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Are You A Lonely Little Goth Child?

by Spooky Girl

Well, of course you are - don't try to deny it! What you need is a cat! At A.S.A.P. there is the perfect cat for you - Percy! He is a neutered black cat about 8+ years old. He is a domestic short hair and has beautiful green and golden eyes. He's clean, calm, and very affectionate. The best part about Percy is his cute little fangs. you gotta check them out. I coud swear he was a little vampire. So if you're looking for the perfect companion - come to A.S.A.P. and check out Percy! But hurry, we don't adopt out black cats near Halloween because of all the sick people out there.
The organizational mission of the Animal Shelter Assistance Program (A.S.A.P.) is to provide humane care for the cats from the Santa Barbara area (Gaviota to Carpinteria) impounded at the County Animal Shelter in Santa Barbara, and to eliminate the practice of euthanizing shelter cats for reasons other than terminal illness and/or serious behavioral problems. Come by the shelter and see the cats waiting for a home at 5473 Overpass Road off of Patterson!
For more information please visit us online at

By Burnt Paper Girl

My favorite time to be downtown is "early" (early being 8 o'clock) in the the morning. It's an entirely different world from the one I'm so used to seeing. It's devoid of the drunken stumbling club-sluts - you can actually walk down the sidewalk without being jostled by a hundred people you would never want to meet. The air is fresh and has yet to accumulate the various stenches of people, vendors, and car exhaust. Most of the people I see fit into these neat little catagories: 1. Those striding determinately off to the rat race, 2. Those extremely wonderful people nursing their cups of coffee in sidewakl cafes, those who always make me jealous and wonder why they have nowhere to be, and if they have nowhere to be, why did theu choose to wake up so early anyways? and lastly, 3. The wanderers like me who are also wrapped up in the city they love while its still rid of the normal, daily infestation of tourists.
Somehow, after my hideously boring English class that would be better suited to a bunch of 12 year olds, I ended up at the public library downtown. I don't know why I was there, or how really. Sometimes I have memory gaps that I attribute to..... well....... I don't remember what. I do remember vaguely thinking "I'll go to the library!" on the way home from school on the bus, but I have no clue what my motivation was. It would seem that I am drawn to books. It happens a lot. I love libraries, much more that I love bookstores. Maybe it's the smell (usually at any rate). Libraries smell of old knowledge long stored - like an aged bearded man you might happen to come across while he's sitting on a bench on a foggy day. You can look down the rows of rich information, all just sitting and waiting for somebody, anybody, to pick them up and learn or experience. They are chosen on their content, subject matter, and generosity of book donors, not because it ranked high on the lost of what the blind masses bought because the cover was pretty, or it had a catchy title. I would live in a library if they'd let me. I am seduced by knowledge.
I'm beginning to think I have ESP, but really only in regards to when certain songs are on the radio, especially Tool, Depeche Mode, and Neil Young. For example: listening to a tape on my Walkman (while in said library :-) ) doot dee doo, the though comes into my mind-the radio! the radio! switch to the radio! Tool is on the radio! and a lo and behold, a Tool song will just be starting. But it might just be that I'm vain and paranoid. Or maybe I've been plugged into portable electronics too long and I'm being mutated....

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