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Night Safari

The Night Safari is the world's first wildlife park built to be viewed at night. It is not an ordinary zoo simply illuminated by night or a modern version of nocturnal houses found in many zoos.

Set in 40 hectares of dense secondary forest, the Night Safari offers guests the unique experience of exploring wildlife in a tropical jungle at night. Through the use of subtle lighting technique, guests are able to view over 1000 nocturnal animals of 100 species in vast naturalistic habitats.

The birth of the Night Safari is a result of a combination of factors. The overwhelming response to night tours conducted at the Zoo in the late 1980s indicated a demand for wholesome night entertainment. Displaying tropical animals at night seemed ideal since 90% of them are nocturnal and therefore most active after dusk. Singapore's predictable sunset at around 7.30pm and cool nights with little rainfall mean fewer operational problems for an outdoor night attraction.
The Night Safari took four years to plan and three to construct. It was officially opened on May 26 1994 by Prime Minister, Mr Goh Chok Tong.

1) Babirusa
2) Bat
3) Civet
4) Fishing Cat
5) Hog Deer
6) Indonesian Porcupine
7) Leopard
8) Tiger