The air was cold and crisp that night, the breeze swept under the patio and stung at the skin as they both walked briskly to his car. He quickly opened the door and let her in, jogging around the front of the truck to get inside himself before the breeze took another nip at his flesh. All Friday nights started like this in Nicole’s eyes, she’d never known anything different. A young girl just beginning to date, all she knew was music, wine, and the occasional foreplay-never leading to anything else. As she left the house that night she wasn’t thinking tonight would be the night she would lose her innocence, she was thinking of how much she cared for her boyfriend and how he would never do anything wrong. Jacob smiled as they left the safe harbor of her driveway; he took a large swallow of his beer knowing it would handicap his driving, and started the evening with the expected conversation. “How was cheerleading today?” Jacob asked in an insensible tone. Nicole replied overjoyed at his artificial concern, “Great, the season’s almost over and I’ll have more time to spend with you on the weekends.” Jacob smirked to himself thinking, “Not if you don’t start putting out you won’t.” He then continued his feigned attention to her daily life as he always did every weekend they went out. Jacob thought that his melodramatic reactions to her daily schedules would soon get him what he really wanted. He didn’t care about her cheerleading, or even about the petty arguments she had experienced throughout the day. He was a senior in high school, far superior to her diminutive quarrels she spoke of in her freshmen’s self-indulgent attitude. Jacob only wanted one thing, and if he couldn’t obtain it through his false concern for his daily routine, he would soon look to alternative measures. As Nicole continued jabbering about her friend Katie’s make up disaster Jacob thought of what he really wanted.
He remembered Bobby telling him about how he had once gotten so drunk that his girlfriend practically took her clothes off for him. Jacob knew that Bobby was not the most trusting character he knew, and his pending rape case made it all the more reason not to believe his measures wise. So Jacob responded every few minutes to Nicole with a laugh, or a smile, and a minor question to hold her attention as he still thought about how he would soon get what he not only wanted, but now needed to be a part of his social group. Virgins were no longer socially accepted at Mount Pelican High School, he needed to be socially acknowledged and his well told un-truths were getting him nowhere on the social ladder. Jacob needed inevitable proof that he had experienced what everyone important thought was the only thing a successful high school senior needed at his school. Jacob thought. “What would it be? Surely she would tell someone about it, after all the first time doesn’t necessarily classify anyone as a slut, right? But who would she tell? Her friends weren’t essentially all that big on gossip. But then there was Sue, she had always been into everyone else’s business. Nicole would certainly tell someone that would soon tell Sue. Sue would definitely find out, and when she did, the entire school would know of my triumph over virginity at last.”
“Are you listening to me?” Nicole yelled over the loud electric guitar melodies of Socialburn blaring in the cab of Jacob’s pickup. “Huh, yeh, that’s great babe.” He replied. Nicole stared vaguely and continued, knowing his mind was somewhere else. “So where are we going tonight Jacob? Is this another ‘drunken orgy at your friends,’ or are we actually going on a date?” “Which would you like it to be?” Jacob answered. “Have you not been enjoying yourself at my friend’s houses, do you not enjoy the alcohol? Are you tired of hanging out with me?” Nicole sat silently, shocked, not knowing what to reply. “I’m sorry,” Jacob uttered, “I was just upset about something else, I didn’t mean to take it out on you, please forgive me.” Nicole smiled, and replied, “It’s ok, I understand, so we’re going to a friend’s, that’s fine by me, you know I always have a good time with you Jacob, no matter what we do.” She continued half smiling, not knowing if to anticipate another unexpected outburst such as the previous one of his. “Yes babe, we’re going to Josh’s, we’ll probably just watch a movie and drink a few cold ones.” Jacob said thinking to himself, “Everyone else will be watching a movie, you and I will be some where else, all alone, well almost all alone, I need a beer for good measure, but then it’s just you and me.” He laughed to himself thinking of how he’d thought it odd he put the beer in his thoughts as well. Then he realized he completely forgot he was speaking to Nicole as well. “Is that ok with you?” he questioned as if he’d been contemplating a date rather than his friends. “That’s fine,” she replied with a smile. “We’re almost there now, and they’ve already gotten the movies, its fine if we watch what they want isn’t it gorgeous?” Jacob asked noticing the CD player illumination glistened in the corner of her eyes as she looked at him, he thought of how innocent she looked, and how soon it would all be taken away. “That’s fine you know Jacob, I told you it doesn’t matter what we do as long as I’m with you.” Jacob glimpsed at her and grinned as his truck pulled into Josh’s yard. The red truck looked almost devilish in the dim glow of the moonlight as it coasted to a stop.