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Words by Stan Crowther Tune: 'Tramps and Hawkers' (Trad.) We've got to build a brave new world and things are moving fast But sometimes I like to think about glories of the past: And for every big advance we make, we've got to count the cost And it nearly breaks my poor old heart to count the pubs we've lost.

There's a fine new inner by-pass road, it's carrying through the town; It'll help to keep the traffic moving, make the wheels go round But the Reindeer and the Clarence fell to the demolition squads And the ale we used to sup in there was nectar to the gods.

The good old Ring O'Bells had stood since eighteen twenty three And a cosier little boozer, boys, we never more shall see. The gents was rather primitive - it was just a wall outside But when they pulled the Ringers down, we all sat down and cried.

We'd had a Crown in Rotherham for three hundred years or more, But now they've pulled the last one down, it makes my heart feel sore, For now it's only a memory from the days of auld lang syne Like the old Grey Horse, the Effingham House, the Howard and the Vine.

And if you walk down Rawmarsh Road, you'll find to your dismay That the old Thatched House that used to stand isn't there today And the Wagon is a pub no more and you'd find if you look in The Moral Welfare Council's there, a-saving girls from sin.

Long years have passed since I wrote this song and things have got much worse And so it seems I have to write another sorrowful verse, For the Sheaf and Duncs have disappeared, and it really is a sin, The old White Hart has been closed down, and so has the Old College Inn.

And when I leave the world, my boys, I often like to think I'll find myself in some place where a man can get a drink And I hope I'll see those good old pubs all standing in a row In some alcoholic paradise where all good boozers go.

This song, recording the passing of 14 fine establishments in Rotherham town centre, was first written sometime around 1967, with the sixth verse being added some years later. We re-print it in tribute to Stan who retired as Branch President at the AGM. The Branch would like to record its appreciation for all the work Stan has done as President of the Branch since its formation.

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