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Welcome to my stories!

Here is the first installment of:Adventures of a Blind Man.... Adventures of a Blind Man By:Nathan Goldman Chapter 1: Gladiator There is a story of old. One of such proportions that it has only been passed down through the ages. Until now. These are... the adventures of a blind man. There was once a man named Reque. His hair was the color of the fall leaves, yet felt like cotton, newly formed. The color of his eyes was a hazel, as hazel as... hazel. The texture of his skin was a deep tan, much like his siblings. He lived in a city called Rome, and this is where his adventures begin. Reque got up like his usual self in his usual way, and he walked down to the bottom floor of his cramped, disease infested apartment. He casually walked outside. It was a beautiful day when Reque flared his nostrils and took in the wondrous smell of the early spring morn. He slowly looked around at the stone city and headed to the city center. On his way to the center of the city he stopped to look at the birds flying through the sky, as they target their victims from above. He stopped to look down at something shining on the ground. He gazed at it with awe as he snatched it off the ground and stuffed it in his robe. Reque finally reached town, when he saw a young man roughly around age 23 just as he was. They shook hands and greeted each other in quite a friendly manner, "Why if it isn't my good friend Reque," the man said. Reque replied as if he had known this man for years, "yes, yes, yes, it IS me Sheffon... I'm off to watch the gladiators about now." "Really!? It just so happens I am heading there too!" Sheffon replied. "Why this is great let's go together!" Reque spoke with utmost intent. Reque and Sheffon slowly walked to the Colosseum gazing absent mindedly at the scribbles of graffiti on the wall. On such writing said "The ultimate gladiator Julius shall reign within the ranks of our emperor!" Reque stared at this writing with disgust, "I cannot believe people think that this gladiator will go far, he barely has one muscle on his limp body! The animals don't think of him as food because there is no meat on those bones! I could slay that man any day, in fact not only that but our women could crush him!" Sheffon replied with a hint of shock in his voice, "That really was unnecessary to go that far, it is a disgrace in Rome to hear that a mere WOMAN can slay any man unless that man is a dwarf." Reque replied bluntly, "then let him be of the dwarven folk." They arrived at the Colosseum gate, a huge structure built as arches on arches hundreds of feet high. The Colosseum was packed today, and Reque was not sure he could get a seat. They walked up to a man in armor who spoke brusquely just two words, "admission fees?" Reque replied clumsily as he shuffled through his robe to retrieve the sparkling object he picked up earlier, "what can this buy me?" The man replied, "A gold coin eh? Hmmm... this should buy you two front row seats." Reque concluded, "Well then Sheffon, your coming, with, me." As they found their premium seats they saw a fight outside of the arena, two men were fighting it out over by one of the upper rows. "Move imbecile, I was here!" screamed one man. "NO! You get out or I'll carve out your innards!" yelled the other. The two continued back and forth, "I'd like to see you try and carve your name in a wall, you uncoordinated street scum!" "Take that back you oversized meat guzzler!" "Well at least I'm not a frail rabbit like you!" "Oh I'll show you who's frail!!!" The second man stuck his knife into the first mans large stomach and slit it. The first man yelled in blind fury, "I'll, KILL YOU! I'LL KILL Yoohggghg." The first mans innards splat on the floor, and he died on the spot. Reque said to Sheffon, "Wow, that really WAS exciting, I cannot wait any longer for the gladiators to come out." Suddenly the gate opened as the warrior stepped out. A voice comes out from nowhere screaming, "Ovatchi has chosen his weapon!!! He has chosen a trident and weighted net! He shall slay the all mighty lion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" The crowd cheered. Ovatchi was a man in his mid-thirties. He was missing his smallest toe and was bleeding from his right leg. He had a cross shaped scar on his right cheek and had the look of fearlessness on his face. His hair was a deep black and his skin was white in color. He glanced at the cheering crowd and stared at the gate. Suddenly, the gate burst open and the lion flew out and onto the stadiums sandy floor. It looked around at the stone Colosseum with it's interior shaped like an all around oval stair case emitting in all directions. The day was still clear with the sun beating down. The lion let out a mighty roar. Ovatchi got into a stance ready to toss the net. He threw it with the utmost speed and precision as it landed exactly on the lion. The lion effortlessly tried to take off the net. Ovatchi knew this was his chance to strike, and so he did. He ran swiftly toward the lion took a great leap and stabbed down the trident. Luckily for the lion it barely missed him, but what it did succeed in doing was slicing the net. The lion was finally free as it leaped out and pinned Ovatchi. It opened it's jaw and tried to strike at Ovatchi's shoulder. The lion succeeded, but barely, the lion bite was through the top of the shoulder crushing his shoulder blade. Ovatchi screamed in agonizing pain. Ovatchi suddenly got a burst of stamina and escaped the lions fatal grip. With his trident poised, his shoulder gushing, his deep blue eyes fixed intently on the lion, and with one mighty throw he tossed the trident at the lions mouth. It struck hard and shattered the lions teeth, ripped open its mouth, and tore off it's bottom jaw. The lion fell to the floor in it's pain while splattering blood all over the sandy floor. It slowly got up. The lion walked towards Ovatchi, eyes ridden with anger it pounced. Ovatchi dodged the straightforward attack quite easily and got into a run for his trident. The lion bound after him. Ovatchi jumped to get the trident, he reached for it and he rolled after he picked it off the ground. Out of nowhere, the lion pounced, but unfortunately for it Ovatchi was ready. Ovatchi stabbed the trident through the neck of the pouncing lion, and it fell on it's back, writhing in pain, suffocating to death. One again, out of nowhere comes the booming voice! "Ovatchi wins!" The crowed cheered wildly with small traces of boos unnoticed over the earsplitting noise. Ovatchi stood up and placed up the arm that the lion had not shattered. Suddenly he dropped on the floor. He lied in the pool of blood until he was taken off the Colosseum floor. He was probably exhausted and had endured too much pain, plus the severe loss of blood. Not dead, just knocked out. "Wow, that was one of the greatest fights I have ever seen in my life! Hey, Sheffon do you have a personal sundial?" Shouted Reque. Sheffon replied, "Yes, it is about mid-day right now." Reque suddenly wore an expression of distress. "What's wrong?" asked Sheffon. "Work!!" Reque replied, as he quickly ran out of the stadium.