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To truly understand the concept of The Old Guard one must read the book The Story of O which can be purchased on Amazon.com. There are several versions of the same book.

Just what is The Old Guard? Well, it came out of an organization of Lethermen, a sadomasochistic, homosexual men's group, and was founded on many of their principles.

In The Old Guard protocol was much more important that it is today. I think the inter net can be blamed for the lax in protocol. Protocol was much more than addressing a man as Master or bowing when entering a room. That was standard, by the way. It involved the very way a person lived their life ... bondage, discipline, and sadomasochism were the norm and discipline/submission came later ... much later! Honor came before all else. All women were treated as property, which in not uncommon even today in both the vanilla and BDSM worlds, and had no rights.

There's a scene in The Story of O where O, yes, that's her name, if forced to be taken by a group of men. No, this was not gang rape by any means but just the way things were back then. O was a slave to her Master and what he wanted was the law to her. She obliged each percipient, taken from the rear as she bent over a pool table, and just blanked out her mind as to what was happening to her. This was part of The Old Guard.

Branding of one's slave was not uncommon in The Old Guard. It was a right of passage to many who longed to serve Master in every way possible.

The Old Guard had no women as Dominants. I think there may have been a few lucking in the background but it was not the norm. It was akin to an "all men's club" or a golf course that didn't allow women to join in our day and age. Things have changed a lot since then. The entire world has changed from the horse and buggy time to automobiles and air planes. That, in a nut shell, is the difference between The Old Guard of old and what we call BDSM or D/s today.

What we have today are a lot of wannbe's online who have never tasted the kiss of a whip or the thud of a flogger. They talk the talk but could never walk the walk for whatever reason. So why on earth do they come into chat rooms and pretend to bow and scrape or Dominate another? Online relationships can be formed but it takes time and energy to do so. An online relationship can only be consummated by face to face meetings. (By "consummated" I do not mean by having intercourse ... I'm talking about the beginning of a relationship!)

In The Old Guard a new submissive was brought into the group, real time, slowly and with considerable effort to TEACH her the ways of the group. Should she find the lifestyle not to her liking she was free to go. If, on the other hand, she wanted to progress only then was she moved forward in her training. Today idiots send an IM to someone and ... whalla ... instant rapture. Instant gratification. Instant relationship. Instant Master or Mistress. To me that's like instant mashed potatoes; they are easy to make but aren't the real thing.

As both of my slaves will testify, I believe in The Old Guard. They are to kneel when I enter the room. They address me properly at all time. They do my bidding willingly and with gratitude in their hearts. I force nothing upon them and honor their safe word. I do no damage to them yet I'm a sadist and enjoy their pain. We talk about everything from A to Z. We are partners. This is the way of The Old Guard.

The Old Guard is a way of living ones life with honor, dignity, self esteem, and taking care of slaves, not only in play, but in life.


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