Pi Zine Ordering Information

How To Order An Issue of Pi Zine

  1. Pick which issue you want
  2. Put the approriate amount of money into an envelope
    (If you don't know how much it costs, it says so on the top of each issue's page)
  3. Put your address on the envelope in the uppermost left hand corner
  4. Put a 33/34 stamp in the uppermost right hand corner of the envelope
  5. Address the envelope to the address given on our home page
  6. Seal your envelope
  7. Drop it in an outgoing mailbox and whalah!

    Once we get your payment, we'll send your desired copy out the very next day!

    But Jessica, I want an issue of Pi Zine NOW!!! Can't I order one via email, you mail it to me, and then I'll send you the payment or give it to you when I see you next?

    As a rule, no, no you can't. We're not very trusting souls,
    and while $1-2 may not sound like a lot, it's more about the issue
    of us getting screwed by people with bad intentions.
    If you live in Santa Barbara, and I see you at least a couple times a month on average, then yes, we will put it on your tab!
    If you have a credit card, we now offer PayPal Odering on all issues of Pi Zine. Simply go to the web page of the issue you'd like to buy, find on click on the little "Buy Now" button, and follow the instructions!

    Email: Jessica