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Name that pub?

See if you can decipher these cryptic clues to the names of 20 pubs or clubs, situated in the Rotherham CAMRA area, all of which serve at least one real ale.

1 Musical pig is unsteady on his front appendages, perhaps ?

2 One time English king dons female garb to breathe fire.

3 German river joins with cupid to form a large armoured animal.

4 Elephant in the dunes becomes a Music Hall star.

5 French coffee is taken with exercise down under.

6 Cockney Bertie’s golfing stick.

7 Bernie’s heavy load towers above the sea.

8 Lodging house for wanderers, where they may sleep. ( 2 answers, either acceptable)

9 His beer is second to none ?

10 Roger Moore is out in front at a classic horse race in Doncaster.

11 Charles, who would be king, is the ruler of large mammals perhaps ?

12 North Yorkshire coastal town which could be used by a Coal merchant perhaps ?

13 It must contain twice as much beer.

14 Ex-Coronation Street wide boy samples the vino and stays there.

15 A home for flying insects of good character only, perhaps ?

16 Magic Roundabout virgin carries a lamp for the soldiers.

17 Stone cutters’ upper limbs.

18 You’re caught good and proper whilst out fishing.

19 Yorkshire fractures join a Tower of London Guard to eat meat of high strength.

20 Elderly religious fish is found sulking in the cloisters.

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