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munky music


the art of listening

I've always found it hard to explain to people what kind of music I listen to, because I listen to so many different genres I can't tell what's what anymore.

My current favourites are listed in the playlist; I've recently started to listen to Eminem because his recent songs are actually quite decent. (I really hated his Slim Shady songs.) Got acquainted with hip-hop while I was in Toronto because my cousins watch BET quite frequently. (BET is Black Entertainment Television.)

From time to time I'll be reviewing new (and maybe old) songs and/or albums in the review section. So, if you're really bored and are looking for some new tunes, you can check that out.

You can also have a look at my collection of albums; I've amassed quite a wide range over the years. Some of you might cringe at a few of them, I know I have.

I've put up the lyrics of songs I thought were really well-written - more for my benefit than anyone else's, really. Still, it's worth a browse.

The last two things I thought would be of interest or relevance to most people are, of course, artist and concert information. The content will be as objective as I can be. *wink*

[ archives ]

Clocks - Coldplay
Bring Me To Life - Evanescence
Stuck - Stacie Orrico
I Know What You Want - Busta Rhymes feat. Mariah Carey
Invisible - D Side
Sing For The Moment - Eminem