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Welcome To Oom Dot Com, Hey Sam, Amanda, Danny, Cory, Andrew, Briget, Adam, Jen, Maia, John, Berni, Percila, and anyone else i missed


Welcome To Oom Dot Com

Go Miners! ,Good Luck in this Up Coming Season.

Battlin' Miners Football Schedule

                                                    1. Tri-Valley   Away             WIN!!

                                                    2. N. Schuylkill  Away      _______

                                                    3. Sch. Haven   Home           _______

                                                    4. Shenandoah  Home         _______

                                                    5. Mahanoy Area  Home     _______

                                                    6. Jim Thorpe    Home            _______

                                                    7. Marian  Away                      _______

                                                    8. Nativity (HC) Home           _______

                                                    9. Tamaqua  Away                   _______

                                                 10. PAnther Valley  Away   _______

Minersville Area Marching Band performs, Salute to Americas Finest, Copa Cabana, Joy to the World, and Fairest of the Fair for Half Time Show