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Bitter Batter

Researchers in New Zealand have found that an old English recipe for using beer in fish batter can reduce fat absorption by up to 40%! The recipe uses one cup of beer for each cup of flour, and Professor Charmian O` conner and her team from Auckland University found that, not only did the batter absorb less fat, but the fish remained more moist.

Itwas found that cooking the fish in beer batter at 180/c {356/f} for six minutes, followed by banging the basket and then draining for at least 20 seconds gave the best fat lowering results.

Rotherham bottles reach a high level
As a company which has found favour with a number of independent brewers, notably Batemans and Brakspears, Rotherham based glass manufacturers Beatson Clark have also obtained the contract for supplying bottles for the recently introduced high level Strong Brown ale from the Federation Brewery. This is the first bottle desiggned especially for the Federation Brewery. The tall flint blass bottle has a modern look, designed to be noticed.Although the brown ale is not bottle conditioned, it does have bags of flavour.

Six pints a night drinker gets rsi
Adrinker has been diagnosed with repetitive strain injury-from lifting six pints of beer a night.Student Matt Royle, 26, developed the condition, normally associated with computer keyboard work and racket sports, by downing pints at his local. Now Mr Royle can barely hold a glass inhis drinking hand.Doctors have told him to wear a slip on wrist support, more commonly used by athletes. The doctor`s son, who is studuing psychology at Mancheater University, wears the support when he goes to the pub and is hoping to be in peak condition for the world cup. Mr Royle, who drinks six pints of bitter four nights a week, said: ''When I first wore the wrist band to the pub I covered it up with a long jumper and it was a source of great amusement. But it has worked- it feels like someone`s gripping your arm.''

From Metro 01/05 02
Could be an idea here for another item of CAMRA merchandise - ED.

25 Years ago
From the Rotherham Advertiser February 11,1997 Beer deliveries to Whitbread pubs in the Rotherham area returned to normal yesterdat after a four-day unofficial strike by draymen.

It is known that pubs obtained beer supplies from other breweries during the strike and some unusual beers found thier way into Whitbread pubs.

Does anyone have memories of the strike and its effect on thier local? Please let us know.

Pubs where there is at east one real ale regularly available for 1.50 or less:
Alma Tavern, Westgate
Blue Cost, The Crofts
Brentwood, Moorgate
Burlington Club, Wath
Cat & Cabbage, Carlisle Street
Church House, Wath
Crown Inn, West Melton
New Inn, Wath
Red Lion, Wath
Rhinoceros, Bridgegate
Royal Oak, Ulley
Ring 'o' Bells, Swinton
Traveller's Rest, Brookhouse

Please let us know of any additions to this list.

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