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I believe in free love & free affection that is deep, lasting, and real – aka polyamory. If two people are attracted to each other, why not heal each other with affection & bliss?

Whatever your shortcomings, I can understand what you’ve been through, and won’t judge you. I like healing others & being healed, loving & being loved; and touch, intimacy, honest communication, and profound experience can be one of the best ways to give & receive solace

Like many people, I have a black, traumatic past; and it is only from being devoted to healing myself & others that I’ve survived at all, unlike several others in my family. Part of this has been to commit myself to understanding as much as possible about the universe & people & everything; and especially sickness in the world & society. We live in an incredibly sick society, where 1 in 10 people will try killing themselves; and for every hundred people in the U.S., 1-2 people will both try AND succeed in doing so; not to mention the millions living in desperation & slow suicide of one kind or another.




So, whoever you may be, I'll believe you when you say you've been through hell; won't reject you for being imperfect, just as I don't reject myself for such; and will want to heal you, if I can.


What I'm looking for is to explore an affectionate, loving, erotic, mutually healing relationship with an intelligent, honest, beautiful, hurt soul; someone who is kind, possibly damaged, but who hasn't given up; and someone able to accept me for being somewhat damaged and still in the midst of struggling against my own demons.

Possibilities. I've been in a lot of totally different subcultures, and there's a huge number of things I like doing & am willing to explore. A few possibilities: indie film ~ hanging out at a coffee shop ~ exploring Seattle ~ soft-touch massage ~ frisbee in the park ~ walks in the woods ~ camping out ~ seeing a live band ~ mountain hikes ~ making music (me: various styles of guitar & vocals) ~ incense & candles & wine & ambient music (ambient goth?) at night ~ random absurd escapades ~ protests ~ spoken word & poetry readings ~ whatever you have in mind


~ free solace ~
(best listened to with wine & total darkness)

Smashing Pumpkins ~ Eye
Aimee Mann ~ Save Me
Dead Can Dance ~
The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove
Siouxsie & The Banshees ~ Ornaments Of Gold
Portishead ~ (?)
The Cure ~
Same Deep Water As You


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