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On a bender?

Following a letter to HQ from a Rotherham Branch member, CAMRA’s technical committee is looking into claims that drinking nitro-keg beers can lead to similar symptoms to ‘the bends’ (nitrogen narcosis) suffered by divers. Mild cases begin as an intoxicating feeling of light-headedness, euphoria, numbness, and carefreeness. Pains in the joints and muscles may also be felt.

After various complaints from customers after a session on nitro-keg, Bass are also reportly investigating the levels of dissolved nitrogen in their nitro-keg type beers. At a recent branch meeting, several members said they had heard the same thing.

This info has been passed on to the technical committee which will try to find out if it is possible to get nitrogen narcosis, which is also enhanced by the presence of excess carbon dioxide, from drinking nitro-keg beers. Levels of dissolved nitrogen in beer need to be established and if this can be transferred into the bloodsteam through the digestive system and also how fast and how many pints have to be drunk. If anyone can shed some further light on the matter or thinks they may have had the symptoms, the Editor will be pleased to pass on the details to the committee.

In the meantime, any worried nitro-keg drinkers reading this are recommended to drink real ale which has no such problem!

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