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Brewery News

A surprise visit by Lady Lisa Wentworth, a descendent of the Earl of Fitzwilliam, to Wentworth has resulted in Wentworth Brewery receiving orders for its beers from Portland, Oregon, U.S.A. Lady Wentworth, who lives in the States, was so impressed with the beers that she set up a deal to export bottles of Wentworth Pale Ale (WPA), Oatmeal Stout, and Rampant Gryffon. The bottle labels feature a drawing of Wentworth Woodhouse, the former Fitzwilliam family home. The beers were due to be shipped to the States in late October. Brewery MD John Moorhouse said Lady Wentworth obtained orders for our beers at various outlets in Portland, and she is confident that sales will be forthcoming to other parts of the States. There have also been enquiries from Ireland and Thailand.

WPA was awarded Champion Beer of South Yorkshire at the Barnsley Beer Festival. Other results of the competition were: Best Mild - Wentworth Gun Park Dark Best Bitter - Wentworth WPA Premium Bitter - Barnsley IPA Strong Ale - Kelham Island Love Potion No.9 Kelham Island Brewery Kelham Island have appointed a new head brewer, Jonathan Stancil. Jonathan, 37, trained at both Wardís and Stones before becoming head brewer at Goddardís on the Isle of Wight. He returns to his home city after a year at Timothy Taylorís and is looking forward to continuing the expansion of Kelham Island.

The Harrogate brewery has won the category of The Ultimate Fish and Chips Beer at the recent Beauty Of Hops Awards with FCP (Fish, Chips and Peas). At 4.8%abv, a couple of pints of this with your meal will soon find you enjoying fish, chips and pees!

Wardís Brewery site
ANT Marketing (Anthony Hinchliffe) have made an offer to Whitbread for the offices of the former brewery, with the intention of converting it into yet another call centre. Sheffield Council are seeking to obtain listing for the brewery tower.

The group has said it is planning to sell its 3000 pubs in order to focus on a core of hotels, food and leisure divisions. Nationally, between 15 & 20% of all Britains 65,000 pubs are for sale or about to come on the market.

W & D
There have been reports in the Press that Nomura and Punch Taverns are considering bids for W & D, in order to get their hands on the groups 1,700 pubs - ominously not the breweries.

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