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Welcome To Oom Dot Com, Hey Sam, Amanda, Danny, Cory, Andrew, Briget, Adam, Jen, Maia, John, Berni, Percila, and anyone else i missed


Welcome To Oom Dot Com

Go Miners! ,Good Luck in this Up Coming Season.

Battlin' Miners Football Schedule

                                                    1. Tri-Valley   Away             WIN!!

                                                    2. N. Schuylkill  Away       WIN!!

                                                    3. Sch. Haven   Home            WIN!!

                                                    4. Shenandoah  Home          WIN!!

                                                    5. Mahanoy Area  Home      WIN!!

                                                    6. Jim Thorpe    Home             WIN!!

                                                    7. Marian  Away                      lose??

                                                    8. Nativity (HC) Home            WIN!!

                                                    9. Tamaqua  Away                   _______

                                                  10. PAnther Valley  Away   _______

District Games

1. Shenandoah          _______

2. ??????????                           _________

Minersville Area Marching Band performs, Salute to Americas Finest, Copa Cabana, Joy to the World, and Fairest of the Fair for Half Time Show