the feeling of trusty, quality beer with genuine heritage, yet with an extremely attractive, appropriate and up to date design.

One in ten pubs up for sale!

Did you know that over 6,000 of Britainís 60,000 pubs are currently up for sale or lease. More than 10%! This figure is expected to rise in the next few months as the larger breweries and pub groups off-load pubs which donít conform to their new brand image. Anyone fancy buying one?

Pubs still number one with the young

Drinking in pubs and bars is the number one UK leisure activity for 18 to 29 year olds, according to a study by Mintel. The youngsters spent over £10 billion in pubs and bars last year, compared with £5.5bn in restaurants and £1.5bn in night clubs. Draught lager was their most popular tipple, with 54% of men and 26% of women saying they favoured it. However, Vodka mixers were the most popular with females. We still have plenty of work to do there to introduce them to the taste and variety of real ales and are campaigning vigourously amongst the young.

Going off the beer

According to figures just released, beer consumption, including stouts and lagers, fell in the last two decades from 152 litres per head of population to 122.4 litres per head. In the same period; cider consumption rose from 5.1 litres to 12.5 litres, and wine consumption increased from 10.2 litres to 24 litres. Spirit consumption dropped from 2.2 to 1.9 litres per head.

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