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Love Beer

How would you feel if all your favourite pubs closed, or your favourite beer disappeared from the bar? You could accept it and find another pub or move on to a different beer.Or you could do something about it you may not have heard of CAMRA.

Or you may have heard horror stories of beards, wooly jumpers and sandals.The reality is that we are the biggest single issue consumer group in Britian today. All our members are drinkers and pub-goers just likeyou. We`ve had many campaigning successes and every time you visit the pub or order a pint, the work of CAMRA over the last thirty years lies before you.

DO YOU THINK It`s right that 8 out of 10 pints served contain less than 100% liquid? of course not, but thats reality. Weare lobbying the Government to change the law so that you get what you pay for - a full pint every time.

DO YOU THINK It`s fair that you can`t get a drink in a pub in England and Wales after 11pm? of course not. You`re an adult and should be treated like one.We are working to move licensing reform up the Government`s agenda ,to replace ludicrous restrictions on pub opening hours with a more flexible system.

IF YOU CARE JOIN CAMRA NOW. It cost less than a pint a month.Choose the cool, natural freshness of cask-conditioned real ale. Not all beers are the same.The usual lagers and smoothflow beers may be fine in their own right, but have you ever tried the real thing? Real cask beer is the genuine article. It`s literally living, breathing beer,fresh ,unprocessed, wholesome, natural.It`s the beer that made Britian one of the great brewing nations of the world.

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