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Membership Matters

Hi All,
Not a lot to report this time round again. The Under 26 recruitment drive has been put back to next Spring due to other major campaigns within CAMRA as a whole.

For anyone thinking of joining, now is a good time as the autumn membership promotion with £2 off full membership price is available until the end of the year. This does not include payment by direct debit which already enjoys 3 months free, or U26.

The Rotherham membership remains fluid due to some members leaving the area and new ones joining. The numbers at present are 175 as of 23 Oct.

We did have a success at the Rotherham Show this summer, where we shared the beer tent with our good friends at the Wentworh Brewery, signing up 2 new members. We are also planning to be at the Swinton beer festival so will let you know how we did next year.

Yes, itís that time again so our next outing will be at Oakwood in February and we hope to make it a successful one on the membership front.

All the best everyone and have a very Merry Christmas and a Jolly Good New Year.

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