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munky mag



The most annoying thing about creating a webpage - you're never really 'done'. In a fit of insanity (I can hardly attribute this to anything else) I decided create a webpage from scratch, using only HTML. Any sane person would have thought twice and abandoned the idea, but not me. (Just goes to show, huh.)

So here lies before you the fruit of my labours, the product of my efforts. This is the third and (hopefully) final design. [See 1 and 2 here.]

If you have any comments, I'm all ears. I have to warn you though - this site is far from finished. You'll have to forgive me; it's just annoyingly tedious to type HTML code bit-by-bit and view it on angelfire, so I hope you'll appreciate the extent of the effort it requires.

That said, enjoy! I will be informing you of new additions and improvements to the site.

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