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About The Author

jangeo Pinkerton is a husband and wife team with published articles, short stories and the Templar Knight novel series. Their work has been seen in newspapers, newsletters, magazines online and print and one of their short stories was published in Chicken Soup For The Nurses Soul.

Born with a love for books and writing at an early age this husband and wife have combined their talents to write as a team. They are constantly researching ancient and American history, children’s literature and their remarkable family history, which includes Robert-the-Bruce, The Lady Mary Bruce, and the Pinkerton's of the Pinkerton Detective Agency.

Jan attended a community college, a private women's college and graduated nursing school. Geo operates his own contractors business in their Virginia mountain community. jangeo Pinkerton is a proud member of the Clan Colville Society and the Clan Bruce International Society.

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