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What places have escaped from this sphere
For has a child been given the light
or the backhanded kiss
of a lost young girl
And so many times Have we returned
To the quest of eternity
searching the brazen barren fields
For one solitary tree
We have kissed the moon
in the darkness
of a thousand funny and at the same time sacred
The brother went by
He was trodden down in its ways
And the horses nostrilsflared and the hooves
fell swiftly
For the land seemeth to say in glory
for all to behold the syptom
On the whim we fell below
The drinks that flowed
Speak like a river
that flows softly
And kiss like the stuff of
flowers which move in our arms
The hour has come and
gone the glass has been
left to stat
behind the glory
awaits thee in the shadows
of the recesses of our minds
The people have
traversed the sky the people have traversed our sky
We have dwindeled in our approach
mirth has swallowed us both
the people with smiles have
the spaces with love we did approach
with forked tongues wills broached
She sometimes likes to go down to the sea
and watch the waves
and sometimes hold you close to her sea
And let your will pass
And if you are kind
sometimes she will take you down
And for this she cannot be blamed
Insert fifty concise poems
So,metimes I would like
To try and take you--baby
To the highest
and most
Beautiful of planes
And furrther whisper in your ear
thousand have seen whisprs before them escape
Into the wild blueness of these skkies
Forever from today I think upon you
Believing all the kindnesses were freegh
And still
The searching
I take you further alaways further
beyond unto me
Birds believe
Swamps feed
and what teses
Further still
On and on and on and on and on and on on and in and on and on and on forever it goes
On and on and on and on and on and on on and in and on and on and on forever it goes
On and on and on and on and on and on on and in and on and on and on forever it goes
On and on and on and on and on and on on and in and on and on and on forever it goes
On and on and on and on and on and on on and in and on and on and on forever it goes
On and on and on and on and on and on on and in and on and on and on forever it goes
Sweet feelings
Beleif and greatness
Sweet feelings
Sweet feelings
Turn us out
Times said we were the most amazing
The creatures---of the night
which were our bloved friends
Danced with us and lauughed along with us
WWe were never too removed to know
The essence of this impassioned life
We were, as poets would say
The everlasting apperture
Of the flowing language and within the pertinent city-life
We were my love, all of these things
I would hold you
As flowers claim to hold the sun
In a garden which
Formed out of my heart
I wasAble to keep free of weeds
Inside the office of our daily life
The pretenders to hold this crown of glory
Came in a lascitude or lasciviousness to hurl
These thngs which they uphold are forbearings
For, they need, as a neccesary neccessity
Ho;d the deeds which shpw the direction we must undertake
And the lawyers that come to speak in free terms
At times not collecting fees but doing benefit work---charity
Say they will put forward the necessaity of law
This law, of love, they know from deep in their breasts
And the know as we thatm, they must close it out
A forclusure and sealing of the dealmust be propogated
And the history lain in certain terms and doleanted form
We, in the end, are never more than simple onlookers
You have woken up countless times
And heard me speak to show you thislove which is still
But moves to seduce your dreams
You see it everyday
As it carresses the bosom of the fashion
I hold close to your spiritual face
The customers all agree
That I am a semblance of the man
Who once gave you something to think upon
Anbd how can I release you into the world first
Before allowing of myself to claim you
As a flower to put in my hair, as a decoration
The passages of time have shown us all
That translucent skies holds no strange memories
Of the wars that were fought and left incomplete
Or the girls that was shown to be simply a cheap frivolity
The journey that was left on done by the travellor becaus he got distracted
Along the highway by yet anopther purpose
All things which are without end and, end uite suddenly
And the meaning which was given great discourse
But left with empty speech of a naive communicator
To the lawso the love
To the ones who cast out demons
This church holds no ill decision
To the fathersTop the mothers
To the children of the latter
The church holds forth no ill decision
To the monet
To the canfdles that burn brightly
To the prayers
And to the desires of the rich
The church holds forth no ill decision
To the glory then
And also the epitomy=--=the scarley
Letters and to the hegemony
The Church holds forth no ill decision
In many ages and many skies
Pn the gras llyong down his bottle
And reclining to taste
The nectar which flows from her blessed breast
The Holy mother gives fourth the milk into the mouth of the blessed child
The Maddonna was once painted blackIn history tales are told of many customs
Now unknown---not fully understood
Old lores and disciplines---yes
But relevance?
What relevance does a Black Maddona hold to any people.
Many years a discipline of the flaggelant crooss
Was used to fortell of a ever-spiraaling custom
The custom was heretical
The thought banished
Therefore wwere also the men
The men were never headed thereofre
The message never understood
The glory forgotten therforethe past miunderstood and made ingnorant
The black maddonna was to call upon mankind no more---all had come first circle
They move about with loud voices
They are there
Living in th4 houses
And residing in the high tall sky srapers
The steel empires of the isolated
They come to us in numbersand they come to us in computers
But they never speak of rhymes except when they are in bed with you
You can see them there
The fascists beating up on the one he does not know
And they are holding uptheir brands and staing love is their emblem
When they loudly sleep with you
The men have sen to it that the young girl
understand the purpose behind his madness
As a sacrifice must be made to hold the love within his angry breast
And blesssed be he who is given such kindness
It is his right
It is his destiny
She will show him the inner peace when she loves him
Concepts of the wild
Concepts of the brave
Concepts of the courageous
Concepts of the safe
All wish to be in a place of their own
We have seen them
So often before
Too many times to count them
Open up an encyclopedia
And look under the words
Fascist, communist, anarchist,
Democratic, Republic, Dictatorist,
Rapist, poet
The boy sprang up from the solitude
And sang out the song
That was inspired by a thousand artists and poets,
who speak of the poor dissident who wished t return
to the land they were banished from
Because their ideas did not gell
with the style, of the worldly men
Such reasons lie in tis little country
Crawling through the jungle
what do I think of snakes vipers,, and constrictors
through the city streets
snakes of all nationalities
Ha ha to know the forlorn happiness
Of the individual snake
He may bartter his soul
Or he may barter his woman
just to get his hands upon the gold
that the society said would deny him
He comes as a seducer
And takes her down
And she comes to me with fire in her eyes
Collected she has been
And now herself a collecotr
I have to satisfy her burning eyes
which of course stems from her appetite
She has spenmt too nmuch time eating the stuff of snakes
Hear us such twisted laughter
And so, some boys are bad
and some boys are good
some are crazy
Inside the place where they have been---in their thoughts
their safe home
You try to make a lstiong peace
sometimes that will love you back
The people who live out on the street
Bleieve they cannot ever make it back
The voices say in smiles and beliefs
Their way is wise at best
Those who have seen stay and keep the mechanisms which predetermine the test.
And sunlight returns to enlighten us
for the love of the worlers here,
the work to be where we bought our trust
keeping it well oiled and drowning in fear
The brash boys with absolution
say we have conquered because we are strong
and with acts sprung from interlocutions
stuck together with steel rivets and golden thongs
You may beleive in what has passed before
You may pass to the right of left
And brown your white skin on this unique shore
And barter the residue of whatever's left
It is not hard to see how
who have made it
have tried to make and brand their modern know how
who say they wish it
are like those countless hoardes
who have tried to stay but failed
And as the sun sets well,
hide away into the shadows
that have been left behind for you.
Each has their place we say,
and in the house
Weseet the people who like us,
defend the glory
the brash crowd
And in the gathering places---in the bars
gathering strenth with unity
;ay them down in quiet and peace,
for they have said
I am this I am like that
I have seen the high
I have touched the sky
I have traversed the street,
And swimmed to be on the other side,
And went back again to be back again
Old friends old old friends gone back some more
I see you lie beside me
and I am seeing it as it was
before we came here
To be more and more
more than we were before
I imagine
that many things pass in your mind,
things such as
when will life be offerred to me
something that I willwant
as my lover dreams of me
I wonder, what it is
what makes your inspiration go
what fascinations lie buries deep inside
the mind there which---at this here time
lies asleeep and still---so peaceful
My guesses were once all so clear
That the eyes I looked into,
were the same eyes as I thought held for me
a place that was so good and great
A confidence was there, that was beautiful---as bwautiful as your body
And as a revision of this thinking came late; as I watched her
in the diffferent establishments we went together
although still prevalent in love,---I wondered
what meaning do I give you---my precious love,
which makes you so attracted to me
Am I not the one who
with a certain childlike form
came into the privateness of your home
and played with the toys whichthere, linguered like the most beautiful
song ever written
By who were these designs created
by who was this music made. By the fathomless recesses
of the mind which in a person stayed like
a tribute to our orld.
Now I wonder, if I have perhaps
stayed too long, in this place which you
have made for yourself and
shared and offerred with me.
At times as I see you lie
so fragile and nubile
The form of your body
the only things which
lights up the room I see you breath so gently, and what is more
than this, what imponderableness
lies at the core of your creation
This fantastic force locked together by your sexuality
I would offer you up to the highest sphere
And say you may look, but may not touch
I wuld grasp unto the rail, as the passengers diembark
And say this loveless sail shall not carry you off
And I woul;d in hot passion, kiss you in a crowded square
like a male gorilla turning his back to say you may
look, not at me, but at her face, which I so possess now
The passion grows as people get older---perhaps because
they learn to accept what one or the other wants more
This is secondary however
to the questioning
The afternoon when you were late
and I thought you weren't saying what you wanted to have done
And fire in your eyes
and the alluring gaitwhich you developed newly and recently
as the years changed you---all such wonders and all such
wonders in themselves. I wonder
It came to pass as ehermits say, that time
has proven him right
And as love claims at the top of some gallery,
I have conquered her heart that was up in the aires of those who were in content formed it
And it has been made to wallow before the masses, and named by
my acceptance of you for who you are
And of course. This would not have worked, if it had gone unreciprocated
it would have ended in a one night stand or some
similar thing, as I gave you flowers and a note I wrote while
worshipping the merits of a fine bottle of wine
You kinow me, for what I am.l
I know you in as much as, time has allowed me.
In the rythms, and in the cycles,
of your body. no those of which a woman must endure,
rather those simple ones that years, passions---moodes hold
it is a fascinating thing. You mak me wonder
But still you are so beautiful
A friend has come and left us with an invitiation
such invitations are, for the most part,unheralded
I have wanted no short time to be present in their bright ormation
You on the other hand, are always fascinated by the interwoven aspects
of the love these friends hold for each other---as well you should
for they are there and nothing else is more vitriol than these young minds---so full of
No matter what it takes I will hold myself to you as much as yopu
ypurself to me. I with resolve swear
I will not let you down
There is, something, that you will see fo yourself
Or at least, I will lead you to
If I cannot, and you do not see, perhaps I will be
lost in this ship---isolated from the comraderie of your heart
Take you down to forever
fast as a rocket on acid nitro
and se all the lights burning bright
across the vernal skies
The lust will say. This is great
Take you beyond the cycles of love
to show you to the ones as you shine
And you will feelthe rush of night
in the streets laid bare
Your naked feet will touch the street and rejoice
Further and Further, further still
I will make you lure the lure we give
And glory will be here for your sweet mouth to kiss
Take you with a pill inside
To m,ake you sweat
And further rhyme
along the rich boulevard
The ladies and the gentlemen will cry, give us some
Take you down with fire in my eyes
to a catapulted acid sky
And se the people buirn in frenzied high
in the glorious atmosphere
They will say, yopu are the god today
Further further,lower lower
You will take me and I willffeel elecric
all along your electric body as I drain you passion to white
Won't slow down, no won't stop
won't say I can get enough
You will want to go faster as
the light crosses your face
Can'tdo without it
Further than the neon blue
of Vegas rollers taking spins
Along the inside track of carnal sins
Ypu will want me more than, the steel your hand grasps
There appears to be an intrigue in the blue blue sky
The clock moves slowly down the wall
and clamors on the floor for extra time
And the voices which IO hear
sem to say a mysterious figure there wishes to be seduced
Its voice is silent, as silent as a statue
There is and not only appears, to be a scandal in your eyes,
as I take your ringed hand and let it touch me
it moves like a snake would to show frivolity
And the sighs I hear are only me
Seem to be mysterious moans of lust echoeing down a drum of hearts
Its shape as open ato interpretation as your body
Beware of me you who reads this say this bag of written air
Beware of me
Beware of me
I speak to say to you tat if your heart is hard
There are lies in my head
I hit myselfwith drugs to alter the state of things
If you wish to retain your innocence do not payattention to this---poet
I have seen the girl learn to speak of the world
she then threw me oput into it
I took her by the hand and she screamed
forgwet all about it
The intrigue must begin
The hawks begin to hunt
Its talons have swooped down and grasped my soul
as would he holyspirit. Now the girl is blessed
with the language of the sophisticated world
I sang a song
to make you stay, longer with me
I sang that song
which the people killed
I cried a verse
I quenched a thirst to make you stay
But loove of this kind cannot be bartered.
I gave acurse
I broke this worst
I screamed outloud to make you certain
I broke this will
I killed a thrill
But reason of this sort cannot be invented
Some day
When the sun
Shines precedent
over all oher things
Even the sky
Just because the sun is bright
And glares at men does not mean
he rules or has the tools to be the things which attracts their attention
It is the choice of one to rule
And it is the choice of manyto follow
Ultimateresponsibility rests with no one in particular
I don't care if you go
And make a name for yourself
You can if you want
I won't petend to be able to stop you
Yhere in the world
Make your mark
Strike your enemy
Break his children
I will watch you go to it
in all ferocity
Apply yourself the same way
as with the same tenacity and desire
As when we made love
Take the sexual prowess
part of which I gave to you
And turn it into the strenth you need
to intimidate your cinfreres
Show them what you can do
Show them all
You have the power to do it
I did not love you to show you weakness
I did not give to you lies with my body
My mind saw what we were
and it will stay
and stay behind if needs be
to watch the flower unfolding
And to see the world suffer under the hands which shape
All that which they touch
I mustgo
farther to the shore
and watch as the waves pass by
Theglorious light goes through her fibre like hair---so soft
And see ho she kisses the blueness/
She will sit down by the sea and dream
of boys with strong shoulders and fast legs
That run fast and who are fierce
And if she has it to come back with me
Again to feel the passion of my touch
I will wish the rest of this world goodluck
I will continue to go
Further still with her
And see the progress that has been made
By all the people everyone
all the parties concerned
And see the state rule with kindness or with grief
With poetry or with a shield
And if she has within me
Yo take me down to hear the traffic of the jets inthe sea shells
I will put my ear to the one she holds up
And wonder, at the vernal sea before us
It will go on and on forever between th fighters and the lovers
the duellers willpick up sword and draw a line in the sand
The morning will come faster as the apex approaches further
And I will watch as she sits in the cafe
argueng with friends ever so softly
And let her be brave
and let her be safe as she states her pbright opinions with wanton expressions
And if she wants to stay forever
II will go
with her to see the children play
And as we kiss on vernal bliss I willlet the youth take all the rest saway
the eys have said
That no man would
And no woman wouldn't
Surely the eys have seen
what they said they would see fit
Ti wallow in the aforethought
like trees in the summer heat
The birds rest in the shade
Asmen lay down below its branches
The path to tommorrow is laiden
With branches that have been broken
They represent the times that ideas
Wereleft behind
In their place
In their placeglory
In their place greatness
In their place farther
I have trained in the art
Of making trees grow
Or at least I think
But the bird
But the birds may think
That I have left
the foliage to concealing of thenm
The wind too harsh
in thier open spaces
The girl might want to be more independent
Such love as never
never before love
Like aplatter of love
This love brings
None before this love
This liveliness before the chatter
The chatter of the lovers
Lie beofre the love will bring
Everbefore the lover
Lies life before the platter
Of love before the lover
this life the love will bring
And froever into the love
this lover will
love the lover
The lover before the platter
the love will forever cling
You have seen me before
I have been
The lonely one
The one who
with cheers andgood tidings
Left you wondering at your broken shadow
I have kissed you
boldly on the lips
Like a judas kiss
I have departed before
Left then scene and you yopur party
I am the dream that came and then vanished
Before you could show it off
I have kissed you
Boldly on the lips
Like a judas kiss
I have given the imitation
Of agreatpatron
And styed to quench my thirst
I have been seen around this fountain
And drunk upon the potion
before you couldclaim its due
I have kissed you
Boldly on the lips
Like a judas kiss
I have gone further than you wanted
I have kissed you on the lips
I have touched you deeper than they
Boldly upon your lips
I have touched their fibre and left you without place
Like a judas
I have come back
Before you were announced
To have survived the journey to the crown I lay for humankind
I have kissed you
Boldly on the lips
Like a judas kiss
I have kissed you
Blodly on the lips
Like a judas kiss
Like the childrens' kiss
The engine of disepute
cascades down the mountain hugging the tracks as it veers
to stay on the path
The people in the train feel safe
You have said that I
IAm the one who has beenleft
without a true friend in this world
I see you dance at night
and they will allow you
to speak of me in these horrid terms
It is your right my love
To say You herald from above
On a ahigher plane than some
Wjho have fallen out of love
You have let them jab me in the spine
Why not for
I was not there
But I could feel it the next day
And the waiters said
I never was nice
Never left them anything
And seven swilled the wine
It is your journey
Along with your patrimnony
And along with this hegemony
You will be so full of baloney
You have left me out in the street
(where I belong)
And the bums will trample on my feet
As my fobed they trample upon
But nasty tidings may be worst
When tomoorrow comes
For then it is when I feel your curse
When I see that you have gone
You may for it is your right
And the prerogative of the life
To build a better find
Than the one you had left to die
Some sort of destiny lies beneath me now
And there are times when life
Is just a big long game
It may or may not be a good game to play
There are times when it just begs to be given up
For a taste of greener pastures
On the horizon change offers it a hand
You can almost reach out and grab it
But responsibility cruel oftentimes bitter
Can say t you you must stay where you are
A friend is in need of your wit
And a life is more important in itself than a life'sindependent minute
You are travelling towards
Afelow that has fallen on stiff times
You have the moneyor the umbrella
You give out a lone and a dry spot
Life is a bastard
Nothing comes to those that wait
You know that you will never see the dividends
You know the girl is simply buying time
You have the reason to get involves
And you find within ypu, that you also have the will
She kisses you
hlds you
Makes yopu a promise
and you wait for another year
You wait to see
The blosoms bloom
The roses to pen full and red
The vines to ripen
to harvest the wine
And if you are fortunate---to sell it
Always back to the well
Some never have enough time
Totake all the water out of that bottomless pit
You have seen the colour of the rain fall
And the seasons change
the hours pass
You are here the lady
And men that want you watch
The greater part of all this scene
Your face dances ion this tonal reach
And grasp for life and love
It has gone on to the plane
Which carries the river down
to the sea of a thousand salty tears
All purpose has been lain
Out as evidence
And you say with strength it is yours
But you mayy not ask it of anyone
Who has asked nothing of you
in the first place
Wonder at it and wonder some more
The actions are precedents of the murderous floor
Dance when you feel you don't want anymore
Feel the throbbing passion do not be the bbore
Action is necessary for it permits
All to go on and on
With the lives
Which they need to take with them
To the other side of the night
You are there to please
And They will collect you
Whoever has made you belive it is alright
To be yopurself
The passion
It is all right
to be a little while
Wonder at it and wonder some more
The actions are precedents of the murderous floor
Dance when you feel you don't want anymore
Feel the throbbing passion evwn though your earts sore
The night has passed out the crinks
And the ladies and gentlemen believe in this
For they have been here to see it
And they have seen it because
They have come out of design
To do something
this tthis things
which is worthwhile
The black jetys of fashion moves
and the players dance and throw the dice as the horses tranple themm under their hooves
I the one ingredient that binds
Each to the other and makes you feel
This is allright
That tonight you may take
What you have earned
You have set ot uop
Comprised the plan
Set out the act which
is the act instead
And this night
It is yours
Wonder at it and wonder some more
The actions are precedents of the murderous floor
Dance when you feel you don't want anymore
Feel the throbbing passion do not be the bbore
Wonder at it and wonder some more
The actions are precedents of the murderous floor
Dance when you feel you don't want anymore
Feel the throbbing passion even though your hearts sore
Mr. Machiavelli
The prince
Has prepared the plate
And placed it before the patrons
are rich enough
to enjoy
his brand
of deleicasies
He has been to places
Far and wide
And seen the many educated faces
Of the ones who will properly dine
He even
Went down
To Vegas to shine
Some people on
A little bit too muich
In his state of grace
But Oh well
That is the way it all turned out
He has benen waiting
a long long time
To be at this loca-
in dire
in need of
love of love
of love
of love
of love
of love
He looks for a wife
Times have brought him
to this expperience
And you have let him
Learn your stylle of dance
Under the moonlight
To very very intense
You are not
Here to barter
You are his passion in right of wrong
No reason has
passed this chance
up b
And now it is
a repkaying of the way
For he has fallen on his highway
Decked out in clothes
That brought you hear
He has laid bare his flesh
for all to see
as much
Asthe friends woulld wish
to be different now
than he is
The deal has been ratified through long long days
The opnes who ngotiate
negotiatee without haste
Mr Machiavelli has been called
to serve
hibrand of potatoes
The staple
of all the peasants
And decked out in the fine raimants of gold
He as come tonight
to serve
He sits down before the menue dearly
conserved under his arm by the side of his heart
And tells the tale
of a place he has gone
and information
so valuable
for intelligent people
to thinkk
And when the world has been
made the right shade
of black and decorat-
ed with his brightness
Sufficient light
will fall upon your face
To show the the way it has been made to rest
Some time or other
I was walking soflty down the shallows
Of this vernal place,this vernal heart, this eternal bloom
At times when you listen
You can tell
some things aren't exactly
You know
I was broken, I was shaken
I was incredulous and barren
Some times its convincing
its convincing
But I tell you he doesn't know
He thinks he does
I was fallen
And I was cold
NMy head was heavy
I was sold
My baby was being sold
Ideas of another man
The population
that enters without delay
To watch go down
and move so gently
with instruction all about them and with gifts and smiles
And direction but she cannot be told
because it is her that they wish to know
And the fanfare with slurs
Of roses before swine
And the shiny daffodils
of the comliments so kind
Deranged and arranged
As if by shakespeare
and they tell her speak,nor cry
But it is her that makes them all rhyme
Then a picture is taken formulas comprised
That would allude to forgivings
and allowances
and even Christs' church
The rppest permit
The weddings of the profit
And the glorious angels all flap their wings
But she is the one about whom they sing
And the modern fancy society
Makes some music and some rhymes
And they go to the concerto and begin to make it dine
The proper class amd the proper reunion
And they take there
and take her picture
and for this she cannot be blames
Thi she cannot be tamed
And this she cannot be held in immitation
but she must be made popular as pictures move
but she is the vitalest part
I have made myself a picture
of a million other pictures
I have shown that a thousand things
Can spring from one idea
And tha which I have made has become something that
others would never defend
I have drawn up a pathway
Thay have drawn borders
Alongside it a fortress
They have made the battlements
I go to the bar and sit
Put my hat down---my only friends
And order drinks
I have swilled now
Now that the drinks are cheap and I am a poor slob---the enmey of all the world
I plan there
With my friends,
And then go home to write my gravely signatures
I go out again and make assignments
And the Cia and the Mossad nows what I do
They read my peoptry in a trnaslated tongue and know I speak babdly about the jews
The mossad and its clickety click blows my head off
On a quiet sunday afternoon.
But I will rise
I will return
And as I pass by friends or at least
People I once knew I will look at them in the eye
with the gaul to claim
I w8ill be back
My peoms will reanimate my body.
And again I will go home,
And speak a foul about my world
Writing as I do about things that I have no guts to pertend have any meaning
Anf deny myself
The damned poet that I am
Rural Enterprises
1345 3rd st. East apt. 206 K6H-2G6
Dear concerned member of city representatives:
I would like to tell you about a situation which occurred in 1992 at St. Lawence college concerning myself, and a dispute I had with those who were giving a course. The course was Behavioural Science Technician or as it is known today Social Service worker.
I believe I was mistreated and possibly discriminated against because of my affiliation with the Mental Health system.
I have kept all the documentation from that timeand would like to meet with you and discuss my reasons for believing they acted in a stonewalling fashion. Thank You
Yours Truly
Do you know me
as I was before
The dawn of this new…day
I was
A man of graven glory
Sent out as if by magic
I did tell
Such tale of journeys past
As you listened you did follow
My future with a past
I am he
I say I yell
I am he I am I am he
Go, with me to the room
Where nymphs fell softly in magical geometric swoon
Come ye
With me
And fall upon the sea
Of this mortal mans bed
And see, the arcane profits from a manly estate and pleasure
Do not cover your formed body up
As per concealment of stately formulas comprised
Of learned approaches in a governments diplomatic disguise
Take thine skin as simply to open as the doves spread downy wings
upon the moist warm air of hazy mornings
I will be the canvass as the sky is to their image
gone reconciled with you
Remember, when it was fresh an pure
Some have regretted it was lost
Others spent it with disproportionate guilt
and fall down in no small approbation
I am the one to whom love bids is life’s truth
fall, and embrace what we are both
No change
Just me and you
I will take thee again to were we stayed
when we aspired for these truths
when we aspired for these truths
Come, as we aspire for some truths.
There was a tale
To b told
I do not know of ages
long ago
I was told
And now as you I know
Takes these verbs from me
Andcaptain onward
to the sea of man
the land of mans landing
to the place where we all an stand
Wemayrejoice around
The place so sure
That it as waited in its orm for thee
hand in myhand
land to my land
Across the sea of man
As grace lies quiet
for an afterglow
The nice hearth of ages past bruns
a meody
into the breath of me
I sang
I sang
words of quiet
But loud, enough to be heard
I sang
and now the night is quiet
except for the aferglow
Of this friendly hearth
The clay is beten down
Quiet hearth
Of generations bound
I am testimony in the sound
from which reverberated all around
Some spirits have spoken outin fear
Yes, they had all been heard so clear to say
as white graceful and powerful ladies
Yes they were heard
Andsome have aken to the wooden place thee
Where the trees ave been all cut and foliaged burn’t
Up into the swarms and gnats of yesteryears
That journeyed plans of bluenprints turned
To tell this mortal vein
of an illustrious mna
I herthe quiet words ofyour breath speak
I make a stand
I make a stand
I make my stand
Even for hose who can never understand
I say to you
yes, I am that man
Who so longago made love to you
I will give you flowers
I will, give you great things
I will
I will give unto you
What was in the lins ofour passion
Just as per when we were true lovers
There is no shame here
Dfor I can make unto youas angels cry
When angels go out of the light
To the place where angels go tob fight.
This, is true,
Do not dny me
Who has seen unto the days of your beuty
The resaons we came together
We are still there
I that place
Like the place of all men
They can see in us
The repertoire
which has neer left us
And still the words sings boldly as before
The wisdoms of nour hearts
yet even thoughthey traveled
orb travailed, gone past the island
of evermore to man
Fellow mna
This skin
So soft as per once irst born
Silkier by years of optimization
lay it down upon the bed like the doves down on a humid hazy morning
I wi;ll guide thee to the canvass
Of this world of learned men.
Have the das been so
bareas wisdom is wished
Upon this stste I stare
And claim nothing but whts wished
To stsely avenue
Let us still
Yet again
Pursue truth
Did thou see the mornings
shine is evevescen glow
The reason of our offering
In methods appropo
Of some simple callings
We were ne’er the same
as thiosewho wondered lusly
At the beauty ofsuch ishes
Some wait for times to reveal,
Some hsten out the truth
We take it, all in greatstride
For we made up the rules.
Confusion And Ill Timing
Requiem for a journey in deed
This is the farthest reaching---beyond all deeds
One hs seen it to make all tranparencies urue
But yet theclothing seldom fits
This form, of lost wit
Upon life’s destiny, heartbreak is strewn
Chalked up to something to lose
But there are many govenements
Whse life and duty has made upon it a career
And all around ithat which is ignble
Has bought ignoble decorum upon te foes of it
Younger journey
Faster upon the quest
Questor Journey
Quieter cast upon the reef
Younger journey
Faster upon the quest
Questor Journey
Quieter cast upon the reef
Younger journey
Faster upon the quest
Questor Journey
Quieter cast upon the reef
Younger journey
Faster upon the quest
Questor Journey
Quieter cast upon the reef
Quieter cast upon the reef
Quieter cast upon the reef
Quieter cast upon the reef
Quieter cast upon the reef
Quieter cast upon the reef
Quieter cast upon the reef
Quieter cast
Quieter cast
Quieter cast
Yes it has come and gone
Jounreyed throughout it all---
glory years packed with false hopes
It could never win
It could never beak throgh
It would see the dy
Neither in all purpose gain some purpose
Not evn on the day of which it didst give birth
And upon it its name
Etched unto a arble tomb
Et in arcadia ego
I was als upon this road out of eternal glory to transient passing man
and all but around us
Vermis such as rats find swoon upon the fathom
Of ths stoic tomb
t in Arcadia Ego: This mans burden
The Struggle
Hav you seen
The days of life
And have you gone
To he other side
What wisdoms lay
In what domain
Whee have all gone
The hearths flame
Some say life is abetter cthing
Thand reasons falling down slippery tiles
But I have seen so many lies
It doesn’t matter just need to hide
Or stay
Wat jourenys march
And what compny
Wht governemnt
And what identity
A child is born
Stay pure and tue
And furthermore
For me and you
Where do we go when the people sing
A song of lust or murdering
A csingular requisitioning
Of the slight of hand
Of our lonely…society.
Good or bad
bad versesgood
Start off mad
And end up where you would
But if your pure
Just made of light
They’ll batten down
Against the formal crowd
Alain Lalonde