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Inn Touch - Issue Five - Editorial

Written By Jim Crowe
Welcome to another issue of Inn Touch. The Chancellor may have raised duty on a pint by 1p, but many drinkers will now find themselves paying up to 5p a pint more over the bar when brewers have added their own price increases. The UK is now one of the dearest places in the world to buy a pint. The new hike comes at a time when the trade was arguing for a reduction in duty to help fend off the threat from smuggled cheap foreign beer. The Chancellor wont listen to calls for reductions whilst the brewers themselves are increasing prices, often at over the rate of inflation.

The next CAMRA Yorkshire Regional Meeting on June 10th is being hosted by Rotherham Branch at The Waverley, Catcliffe, our first Pub of the Year. All members are very welcome to attend.

Finally, thanks to all who came to Oakwood Festival and supported us by having a go on the Tombola, it has become one of our major sources of income. The Festival was a bigger success than ever and must not be missed.

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