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By Jim Crowe

Hello and welcome to Issue 6,

Next you can read about Bass Leisure’s radical plans for the Golden Ball. We at Rotherham CAMRA totally oppose their proposals which will ruin an already successful pub and spoil the area. We shall fight them all the way, please support us.

This years Champion Beer of Britain, the most prestigious beer competition in the World, has been won for the first time in 20 years by a mild, Moorhouse’s Black Cat. As proved at Oakwood Beer Festival, Moorhouses and other brewers found that sales increased when mild was dropped from the name. The style of beer is obviously popular and in demand but suffers from an image problem. Lets use this win to spur on the revival of the mild market.

At a time of major consolidation in the beer industry, family and small brewers have again won the day, filling the first three places with distinctive and full-flavoured beers. It’s up to the big brewers to show drinkers that they too can match such quality. Cheers, Jim Crowe .

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