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Abbeydale, Sheffield
The latest Beers from the Abbeydale Brewery are White Knight a 4.5% Pale Ale and Black Bishop a 4.2% Porter.

Barnsley, Elsecar
Following its success last year Barnsley Brewery are again producing Mayflower 4.5% as a Seasonal Beer.

Wolverhampton & Dudley
The 'Guest List' for the previous 3 months has been Banks's Wolf Ale 4.6%, Marstons Spelmonden 4.5% and Banks's Easter Ale 4.5%. From May onwards the Guest Beers will be Banks's Pipkin 4.3%, Marstons Fever Pitch 4.6%, Camerons Elwick Ale 4.6% and Marstons Single Malt 4.2%.

Wentworth, Rotherham
Gun Park Dark a 3.4% ruby mild is the latest addition to the Wentworth portfolio, bringing the total to eight. Initial signs for the new beer are favourable as you would expect from Wentworth.

Kelham Island, Sheffield
3 new additions to the Kelham Island beer range, also to be av.ailable in bottles, were launched in April 2000 which . They are Sheffield's Best 4.0% a copper-coloured dry Yorkshire bitter with a fruity finish, Pride of Sheffield 4.5% a full-flavoured amber premium bitter and Cathedral Ale 5.0% a traditional dark black ale.

Cathedral Ale will be available for a year and 10p per pint sold will be donated to the Sheffield Cathedral Millennium Fund and the first brew was mashed personally by the Bishop of Sheffield The Right Reverend Jack Nicholls.

Since the demise of Stones and Wards brewerys, demand has increased for Kelham Island ales and the new beers have been produced with the local market in mind. The Monthly Specials are now named after 1960's pop music.

Hardys and Hansons, Nottingham
The Kimberley Cask Ale range has been extended to include a different 'special' every month. Alongside old favourites like Peddler's Pride and Guzzling Goose are new brews like Old Kim, Vintage 1832 and Original Gravity.

Townes, Staveley
At present brewing mainly Sunshine, Golden Bud and Best Lockoford Bitter but a new version of their IPA 4.6% is planned.

Old Mill, Snaith
Monthly specials for May and June are again Spring's Eternal 4.0% and Willows Wood 4.2%

Concertina, Mexborough
Another Beer named after a Vintage Motorcycle is due around the end of May.

Fernandes, Wakefield
Mainly brewing for their own Brewery Tap at the moment but is interested in producing a range of strong, dark Victorian type beers similar to those provided for the Oakwood Festival.

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