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Two Good Excuses For Going To The Pub

Here`s one
Now is the time we are surveying pubs for selection for the 2004 Good Beer Guide. Scoring is open to any branch member and we would like to get as many as possible involved in the process so when you have visited a pub in the Metropolitan area of Rotherham, just fill in the score sheet available in intouch no 13, as explained on the sheet. You can score as many or as few pubs as you like and as many times as you like. Photocopy the sheet if you need more, you can remove it from the magazine without losing any other copy. Hand in your completed score sheet at any branch meeting, post it to Mick Moss {address on page 37} or leave it with Maurice at the Cat & cabbage. If a pub only has a few scores submitted, it will be included in a survey trip so at least 6 scores will have been made. At the end of the selection period, all the results will be analysed and the average scores calculated. The top eighteen pubs will then be submitted for inclusion in the GBG 2004.

We would also like to welcome more members at meetings and on our trips. Branch meetings are held at 8pm on the thrid Wednesday of every month at pubs throughout the area. Why not come along when it's in yours? Business is dealt with first, then you can have your say on branch affairs and the rest of the evening is informal. You could win 4 bottles of beer in the raffle as well! Some very sought after trips are being planned for instance to Timothy Taylor's Knowle Spring award winning brewery. Details will be in What's Brewing as usual.

To encourage greater attendence at meetings and on campaigning trips, the branch recently decided to make the bus we provide free! Social trips remain at cost split between those particpating, so the more who go, the cheaper it gets. The price is capped at 8 anyway very good value for a day or evening out. Drop offs as usually arranged on the way home.

This may be the perfect excuse for visiting the pub you are simply behaving intelligently.Scientists reckon cleaver people are more likely to become heavy drinkers.A study of sixty rodents showed the quickest to negotiate a maze to find alcohol also drank the most.The tests went on for nineteen days and the brightest rats drank more and more. Reseachers at concordia University in Montreal belive the brainier rats were quickest to associate the smell and taste of alcolhol with the feelgood factor a drop of the hard stuff could provide.While the fondings may sound like a tonic for the talented, scientists warned they also explain why those gifted with genius often become alcoholics.
Metro 16/05/02

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