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[where am i going to put this?]

::Past Links of the Day::

::Jim's Past Links of the Day::

::Pearl Jam Concert Posters::
{there's one new poster added to last page of this as of 04.09.02}

::my friend brooke is a real photographer...she got her photo on a soda bottle!!
it's a big file, but if you're patient, go see it. brooke is so cool::

::Everybody say *Yay Brian*--the research that he worked on at UPenn made the cover of Science magazine for the week of 02.01.02. I was unable to get the text of the article online, but I found that if you register with the website, the magazine will let you take a peek at the abstract. So everyone, put on your chemistry cap and try to decipher this. Then take a deep breath, and say "Wow. Brian is smart."::

::heh thought i was kidding when i said i was going to do this, didn't you erika?
for those of you who don't know, erika is my sister. not only is she my sister,
she is now a senior technical writer at pitney bowes, because she got a promotion. why?
because she's cool. damn cool. in fact, she is the coolest sister in the world::

::who wants to see ray's car with its brand new name? oh, you know you want to....::