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antarcian 's ears twitch subtley. She can hear many of the sounds of the forest quite easily, but there is a faint breathing coming from the distance.

navendar sighs deeply and takes a small sip of the vile... notices some twigs out of place on the ground... it seems like someone walked by here. slowly sets off following the tracks.

navendar puts the cork back onto the vile, places the vile with the other ones and rubs his face. looks at the ground and feels his vision split in two. falls to his knees and rubs his eyes gently.

antarcian 's head pulls up. She looks to the right and drops one arm to her side, peering through the Trees as the light fades.

navendar stops rubbing his eyes and blinks a few times... gently touches a few broken leaves on the ground... follows the trail with his eyes and slowly gets up... pushes off a tree he used to help him up and walks, following the path.

antarcian 's eyebrows knit as she hears a terrible crashing through the woods. Lowering her other paw she takes a step towards the noise and changes her mind. She heads to the left and turns her head slightly to look for the source of the aw ful noise.

navendar stops and sees that the light is almost gone and it grows darker as the tree tops block out the remaining light. slowly steps out and uses his hands to pushes off from the trees near him. looks at the ground and slowly follows the trail and sees it become lighter. sighs and licks his lips, and tastes liquid that was left uppon them... pushes a few branches out of the way and gets smack in the face as one springs back... places both hands over his face and curses loudly.

antarcian hears the crashing and skips as she looks over her shoulder again, speeding upher pace. SHe hears the swearing echo through the woods and laughs. Now knowing what is chasing her, she gives up on the straight trial and winds her way through a maze of Trees, doubling back and skipping over in areas.

navendar leans against a tree and seems to be warmer in one spot than it does in others. smiles and gets off the tree and looks down at the ground... sees where they lead of too and begins to follow them. rubs his face, trying to help him see straight and thonks into a low hanging branch... breathes in deeply and holds his forehead. bends over into a crouch and walks under the branch... stands up and looks at the ground and curses silently as they head off in multiple directions. continues to head straight not sure off which one to take.

antarcian giggles as she sees navender blunder through the Trees, cursing as he goes. She crouches behind a shrub until he passes, then darts behind him into a thicket of thornbrush. Easing her slender fram through the treacherous growth, she dodges most of the stinging vines and thorned branches.

navendar stops and turns around, looks at a shurb and sees it still moving. slowly follows the path until it reaches a masses thornbush. gently touches one, pushes down until he feels feels it bite down into his skin. pulls his finger to his lips and lightly sucks on it... pulls his hands away from his mouth and uses both hands to spread them apart. gently slides in and roughly makes his way thru the bush. feels the vines scratch, cling, and tear open his felash and shred his clothes. winces from the pain, but continues on. closes his eyes as he feels thorns lash at his face as he crawls by... stops only to catch his breathe and continues on. looks up at an opening in the bush and stares up at the sky. sighs and returns his attention to making it thru.

jastreb raises her arms under her cloak & glides onto the iced over creek and follows it upstream twirling about following the patterns on the ice as shimmering snow floats from under her cloak.

antarcian takes full advantage of her faerie-like nature. A hollow laugh seems to echo throughout the entire woods. Lights shimmer into brilliance about the shadows, then disappear in a wink. Leaves tremble here, and then there, only to settle back to their gently slumber. A light breeze picks up and carresses navendar's cheek, holding it for a moment before turning into a chill wind and wipping past. Antarcian glides through the undergrowth and comes to a clearing. Turning to check back once more, she darts into the opening and lands directly on a frozen bed of water, sliding down its length. When she looks up, she sees quite another figure there.

jastreb stops suddenly as antar slides to a stop at her feet and, blinks a few times then grins, twirls about sending a flurry of fat silver snowflakes to gently fall on her.

navendar smiles as she nears the end of the cursed thornbush. crawls out and cries out in pain as his entire leg is torn open from dangerously curved thorn... stands up and winces in pain as he walks away from the bush. stops and looks at his leg to see how badly injured he really is. pulls out large pieces of cloth and herbs and lightly adds the herbs into thw wound and wraps it up tightly. slowly walks off and follows light trail of feet. smiles as he comes across a clearing and sees the footsteps more clearly and sees that someone has slide down the frozen creek. walks along the edge and stops and looks at his leg. sighs and knows he is losing a lot of blood but continues on.

antarcian slides to a stop in front of jastreb and giggles as she sees her disappear. Standing, she turns and can see a bloody, bedraggled lump on the shore and somehow knows it is navendar. She scuttles across the ice and slips, bumping her elbow and hip but can't help but laugh. Crawling to the snowy shore, she goes back into the Trees.

navendar watches as a figure runs into the woods. frowns and tries to pick up his pace. stops and groans out softly and clutches his leg. slowly begins to falter and falls over into the snow. closes his eyes from the pain and curses to himself. slowly begins to crawl upon the ground, moving closer to the woods. staring at the tracks left by ant. rolls over onto his back as he enters into the woods and scoots backwards till he presses up against tree. moves abit till its too the side of him and slowly begins to push himself up and off the ground. winces as he maskes his way up to his full height. hops around on his good leg until he is facing the woods. follows, limpping after the tracks.

strabo raises her hand towards her lips and blows, sending a wind to blow away the tracks.

navendar chats "oh great... make it even harder for me. im all drunk, hyped up on drugs, im bleeding everywhere, covered in cuts and sctratches, and have a major wound to my leg."

sierrasirren whispers something into her hands and flings them out and a vial of healing potion appears in front of sweet nav.

navendar looks at the potion... sighs and opens it up. drinks whats inside and feels most of his cuts heal and disappear. smiles and tosses the empty vile away.

antarcian watches nav as he clings to the Tree for life. Giggling, she keeps looking over her shoulder and takes off deeper into the woods to trail new mazes in the same fashion as earlier. As she watches nav, she entangles her sleeve in a spider vine. Laughing until she feels tears stream down her face, she struggles with the vine, but to no avail. Sinking to her knees she can't stop laughing. She pushes at the vine with her paws and eventually resigns to her fate. She rolls until she is almost in a sitting position and tugs at the vine a few more times, giggling and crying.

navendar leans agianst a tree and feels hot pain surge thru his body. loses his grip upon the tree and falls over gasping for air as the cuts reopen and blood seeping out of them freely. feels groans of pain deepen and vibrate in his throat. opens his mouth and groans out loudly. digs his figers into the snow, into the hard ground underneath, feels them pass thru and grips tight. stops and lets go as the sounds of laughter and crying reach his ears. turns his head toward the sounds and sees ant tangled. slowly begins to crawl towards her, but stops as pain surges thru his body on more... feels his skin become hot and begin to melt the snow. slowly pulls his hand to his chest, placing it over his heart. the crying and the laughing never leave his ears and vibrate horribly in his mind. ignoring all pain, he crawls and digs deep into the ground towards ant, not giving up this chase, groans as the blood doesnt cease. blinks as tears flow down his blood stained cheeks, but continues onwards.

antarcian wipes at her eyes as she sees nav. "My, but you are persistant! hehe" She looks at him, a bleeding mess, and can't help but feel sorry for him a little bit "he But it seems hehe you've caught me. hahaha" She reaches out a paw to help the decrepit figure but is still caught by the spider vine. Straining as far as she can she barely swipes navendar's hand

navendar smiles after touching ant's, gets off the ground and wipes off the snow and leaves. looks at ant and chuckles loudly... "hmm played u like a fool, never can trust me now can u? hehehe" sighs and grabs his leg. hops around for a bit and limps over to ant. looks at the the spider vine and helps loosen it a bit. smiles and sits down next to her. pulls out a green vile and takes off the cork. raises it to his lips and takes a sip... looks at ant, and holds it out to her, "so do u now what to have a drink, a mouthful, maybe even a sip?"

antarcian laughs so hard she nearly chokes "All you wanted was to get me drunk?" Burying her face in her hands she continues, falling against navendar's shoulder. Her shoulders tremble with her laughter.

navendar looks at ant and chuckles... smiles and takes another sip before speaking, "well sorta and something else too."