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antarcian walks back into the woods to the clearing where she left navendar's unconscious form. The Trees no longer hinder her, but allow her guided passage. She kneels down and touches his eyelids, to see where his mind is, and how it has reacted to recent events. She nods. Antarcian stands and holds a paw over his prostrate form, moving from the area above his chest to his face "Deirr dona Neimna." Turning, she makes her way again out of the woods, this time, nav's body following behind her. Of the volition of nature. She comes to her Tree and holds her paws up, palms out. The bark creaks as it opens, allowing for her and her 'companion' to step through.

antarcian walks through the labyrinth of her Tree, nav's mindless form floating behind her. The many twists and turns of the corridors leading downwards, always downwards. As she makes her way through the halls she passes a skeletal form of Mistral, the elf, who ventured into her Tree. She grins. No one knows the living passageways of her Tree; no one could ever make it to her library. And no one, it seems, has ever made it out.

antarcian comes to a vivid archway and stops just long enough for navendar to 'catch up'. She motions her paw before her to the room and his hovering form goes in front of her. "People think that this is just my library. Of course, no one could ever really tell, never having been down here." Antarcian walks through yet another maze, circular in design, of bookshelves and pedestals. Open books lie everywhere, scrolls drip from tables. The further into the center of the circle, the more stands appear. Stands with strange and wonderous things on them. Weapons from countries this side of the ocean do not know exist. Skulls, and in some cases full skeletons, of creatures long thought to have passed into myth.

antarcian stops. In the very center of her Library, lies her Laboratory. If the room could have been seen from above, the maze's layout would look like some vulgar rune. Especially with the addition of the tables. She raises her paw and navendar's body is placed on a solid onyx counter. Going to a desk she pulls out several articles and brings them over to the counter. She pours the contents of a vial onto nav, and bindings coil up from the desk and grow about him like vines, making it impossible for him to move. Strapped as his arms, legs, and neck are to the stone, she is free to work with what remains uncovered by the liquid. She hums to herself, repeating what is more of a chant that a song, to call the words back to her. She pulls a cloth from her belt and lays it next to navendar's head. Antarcian takes each of the items and places them strategically as according to the Words Long Written Down. Pulling a stool next to her, she places a tray laden with the things she will need atop it. Within easy reach are several vials, bowls, and other interesting assortments. One thing in particular. She dips her paw into one of the bowls and brings it out with a light dusting of bright blue. Rubbing it past nav's head it mixes with his perspiration and makes a dull paste. She then sets a bowl on navendar's rib cage, just below his heart. "Someone is going to have fun." Reaching over to the sash, she unwraps its content, and lays an Object on the tray. "Oh, and, good luck."

navendar lies there silently, in depths of his mind, feeling the aura fog roll over his still body, and slowly begins to disperse. In his hand, the stick throbs and glows deeply in the colors of green and red. The markings piercing into his skin, raising him off the ground, and holding him feet above the ground. Gently opening his eyes, and sees himself floating above the ground, unable to move. Peering at the stick, it looks as if someone else is holding it, the green glowing deeply, increasing its hold, through the clothes, through the flesh, past the muscle, and into the bones. Spreading throughout his entire body, holding him in place, and surges of pain. Wanting to yell out, but has no control over his body, and only his eyes can watch in horror. The stick, gliding upwards to his motionless body, watching as it pulls back, and swings. The red aura blasting out on impact as the stick contacts to his ribs, crushing a few bones, but they don't move for the green aura is holding it all in place.

navendar On top of the counter, he digs his nails into onyx, and scrapes at it as he clenches his hand into a fist. Watching as the stick pulls back, and pokes his hard in the stomach, smashing the organs inside. Pulling back, coming down upon his left shoulder, cracking it, again it comes down on his other shoulder. Swinging dangerously in the air, it sweeps in a great arch horizontily, bashing into his forearm, and hearing the bones snap. His eyes cringe out in pain, the stick lusting for it, swinging upwards, smacking into the bottom of his heel, and sends the bones upwards. His entire left leg being smack repeatedly, the bones crumbling, and sitting all in place.

navendar Watching the stick crashing down on to his other leg, smashing into his knee, and busting it on impact. Still it is all place, and his eyes growing wider in horror. Feeling the stick send horrible blows all over his body, unable to stop it, and only can watch. The stick going away, his eyes sighing, but wonders why he still can't move. Out off in the darkness, the glowing red and green stick, flying straight for his chest, and speeds up. Fealing it tear through his clothing, ripping through his flesh, cracking through the bones, slashing deeply through his heart, and blasts out in the other side. Blood splashing out of the wound, drenching the first half of the stick that passed through his body, dripping down the end, and splatters along the ground underneath him.

navendar Since this has happened, he begins to feel different, the blood along the begins to sizzle, and the stick passes all the way through him. The deep burning sensation returns to him, his body slowly becomes encased in black flames, the bones and organs in his body remend and heal quickly. The open wound in his chest stays open, and his heart can be seen by both sides. Falling to the ground, yelling out at the stick, feeling his body tremble from his shouts. Falling to his knees, arching his back, staring up into the air, mouth agape, arms towards the ground, and the blackness of the flames enters into his eyes. Changing from their usual hazel color, but they grow darker, and deep orange shoots out of his eyes.

navendar Falling forward on to his stomach, laughing, never ending laughter. On the counter, his hand slowly relaxes. Pushing off the ground yelling at the stick, but his words are backwards. Grabbing the sides of the torn shirt with both his hands, and pulls it apart. The two parts of the shirt fly off into the dark, the blood stained, scarred body of Onchurro stands their, and clasps his hands together. The ground splitting open, cracks form all around him, seconds later the earth beneath him sky rockets upwards. Sending him flying through air. Hoping to reach his destination.

antarcian watches navendar claw at the onyx lab as his body convulses. She takes a cloth and wipes the streaks of dust away, revealing an unblemished surface. Lifting up his hands she slides leather pads through his bindings and lays his palms down. She turns to the tray and begins taking bits of stem and petals, sands of odd colors and scents, and puts them in a mortar. She crushes these together as she continues to watch the unconscious nav writhe before her.

navendar feels himself sailing through the air, hoping to get out, and to be free once more. But hopes and dreams will be crushed as the stick flys out of nowhere and bashes into his face sending him down towards the ground. Flipping through the air as he descends downwards, hopefully to his doom, or to another change. There beneath him, lies the stick, straight up in the air, making contact with his lower back, crushing through the bones and flesh. Ripping through his heart, sending blood everywhere as it tears through his chest, cracking his ribs open, and exitting near his collarbone. Sliding down the stick as Onchurro's eyes slowly glow lighter and lighter, turning back to their hazel like color. Feeling his knees touch softly to the ground, grabbing on to the part sticking out of him, pulling it out with the last bit of strength, feeling the blood roll down his cheeks. Soaking into his clothes, his grip can't keep hold for its too slippery to hold on to, and pushes up his knees. Falling backwards, the stick feeling the threat, it shoots out of him and flys high into the air.

navendar Lying upon the ground, watching the glowing stick slowly fade away into the blackness, and only to see it come crashing through the air. Watching it out of his eyes, as they slowly close, feeling it bite deeply into his skull, breaking it, feeling the cracks of his mind split open, feeling the cracks underneath him. Massive amounts of magenta aura spills out, in deep dark clouds, and flowling freely like his blood. With this jolt, Navendar awakens.

antarcian looks up from her stitching to see that navendar has awoken. With a flourish of her paws she grins "Good morning." She reaches for the bowl again and begins to apply the powder to nav's exposed chest. Taking a step back she taps at the pestle and thinks to herself, looking at the tray on the stool next to her. She thinks she may have forgotten something, and that is always a bother. She shrugs. This part doesn't take any particular procedure. If something is missing it can be added in later. Or taken out, she adds to herself with a smile. She turns her back on navendar and goes to one of the nearby shelves to search for something. He has the means to be patient at the moment.

navendar trying to look at who said the greeting, only to be stopped by some type of vine like thingy around his neck. Trying to lift his arm up to grab it, but soon finds out his arm has been strapped down as well. Then trys his other arm, but can't. Sighs and trys to pull his feet free, but can't, and just lies there. Trying to turn his his head, feeling the vine thingy bite down into his neck, stops and just looks around with his eyes. Seeing all types of strange things upon shelves, lots of shiny objects and takes his time in looking. can't really do anything but to make a conversation, "So what are you doing? or who are you?"

antarcian runs her paw along a line of books "Who am I? Well I suppose it's best you don't remember. As for what I am doing, it is best you don't know that either. But I am still going to tell you. As it happens, even." She grins to the shelf alone. Finding an old, thick, leather bound book she takes it down and flips through its pages, walking back to the counter. She lowers the book and looks at navendar "Or are you the impatient sort?"

navendar sees out of the corner of his eyes, but returns to looking around. Seeing how his first two questions weren't answered, but just is the curious sort, "Why shouldn't remember you name or what you are doing? is it just something that would be too complicated for me to understand?" Grows quiet and tries to look at who ever is standing next to the counter. Exhales deeply and just gives up. Closes his eyes and trys to rub his face. Curses, forgetting that his in bound to the counter, and speaks quietly, "Hmmm, I could be impatient if I, depending on how curious I am." Reopens his eyes and just stares upwards.

antarcian looks back down at the tome and turns a few pages. "Yes I suppose it is a bit complicated, for me anyways. You just need to lay there." She comes to the page she desires and runs a finger down the writings. Without looking up from her reading she reaches her paw over and draws something in the powder on navendar's chest. Not for any significance, but because she can and he is tied. But he doesn't know that as he can't see. She finds precisely what she needs and sets the book down on the counter, walking to another shelf on the other side of the inner library. These events are running rather smoothly.

navendar will stand corrected for a moment. he did in indeed see something, knowing the face, wondering to himself, and will just keep these collected thoughts to himself. Feels something move along his chest and tries to look at it and is stopped once more by the blasted strap. Will follow what she's said, now recognizing the voice and the face.Keeps quiet and becomes distracted by something he didn't notice before and just stares at it. Hearing the footsteps echo into his head, picking up the sound, slowly clenches his hands into fists, and feeling the leather underneath them. Closes his mouth from being agap after looking, and feels his teeth push against each other. Feeling his front teeth bite into the inside of his lower lip and wonders why this happening to him. Closing his eyes, reaching deeply into his mind, and only can see it clouded with aura. No trace of his body anywhere, feels empty, especially his head, and just walks out. Finding it odd that the aura parts slightly, wrapping him as he walk by, when he can't see himself in any way. Sighs and will just stay here for awhile.

antarcian looks on the shelf and crouches down to peruse further. She looks over the lower shelves, where the book has said it would be. Taking down what looks like an old doctor's bag, which she had passed over more than once in her search, she wipes a good layer of dust from it with her paw. She stands and walks back again to the lab table. Raising an eyebrow at navendar she opens the case. "No more questions? I thought you were the intuitive kind." Antarcian rummages through for a while, stopping every now and again to observe an item. She finds a shrivelled, old, black banana with an evil aura about it and tosses it over her shoulder. A large red ruby almost the size of two fists, lined in wrought iron. A dusty old eyeball. A gnarly lozenge shaped object like a dried, miscellaneous gourd. All of these items find their way to the ground. The case is filled with knowledge of the arcaine and somewhere holds what she needs. Her paw comes to rest on a single item in particular and she pulls it slowly from the mess. Setting the bag down under the counter, she holds the relic up to the light.

navendar feels himself sucked out of his mind at hearing the question. Breathing heavily, and looks up to Ant, "Hmmm... no not really. if I don't get answers to my questions that I want to hear, then I sure there will be more of those types of answers to fill my curious needs." Watches her throw stuff to the ground from inside the bag and just can't help but ask, "What's in the bag that you want?" Slowly goes back to being queit seeing that she is holding something up into the light. Sighs and ask another question, "Why are you doing this?" Closes his eyes before ever hearing the reply and just wants to find his body. Walks around in the aura, searching for it, for himself. Hears his feet step into some type of pool, splashing as he goes on, and stops. Bending and crouching over to take a better look, running his hand through it, and brings it up to his face. Watching the liquid run down his finger, covering his hand, showing that he really is here, and slowly places his hand to his lips. Licking it off gently, the taste tastes familiar to him, it taste like his own, it taste like his blood. Getting up and continues to walk along in the bloody pool. Reaching up to his body, closing his eyes from the site.

antarcian hears the question and the awe is broken. Lowering her paw, and the object within it, her grin widens as she walks quickly up to navendar and leans over his body to whisper in his ear in the tantalizing way that is all her own. "You have something that I want, and I am going to get it." She stands up in full view of navendar and her paw subconsciously reaches up to stroke the silver ring about her upper arm. She darts back to the stool and speeds her pace, working with purpose. She removes the bowl from nav's chest and replaces it with a smooth wooden tray. Clattering items about in her distraction, she dips her paws in a bowl of liquid and begins to rearrange a plate of tools. She spreads reams of cloth about the floor to collect any spatterings. Going back to the tray she slowly unwraps the sash from what she had placed there when she began. Setting the item from the case next to it, she delicately polishes them both with the sash.

navendar watches her touch the silver ring about her arm and wonders what he has, that she wants. Hearing whats going on and believes he should tell her, but doesn't know how to. Gulping lightly, feeling it slowly slide down his throat, rubbing his skin against the strap, scraping it. Just closes his eyes and relaxes completely, hearing, feeling, and hating. Roaring, pulling against the straps, yelling at her, "You know I love you, I know you've sensed it, but haven't paid much attention to it! Go ahead do what you set out to do, it makes no difference to me!" feeling the straps bite into his flesh, tearing it open, blood rolling down freely, pooling on the counter, and breathing deeply. Exhaling with anger, hating every second on the counter, just wanting to get off and slowly relaxes. Lying back slowly, whispering gently to himself, "Just want to kiss you." Closes his eyes and just lies there.

antarcian sets the sash down in mad rage as she hears his screams. Slamming her fist down on the onyx counter she roars back "You most certainly DO NOT!" She ignores the crumbled indentation where her paw hit and the foot long crack spreading through the stone as she runs back to the tray in fervor. She reaches for the highly sought Item and holds it to where he can see it before she begins. Antarcian holds a stick of colored wax in her paw (it is colored mauve). Now that most of the powder has worked its way into his exposed skin, she begins marking on it, wiping away some of the excess powder as she goes. When she is finished, his body is completely covered in notations. She glides from the counter to the tray and back again, this time carrying a hammer and stone engraver's chisel. Antarcian beams "This may hurt a little."

navendar speaking to himself, talking backwards, hearing the words beat in his ears forwards, and opens his eyes. Looks at her, and then to the hammer and chisel, then back to her. "I MOST CERTAINLY DO! and I don't care, ITS HOW I FEEL!" Just sighs and lies there unable to get at her. Pushing his head back into the counter, feeling the knob on the back of his head slowly push into his head, feeling the bones in his skull slowly pull apart from each, and laughs hysterically. Blinded by rage and lust, he can't bear the thought of it any more, and lifts his head as high as he can. Bringing it down upon the counter, repeatedly bashing his head against it, and feels the soft echos of deep and forgotten words, spoken to him years ago. Speaking them to himself, hearing his words roll off his tongue, "Don't let it ruin you to death, don't let it pull you down into an unescapible grave, don't let rule you, don't let them take you, don't let pull your spirit out, and don't go into it." Smiling for he knows he lost it after speaking to himself, hearing distance footsteps, feeling far from them, and they are just a few feet away.

navendar Grabbing on to the leather, ripping through it, squeezing it into his palm, tearing into his flesh, and pulling at the straps. Tensing his body, locking all his muscles together, and exhales slightly. Feeling his inside flare up, feeling his skin tingle, and just stops. Trying to calm himself, for he has already felt pain, and nothing can match what it was.

antarcian places the tip of the chisel to his skin and works it with the hammer. She is glad she had thought to place the cloth down before she began. She wipes her face clean with her sleeve. Placing her paws into the gauge she has created, she addresses navendar. "Don't worry, THIS is the worst part, it's all down hill after I pull your ribs open." Thus said, she grasps his breastbone firmly and cracks it apart. Antarcian reaches in and grabs his heart, dropping it onto the plate she has set on his stomache. It beats there anxiously, in a manner suggesting its owner is about to die. Wiping her paws on a nearby cloth as she walks over to her shelves she finds a prism, which she holds over his protruding organ, radiating vibrant colors onto the walls, ceiling, and objects within the room. "One moment, please."

antarcian --She reaches below the table and plucks a lens and small piece of enchanted parchment paper from the dusty black case. When placed betwixt the prism and the parchment, the lens is able to focus the light of navendar's aura, searing it onto the paper. She grins down at nav "I'm taking your aura, and there's nothing you can do about it." Antarcian sets the parchment paper in the book on the table, and places it back on the shelf. She dips her paws in the bowl once more, and reaches for the spool and needle on the tray when an idea comes to her. "Before we do that, let's have a look around."

navendar shakes his head slowly, humming lightly to himself, feeling his ribs being cracked open and pulled apart. Just lies there humming to himself as she does what is needed, wondering why she needed him and no one else. Continuously humming, the gentle breeze against his lips as the words make their way out, only to be muffled. Lifts his head and tries to look at his heart, feeling the blasted strap hold him down. Chuckles at Antarcian, "Well, well, well, now its seems I should've told you before ever starting only I knew what you wanted. I'm not really from this world, and that's not all the aura i contain, but you'll never be able to get it from me." Laughs, and continues to hum his cursed tale.

navendar Feeling the pits of his eye sockets burn, sending signals through his body, and his brain slowly sets to work on retracting his heart back. Feeling it being pulled back, slowly blacken mist fall from his open chest, wrapping itself onto ever part of his body, slowly blocking it away. Gently being pulled back into his body, feeling himself becoming whole again. As he continues to hum, his eyes slowly roll around in his head, feeling deepen thoughts pull out, meshing his skin, changing it back to its usual state. Appearing slowly, are scars, reopening, spilling blood everywhere, and lightly begin to boil. Steaming, sizzling upon the floor. He looks at her, "Did you ever know the orgin of where my name comes from? Hmmm, I bet you didn't? It won't matter soon anyway."

navendar Feeling his blood seep into his skin, burning it, melting him, the long lost aura spills out. Cracking his bones, tearing his flesh, ripping through his bodily organs. Slowly begins to turn to ash, just before his face is gone he speaks out once more, "I'll be back, promise and you'll be able to take what you want, but I'm needed else where." A small bright glows bright in his head, sending out small amounts of shockwaves, piercing into the ground, pulling it upwards, and grabbing on to all the ashen bits of himself. Collecting together, and slowly crumbling to dust, falling upon the counter.. navendar opens his eyes and wonders what is going on. Feeling his ribs cracked open, looking around, his eyes darting around, and wants to know. Slowly losing his state of mind, falling into the darkness, reaching out, and only to grasp nothing in return. Slowly being swallowed by the ever growing, ever going, ever deeping, never ending darkness. Yelling out, feeling it fill his lungs, choking him, losing control, and losing his life. Unable to pool his power back after it is being taken from him, and just falls on.

navendar As he falls, he hears his name, looking around to see what it is, who is calling his name, and sees nothing. feeling something touch his back, grabbing on to his shoulder, turning him around, spotting the face, the such cursed face that made him her, made them one. seeing it smile, as her hand rubbing against his chest, slowly relawing from it, and only to feel her hand pass through, grabbing the inside of him, squeezing.

navendar Grabbing her arm, trying to pull it out, and feels her grab tighter. Struggling against it, feeling himself burn, and hears her say only one word, "Love." Squeezing so tight, bursting him open, ripping his flesh to pieces, sending his muscles, bones, and organs into the air around him. Then waking up upon the counter, feeling the last bit of himself go away, but it doesn't. hearing the word bounce around in his head, reaching his vocal cords, shooting out of his mouth, roaring it loudly, "LOVE." His hidden aura, bashing against his body, surging through him, reaching his open chest, bursting into a gleaming, shimering glow of blue. Spreading everywhere around the room, unable to keep himself together, tears flowing down his cheek, crying horrible as the aura spills out of him, and understands he wasn't meant to survive, but to die.

New Year's Eve

antarcian. The clock indicates the progession of the year. The end, that is, of the year. Every tick is a memorial to an occurance that has been wrought on the memories of those it held. Antarcian glides in wearing her gown made of web and leafen fibers. Bloodwine and steel hues glisten across the shimmering garment. Her hair has been bound up, revealing her bare shoulders and the delicate lacework necklace from which hangs an onyx snowflake. She makes a slight bow to Navendar.

navendar watches Antarcian walk into the room, gazing at her gown, mezmorized by it. Hearing the ticks go by, and becomes slightly distracted by all the shimmering garments she has. Shakes his head slightly, returning him back to the present, and watches her bow. Smiling at her her skin, seeming to want to reach out and touch it, and likes how her is done. Bows back in such a manner of being a man of honor, even though he's a lunatic, he still has some grace and pride left in him. Feeling his silver shirt pull away from his skin, small brass color threads run all around it, and his pants matching his shirt. His hair slowly dipping down as he bows, his light brown hair, with slight curls in it. Not his idea but they look good, maybe.

antarcian waits for nav to straighten then places her paw delicately on his shoulder, holding the other out to be taken. She glances over his adornments and smiles demurely. Breathing quietly to herself, she ponders over the things which have passed, and most importantly, the things to come.

navendar smiles slightly as he places one of his left hand behind her hip, and on her lower back. Taking her paw in his hand, and hears music begin to play as they complete the stance. Slowly wonders how any of this happened, and begins to waltz slowly, leading. While dancing he runs recent thoughts through his head, also new thoughts of what my come, to pass over, and trys to rid them, but they won't stop.

antarcian presses her body close to his, swaying with her arm around him to the soft melody in the distance. The candles in the Hall have already started to go out, those that are left are dimming in the shallow pools of wax that are left. She squeezes his hand gently with her right paw and smiles again. The stars, the candles, even Wizardcl's additions throw scintillating crystals of light throughout the walls and upon the floor. Antarcian leans into Navendar and nearly rests her head on his shoulder, close enough to whipser delicately into his ear....

navendar feels how close she has gotten to him, dancing slowly, listening to music, and lets it fill his head. Watching the hall grow dimmer, as the light fades away. Relaxes a bit, and gently rubs the area of her back with his hand. Seeming to be close enough to feel her heartbeat, feeling his skin grow warmer, and lightly tingles. Feeling her paw squeeze his hand, smiling and gazes down her shoulder, down her back, and his head becomes filled with her words as they whisper into his ear. Gently biting the inside of his lip, and completely becomes relaxed with her.

antarcian 's lips gently caress navendar's ear and she whispers "Now, I thought we had already discussed using those types of words. 'Love' is so immaterial, what can you build from it? Like a foundation of sand." She pushes against his shoulders with her paws to stand straight. Looking down at him again for a moment, she goes back to the gaping hole in his chest. "Good Lord, but you have the strangest things inside of you." Holding up an arrowhead for a moment, she wipes the blood off on a cloth and slips it into his pocket. "They are supposed to be good luck you know." Her brow furrows as she lifts out two teeth "You know anything about these?" from his organs and tosses them to the ground behind her. The broken dagger blade she removes from his chest she places on the tray beside her.

antarcian braces and bolts his breastplate back together, then turns to the tray to take up the needle and spool. "I suppose that is enough. Most of this is common enough, I have seen it thousands of times." She stitches with a pace and skill that would imply much experience, securing and clipping the thread without the slightest of a lump in the gathered flesh. She pats the seam with her paw "You won't notice these in a short while." Here she turns back to the tray and lifts something up to the light. A purplish glow is cast about this room, with strikes through it, as if soemthing had stolen the light and placed it away. "But this, this you will notice." Turning, she clasps an amethyst collar about his neck. The black veins of impurities running through the crystal would suggest some other element.....some sort of....."I'm afraid this may never come off. Actually, this will never come off."

navendar frowns, and looks at her after she pushed away, "Yea, I know we've discussed it, oh well." Then looks in another direction, looking at things he has seen before, and sighs. Slowly feeling his eyelids droop as she returns to searching, and chuckles lightly, "Well, I didn't place them there, and there just a little something i take from some people." Feels something slip into his pocket and tries to look and see what it is. Smiling slightly, "I know, but I thought it would be even better luck if I left it inside of me." Seems to have lost all contact to reality and becomes delirious from the loss of blood. "Hehehe, I know what those are, well maybe not, but they tasted good at the time." Wonders where the broken daggar blade came from and pipes up some more, "Do you know anything about that? Hmmm, do yah?" Giggles slightly, and tries to pulls his arms up, to only feel the straps. Sighs and winces slightly as his bones are bolted back. Smiling now, he talks to her, "So I'm just a regular guy then? but why did you have to take my aura away?"

antarcian crushes some leaves in a bowl with her back turned to navendar. "Why? Because I have a purpose for it, and you happened to have it." She glances over her shoulder for a split moment. Setting the pestle down she brings two portative liquids to nav. She holds one over his stitches, letting it trickle and gloss over his skin, forming a sort of protective coating. "Don't get too excited, it just means you won't split in two when you stand up." The liquid hisses and sends tendrils of bluish smoke up and past the shelves, to dissipate in the air of her library. The other she hands to nav in the form of a bubble as the vines release him finally. "You really should drink this. It may help to replace a few things. Some of them anyway."

navendar watches her bring the liquids over, and feeling it run over his skin. Closes his eyes and hears it hiss, and reopens them. Looking at the smoke and then just closing his eyes again. Talks quietly, "Why would I need to get excited for that? Feels the vines go away and just wants to lie there for a few more moments, for he got quite use to it. Opens his eyes, lifting one of his arms, and looks at it. Sighs and rolls slowly onto his side, pushing up with his hand, and props himself up. Taking the strange liquid, and wonders what he needs to replace. Sitting properly, with the bubble in both of his hands, looking at it in his hands, and inhales deeply. Pulls back quickly from inhaling, and chokes slightly as he exhales. Feeling the collar lie upon his shoulders, over his collarbone, and just wants to lie down.

antarcian grins as she watches navendar choke. "Too strong? You may want to finish it if you plan to heal very well at all." She begins to walk over to her desk when a thought occurs to her. "You are not in such an analytical mind as now. Really not much of one ever. I have had numerous people try for the treasures" she waves a paw about the bookshelves "which lie beneath the roots of my Tree and become lost forever in my labyrinth." She laughs. "I have had *elves* become lost in my labyrinth to die painfully as the liquid was slowly drained from their body by lack of nourishment." She plucks up the prism from the onyx countertop as she walks up behind navendar. Raising her paw in the air she suddenly dashes the prism against the lower side of his head. With a subtle motion of her paws she turns back to her desk as navendar's unconscious form is drug from her Tree and deposited in the Woods once more.