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2002 Great British Beer Festival
This year`s Great British beer festival takes place from 6th-10th August at London Olympia. This annual celebration of Britain`s best beers is not to be missed with its great pub atmosphere, huge selection of beer styles as well as live music on each day. This year sees a wide variety of musicians including Humphrey Lyttleton, Paul Jones and Dave Kelly from the Blues band as well as brass bands and string quartets, So there really should be music to suit all tastes. Pub quizes, tombolas, pub games, wandering entertainers and auctions also provide entertainment throughtout the festival.

As well as a huge selection of ales, there is also cider, perry and some of the finest beers from around the world including real lagers. The choice can be overwhelming with over seven hundred diferent beverages on sale but fortunately we provide tasting notes for many of the beers to help you make your selection and our knowledgeable bar staff are also able to provide guidance. There is a fantastic selection of food available at all times to help soak up the alcohol, If you wish to bring children there is a Family Room 18s with enterainers and games, however supervision must be provided by a family member.

Budvar, the czech brewer of the celebrated Budweiser Budvar beer, is donating a unique prize which you only can win if you become a CAMRA member at the Great British Beer Festival.Join CAMRA for just 16 and win a free trip to the Budvar Brewery in the Czech Republic. All new members will be entered into the prize draw at the end of the festival and one lucky winner and thier guest will be taken to Prague and the Budvar brewery for a long weekend on an all expenses paid trip which will include a night in Prague and a tour of the Budvar brewery.If you`ve thought about joining Camra before, now is the time to do it and have the chance to win this unforgettable prize!

You can find out more about the festival including all the opening times by checking out our website, or phoning our information line on 0900 525 2525{calls charged at 60p per minute}. You can even book your ticket in advance by telephoning 0870 739 7500.

Win free tickets to the biggest pub in the world
All correct entries will be entered into a prize draw to win two saturday tickets to the Great British Beer Festival for five lucky winners.

The competition questions:
1 What order of monks is famous for brewing in Belgium?
2 How many pints are in a quart?
3 What is the first name of the Queen Vic in Eastenders landlady?
4 Which brewery won Champion Beer of Britian at last year`s Great British Beer Festival{for Jeffrey Hudson bitter}?
5 Wich bird is associated with Guinness?
6 Which brewery is famous ror Pedigree?
7 Which organization puts on the British Beer Festival?
8 In which German city is Holsten pils produced?
Send your answers to the Editor don`t forget to include your name, address and 30/06/02.

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