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Please visit our new site at

Formed in 1995, MYLXINE is now on line. Please visit our new site at for the latest issue of Mylxine and old issues going back to 1995.

As the new site grows, more and more new and old things will be posted (at least the writing that I'm not too embarrassed about now). With graphics and less typos (but don't worry, there are plenty still there for the English teachers out there. There may even be a few here for you!)
Thank you for your continued support and patience.


Rex's MYLXINE Site
Unreleased part of the Thurston Moore interview from Mylxine #16 (printed in Mundane Egg)
Long Awaited interview with scene legend, Steve by Ickibod
An interview with me that was posted at The Awareness Program
Open Letter to a Friend Considering Joining the Military