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Legalised Robbery

Robbery Legalised By Labour Government
Dare to sell a pound of bacon or half a pound of carrots for using old fashioned imperial weights and measures. Dare to sell just under a pound of bacon when a full pound was asked for, and you will be judged a criminal.

Thanks to this Government you buy a pint of beer in old fashioned imperial measure but, it's perfectly legal to be swindled out of 5% of your beer. 95% is good enough says Patricia Hewitt, trade secretary. The government have refused to implement the full legislation, al ready in place, to force pub companies and landlords to sell a fuff pint of liquid. No more, no less. Instead, the drinker who orders a pint can be legally served less than a pint. The pub company keeps an illicit 10p for every 2 spent, by short changing the drinker.

This is a disgraceful government move. All they have to do is implement the act, which is already on the statute books, and require everyone to serve a full pint when ordered. When you order a full litre of milk, that is precisely what you get. The same is true for every drink, every liquid, except beer. Why?

Because the government has been pressured by the breweries and pub companies.They fear loss of profits from honest trading. The government prefers dishonest dispense.The bigger the froth, the more money the pub companies make.


* Write to Patricia Hewitt at The Department of Trade and Industry, 1 Victoria Street, London SW1H 0ET and let her know how disgusted you are at being fiddled courtesy of the labour government.

* Better still write to our own labour MP's - Dennis Mcshane, John Healey and Kevin Barron at Rotherham Town Hall and demand their support to ensure that the Rotherham drinker gets a FULL pint and not a Hewitt bit of a pint. Ask if they support drinkers being ripped off 5% by pub groups by courtesy of this labour government?

* Log-on to and sign up to our online petition.

INSIST on your FULL pint by asking for a top-up if a huge head is your reward for asking for a pints of beer were served when ordered.

This action is a disgraceful labour government about turn on a promise to see a full pint is delivered when ordered.

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