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..::Past Links of the Day::..

go see them. they're lonely.

::Things From the Dollar Store: Part One::

::Things From the Dollar Store: Part Two::

::Things From the Dollar Store: Part Three::

::Guess the TV Show/Movie:: Entirely pointless::

::Mistakes that made it into movies. Just in case you care::

::Stupid Web Searches::

::Which conversation heart are you? Go here to find out::

::Does everybody know how to play the Kevin Bacon game? If you don't, (or even if you do...) check out the link of the day to find out how::

::GE Ad Trumpets Company's Government-Ordered Environmental Clean-up. Learn more:: Field guides, local wildlife guides, habitat gallery, ask an expert, and more::

::Need to make a tough decision? Click the rhino. I know that doesn't make sense, but trust me on this one::

::the populated earth. neat satellite photo from november 2000::

::what breed of dog are you? no, really. somone actually made a quiz about this.
(fyi, i'm a german shepherd)::

::this may bore some of you to tears, but it's worth reading. click here learn about invasive plant species and why they're such bad news::

::the burning question that's on everyone's mind: are you smarter than miss america?::

::because i know that you all need something mindless to waste your time: lots of quizzes on every subject known to god::

::i'm worth exactly $2,462,756.00--how about you?::

::how about a nice, mindless link for finals week? check out amusing misheard song lyrics at

::this, if you're anything like me, will occupy way too much of your time. blame schultz for sending me the link :)::

::check out some very cool photos and video clips from outer space::

::You know what? I'm not weird. This lady is weird::

::Neat things that I do not understand about the human brain::

::like the onion? check out the toque::

::go see the beautiful artwork of my friend brooke at

::more than a little disturbing...this man thinks he's peter pan::

::bored? read some of the book i just started reading::

::don't exploit your russian amputee mail-order bride. (this is from a real website...)::

::have tons of free time at the moment? this site has lots of cute, fun games you can play. i wasted *way* too much time there yesterday...::

::have you ever wondered what the things you say in english would translate to if you translated them to five other languages and then back to english? probably not. but in case you're curious now that i've brought it up, click here::

::anyone up for a game of text-based pong? nah, i didn't think so...i can't imagine how bored i'd have to be::

::do you speak engrish?::

::create your very own south park characters. you pick the body, face, eyes, mouth, hair, etc...::

::pretty amusing: this guy takes phrases that other people suggest, and illustrates them using a microsoft paint utility. some are funny, some a little disturbing, but they're all pretty clever::

::i am *so* getting my very own superhero doll::

::how hard is it to scan baggage at the airport? pretty darn hard, actually...::

::save the emus! try your hand at the emulander. don't ask questions, just go::

::what to do next time a telemarketer calls you...::

::who? how? why? i don't know what question to ask first. go figure it out for yourself at

::make your very own movie at just select dfilm moviemaker at the top of the screen, and off you go!::

::i couldn't think of anyone that i was mad enough at to do this to, but i'm sure that some of you can...::

::laugh your butt off at this parody of the government's "what to do in case of a terrorist attack" website...::

::have a little bit of randomness to round out your day::

::he came from the island of soy...::

::yet another high quality way to waste some time. if you don't already have flash, it will prompt you...go ahead, it's worth it, and the download literally took seconds on my computer::