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munky style



It's probably no secret - i love everything about fashion. The clothes, the shoes, the bags, the hair, the make-up. (Hmm. OK, not everything. I'm not a huge fan of the drugs, the smoking, the fact that runway shows seem to be more of a flesh parade than a fashion show. But that's the industry, not the fashion.)

I wanted to be a fashion designer when I was young. Somehow I ended up studying advertising and graphic design instead. Still, there are times when I wonder if I should have studied fashion design instead.

They say 'clothes maketh the man'. Are they right? It always amazes me how different a person can look with a new wardrobe and a little make-up. Personally I don't really like wearing make-up - it's much too uncomfortable - I feel like I'm wearing a thick gooey mask. But I do love wearing beautiful clothes. I'm sure everyone does.

For me the most important parts of a piece of clothing are the material, the cut, and the quality of the sewing.

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