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Marhaba Online Deterioration
Its fading
design dekonstruct Well here it is, my crime of passion started out as an idea for a suggestion, then the interest snowballed while I was making it and now I'm seriously psyched about it, and adamant about seeing it through. Please keep in mind That this site is only the second major redesign direction that I took and I'm still experimenting, and this is still very much a brainstorm, as such this site is still not backwards compatible with older browsers and its still far from the quality standard of a completed commercial website. This page contains three articles, this one goes through me and my design decisions and opinions about the site, The article in the middle gives a brief albeit weird explanation of HTML and the bottom article is all about the reasons why I got so psyched about this concept, The things you have to watch out for on this site is George Bush and Bill Clinton, My coding seems to be so stubborn that the entire site is sitting on top of my web hosts customary Ad Banners and as such the ads may pop up in the middle of the page, please try to scroll around it. The other issue is that (like I said before) this website may turn out wonky on some browsers so please download the Firefox web browser, There's a link available at the konklusion of the article so you can scroll to the right, Oh and on a final note, if your're using a dial up connection please be patient and wait for the images to load. It may take some time. Also on another note if you find you are unable to install firefox please try one of the other browsers I pointed out in the e-mail
Truth be told I haven't completed it because it can never be
finished unless guided specifically by the Marhaba team itself. So I decided to throw out some rough Ideas of mine. My latest designs do not reflect Marhaba's style and mood at all. It seems like a site made for some online sports magazine or maybe a men's magazine. Far from Marhaba's Ideal style. Although my initial designs were focused on capturing Marhaba's magazine image online. shown in the following window (let it load)
Excuse the roughness, As you probably noticed these are only images rather than an HTML site. I made them up back when I had Fireworks as my graphics editor,I used it to get a general idea as to what I wanted. As you can see they have a very serene, simple and conservative design. In my opinion they're very Marhaba. While authentic looking, it took the better part of a week to perfect the reproduction of the Marhaba logo using vector graphics. The first challenge I had come across is being shut down from all top tier design facilities, when my 30 day trial of macromedia studio MX copped out on me. Then the entire original design was beyond my reach. I was left with Microsoft Paint, Microsoft Photo Editor and CSE validator (html spell checker basically) which I downloaded for free. No more top professional image editing programs, no more animation creation, no more quick and easy web page creation. Everything had to be done old school.Having to hand code every page from scratch and design every graphic on programs whose most advanced tool is fill color. Ouch
Ah well them's the breaks I guess, I pushed on with the project. So I had to improvise. thought of a completely different style. Maybe an evolution of my style. First I thought why
not make a site that was completely side scrolling. After many experiments I was able to pull it off. The reasoning behind this is that in print you always read from left to right not top to bottom, so more attractive articles can be made this way. Also since all my tools were taken away from me I figured that. It wouldn't be feasible to recreate Marhaba's unique style using hand coding and paint. So I mixed in my type of style dowsed with Marhaba name and content. And so you have this. A site that like my good friend Rockan says, looks like a Boy's page rather than Marhaba. Some sections granted look horrible. In fact the entire SECTIONS area does. I hate it and is first on the chopping block for redesign. What I had tried to do (with sections) was to test the conformity of one table design which wasn't that great to begin with. Even filling it with content didn't help. There are slight alterations between each site. The biggest change in style being the banking section that looks horrible. More a testament to my distaste for tables than anything else. I'm sure that the problem is that I'm designing without taking content into consideration. So I have decided to redesign completely and be more faithful to Marhaba, but let me at least take you through this site so you can get a feel for things. I know I've already kind of commented on the Sections area but I think we better start the tour from the beginning and take it from the top (being the main page) .The Gran Tour Main Page Quite honestly I don't like it. I realize now that the setup is back to front. The articles are supposed to be at the far end of the page and the menu and Khor Al Adaid article, news and weather should be on the left side of the page closer to the beginning. And my friend Rockan says I have to work on the spacing. I think he's right. I've used both black and maroon on the page and I don't think that was a smart move. Sticking to one color for the overall border is much more important. This is also the only page where I have purposely included Advertisements albeit fake ones. The purpose was to give you a small inkling on where the different Ad's could go and that, yes ad's can be incorporated into the site otherwise what would be the point? No revenue no go right ? Also I tried to go for impact but I think it's worked against me. This page is the only page where I have fully documented about 70% of my redesigns and idea's online. If you look closely at the maroon bar below the very top of the page you will see small links marked Mk.II Mk.III Mk.IV which I have graciously provided for you here. These are the main's alter ego's each has its own personality and each was left unfinished as usual. So lets explore them Keep Going
HTML explanations It's not that hard, its just like learning cockney rhyming slang. Although I don't know very much of it (the slang) trust me its easy . It's actually a language of abbreviations nothing more. A good example would be trying to write down a paragraph. You simply type in <p> when you begin your paragraph and end it by typing the closing bracket which is </p> this is the most basic HTML block tag. But we're getting ahead of ourselves lets start out by explaining what HTML is and how it works. HTML is an Abbreviation for Hypertext Markup Language.To my knowledge it was a language devised to work on a intranet for military bases in the US but I'm not sure. Then It was transferred to science labs and lastly taken to the public by the World Wide Web Consortium, or W3C for short.The Guys at W3C make the rules and regulations of HTML they come up with tags like the paragraph tag explained earlier and most of the other tags. At its most basic HTML is just words or instructions typed into a simple word writing program like notepad then saved as a HTML file. If you want to see my blood sweat and tears for this particular page Click on view on the top bar of you browser then click on source. This shows you what your web browser is reading and basically what I type into to make the web page. You'll notice that it opens in notepad. That's how basic HTML is, your browser does all the real work of interpreting that information and showing it to you. So basically like I said before it instructs your browser what to put where and how to color it and so on. Now an interesting issue comes up. Since it's up to the the browser to interpret the text, the question is, do all browsers interpret HTML the same way? The answer is no. That's why if you used anything other than internet explorer 6 you could be seeing the site all wonky. With strange colors and strange fonts, in fact even if you have a different operating system than mine there's still a good chance of wonkiness and overall strangeness. As a web developer its my responsibility to make the site look good on as many different browsers as physically possible. Although I haven't done it for this site because its just a brainstorm. If I were doing this site for real each and every aspect of this site would have to be scrutinized for backwards compatibility with different and old browsers. No professional webmaster worth his salt would forget this fact, that's why we download dozens of different web browsers from sites like which contains (the following are images of my original ideas for the site. For more information check the article above and for dirtier and more detailed information look below.)
contains hundreds of old and new web browsers and cross test the look (of the site) across all of them. But since this is a mock site I didn't quite do any testing (HEY COME ON I WORK ON THIS ANYMORE I"LL PROBABLY GO BLIND !!). Anyways back to the HTML, Originally conceived to put information out there in a structured readable form it was never meant to compete with printed publications or magazines. All it was supposed to do was present basic information in a clear concise manner abroad large expanses. Yet after it became commercialized all companies wanted an online presence to show off there professionalism, this was back in the 80's. Today with the millions of internet users and the advent of e-commerce the websites turned from sources of information to online marketing tools. If you weren't an online shop then you were an online advertiser, and that's the way it goes to present day. Since the start of the online marketing boom the W3C have tried hard to give tools to web developers that make there websites more attractive and interesting and so the web evolved. Even browser vendors like Netscape and Microsoft started offering new tags (a tag is an HTML element like <p>) that worked on only there browsers. Some were standardized into HTML 4.0 (the official internet language)and some were not. The web's usability expands everyday, from streaming video, online news and shops. WOW WOW WOW dear god I'm starting to sound seriously weird,oh god, better stop this article fast before I go out of my mind. It's 1:30 am again you see and well I'm tired so I start going crazy when I'm tired. I'll tell you what, you invite me over and I'll tell you the story of HTML and web publishing and how they lived happily ever after before I tuck you in. Or you can skip the foreplay and get to the real guts of the matter and what all this HTML means to you. The well in my eyes it, may not be a direct step forward but a platform for stable diversification if executed properly, so in the end its up to you to decide. Hey if you've read this far you've won a bag of crisps, on me, because all that was probably the longest most boring piece of writing I have ever done in my life.
Scratch and Win
Interview With A Webmaster It's a simple concept really. And never in my life have I seen an organization more suited to a website than Marhaba. The magazine's very nature lends itself to almost instant website integration. Changes to online content would simply be keeping event information constantly updated otherwise magazine and website operation would be practically a baby step for Marhaba to achieve increased income and increased organizational versatility. Marhaba (the magazine) online. Seems like quite a side step from Marhaba's evolution as a magazine, but in my opinion a very useful field to expand into, especially for a magazine like Marhaba. What attracted me the most to this project was how it could be used as a test bed for future ideas and also an expansion of operations both financially and creatively. The advantageous and powerful versatility of Marhaba Online is hidden in the fact that it can be both as small and simple as you want it to be or as big and complicated. The versatility of online format allows the website to either grow at the same pace as the magazine (updated three times a year following the same content just one issue behind so as not to affect magazine sales, but not behind on events though.) or it can grow faster and take on a life of its own. It can either go into a stand alone format where its content is made and kept updated by a completely different team from the magazine or it can have the same writers updating either the same content as the magazine or going in with exclusive web only articles and information. Then there
is the realm of online commerce which is left virtually untapped in the Qatar community. As before either as small and simple as an online magazine subscription form or a fully fledged online auction site, selling and buying among the entire community in Qatar. Marhaba is the only organization in Qatar that has the name, the recognition and enough sway to pull it off in my opinion. Websites and online media projects in general can be approached in many different directions at once giving guys like me the ability to play around with ideas without having to go farther than a computer screen. But the thing that really attached me to this particular idea with Marhaba was its sheer compatibility with the magazine. When I think of Marhaba I think of a very open work enviroment that is able to adopt new ideas quickly and easily. The magazine itself is a reflection of this. The topics covered and the information given is always both broad and in-depth and it still amazes me how you gals and guys can pack so much in. the nature of the magazine itself makes it sort of laugh out loud funny as to how completely suited Marhaba is to the Web. Although at this stage its still extremely premature to say that I have showcased all the possibilities to there full potential. (I'm going to need some more time and guidance for that,) but area's Like the Map of Doha or Information or even the what's on sections showcase a dynamic that can only be achieved online, Imagine being able to find out about anything in Qatar right now. From where hotels and malls are, what events are going on, where, at what time and how to get there. If need be, even reservations can be made through the site through strategic hotel and airline agency partnerships, which would (given enough development) match the magazine's revenue potential. If that's not enough Marhaba online could also display events and special offers that are specific to the web users tastes. It could detect decisions made on the site and use that to relay the relevant events that interest the user, for example if a user where to consistently browse for cultural events then a program could be made to either alert him by e-mail or alert him on the main page as he enters the site all the relevant events that are on. The same could be done for a person that likes car reviews, banking information, Oil industry information or any other aspect of the site, all this is obviously quite a ways down the line. The point is that the field of growth for Marhaba Online is vast and its start is relatively painless. Which would be through a simple site that represents the magazine online and gets updated 3 times a year. What I really loved about this little brainstorm was the freedom I had to play around with Marhaba's famed image and to modernise or traditionalise it as I pleased. Sure it may have made for countless hours of fun, but it's also a very powerful tool for Marhaba. Any future redesign or revamp of Marhaba's Image can be tested on the website without the alienation of avid readers, where users could be polled for there opinion of the new look so as to ensure that Marhaba's sales aren't affected by the change and you gain full reader acceptance. Also such ideas as switching format from a tri-annual magazine to monthly issues can be fully fleshed out and tested by gradually increasing the workload on online content, to see how the team can cope with the increase, if it turns out that putting together say 4 articles a week to be too strenuous, missing a deadline on a new online Keep Scrolling
Stop In The Name of Love
article will only affect internal performance metering rather
than costing money by missing out on magazine print deadlines. Because HTML is easy to learn I'm confident
that any member of Marhaba can learn how to publish there work to there satisfaction within a month and to run and create an entire dynamic site within a year. which allows
the Marhaba staff to experiment, hone and pursue there own personal publishing style's online (through the articles or otherwise). On the revenue side of things, the online step is extremely simple as you're dipping into
the same client pool as you would with the magazine. So you already have in your possession a full array of long standing clients who have trust in the Marhaba name. I mean why advertise in some unknown organizations website when you can advertise in the well known Marhaba. While working on the site some interesting issues came up. Issues that forced me to change the organization of
Marhaba into separate categories, and overall a slightly more segmented organization scheme. You will notice that the area groups all the What to do, where to eat, etc areas of the magazine into a single area or section. Same with the imaginatively named Sections area. These development issues forced me to think in a slightly more hierarchal manner. This sort of online project produces a two way communication between both Magazine and website organization standards that allows a
more objective viewpoint at the development of both. What I like about this sort of face offish relationship between online media and print is that it produces a sort of creative friction because they come from two slightly different design schools which would be beneficial to both mediums. This friction can
cause more creative issue to issue brainstorming sessions. ( I realise that this article is being written quite sporadically. The strange layout I've decided to use doesn't help either heh heh)
If Marhaba were to go online many knock on effects would occur because of the Marhaba reputation alone.
I believe hotels that advertise with Marhaba may choose to in turn use Marhaba Online as there homepage at Internet Browser startup at there hotels, business or room computer facilities. This encourages a wider audience and would
reflect back on magazine recognition and sales. Beyond this online media has and will remain one of the best ways for an organization to gain insights into its audience. Online polls, registration forms and Questionnaires can easily be implemented to both gain information on Marhaba's
customers. Sort of a subtle and simpler way of achieving the M.A.R.H.A.B.A suggestions method for magazine and website improvement. Online subscription could be implemented in such a way that the user may receive personalized alerts as mentioned before on online classified or Job services. So as to alert a subscriber when either an employer or applicant has responded to an ad . That could
also be coupled with magazine and online newsletter subscription. Marhaba's magazine publication is more an information hub than a magazine. This lends Marhaba Online the same potential. The Larger it gets the more and more it will evolve into the embodiment of Qatar online. The future potential of the website is dictated directly as to how fast a website is implemented. Regardless whether Marhaba decides to pursue a website or not.
Qatar's small size lends it to services unavailable in larger countries like the states. Marhaba Online could literally have the ability to connect a customer to a shop or service of his desire and could allow him alternative offers and the such. If Marhaba Online grows down this path rather than a simple Online Magazine revenue potential is practically enormous. A good long look at Marhaba's competition reveals
something very interesting. There is none,(none that I know of anyway) that is why Marhaba's experience as maker of Qatar's loved information guide stands to gain the most by wielding the power of the information superhighway, by transferring and expanding its
This design is absolutely positively not Marhaba but I like it none the less I had fun doing it. Probably influenced by the fact I was listening to
Rage Against the Machine at the time. If it were closer to finished it would have had the Javascript done. That would've meant when you mouse over the different menu items a sub menu would appear giving you a list of the possible options. It would appear in that open space in the middle. For example mouse over articles shows you the list of articles available or mouse over sections and you get banking, education, hospitality and so on. And an interesting feature is the classified sections not found anywhere else. Just another one of my suggestions.Tried to go with the tear off the number style that you get on one of those (do you want a cat ?) things.
Rockan Says: Ghetto

This design comes highly recommended by most people I
show it to. They say things along the lines of: Hey this is good its closer to Marhaba style. Strange thing is I don't like it all that much. Slightly confusing red menu design, tried to go for the here and there, now and then look. Among the design changes recommended by those who liked it was that bottom pictures should be modern day images then also it was suggested that the tint lifts on mouse over to reveal full color or black and white depending on the pictures.I'm still surprised people think this is Marhaba style. Maybe it's the closest to it from most of the stuff on the site but in general I think its way off. Also suggested was that the evolution color be altered for clarity.
Rockan Says: Marhaba style

On the site it looks like a VI and it probably is the 6th remix but in actuality its just a spelling error. My sister really liked this one. I think it came out so bad that I stopped before I even started. Good concept, bad execution. It just can't be done with what I have. I don't think this style should be pursued unless created perfectly on a graphics program first.
Rockan Says: No comment;

Well that's about it for my opinions on the main
site next we'll move on to the Articles page. Gradient
current experience. The position at the top of Qatar's web community is not open forever. As more websites and web services open online Marhaba's delayed entry into the field could render it extremely difficult or even impossible to get on top of online information again. And the transition at this point in time (as I've said before) is a painless and practically effortless move. Currently I'm still playing around with many Ideas in terms of site design and hopefully a much more faithful redesign to Marhaba magazine is to come. You'll notice the somewhat more intense version of the Marhaba logo that leads on after the middle HTML article. I made it on Fireworks MX 2004 when I had it before the 30 day trial ended. It was harder to pull off than you think. I had to literally scan the original image off the magazine and bend lines pixel by pixel around it until it was perfect, then I used a special shader sub program to get the carved 3d effect. It alone signifies the way I want to play things in the future. It draws both a traditional and edgy design direction. Also because of compatibility issues I'm going for the more traditional top down site. If you like the side scroller style give me a heads up soon I'm sure I can make it work somehow. You got some time because I'm going to be working on the forms and the javascript of this site beforehand (I think I've mentioned this way too many times it could be unhealthy). Well I've pretty much spent most of this article outlining the advantages of the online move. The only disadvantage I see is that if done badly or glossed over it could come off as a serious blow to Marhaba's professionalism. Outside of that I don't think there could be any drawbacks of course I may have missed something that you've picked up so please give me a heads up on any problems or worries you have so I can think about them as well. Wait wait wait I've realized something
The Genuine Article END THE PURSUIT

Wow I just realized that my enthusiasm for all this may have stepped on some toes. Yikes ok I um sincerely apologize for any copyright laws that I may have um trespassed on and for not asking your permission about doing the site an all. But don't worry I haven't advertised it or anything and I've only asked family and friends to look at it and test it out.. Although when I initially searched on yahoo online as to whether there was a Marhaba site out there I came across some pretty interesting results. There's a Marhaba Lubnan which is basically a Lebanese radio station in Melbourne, Australia (come on, even some obtuse radio station in Melbourne has a website you guys gotta have one too) and also a much more interesting find. Turns out the lyrics of a song from a Bollywood movie called Garv has the Words Marhaba for the Female part which goes something like this.

Chan maahi chan maahi, chan maahi chan maahi

Marhaba marhaba, marhaba marhaba - 6

(Na na na na na na ri na na...)

Well I think I've said what I needed to say. But In turn I do have a lot of questions for the Marhaba Team but I'd much rather ask you in person rather than on the web. The web is so impersonal !!. Please send all your queries, comments or suggestions my way, wait no that sounded all wrong how bout this

W rite your opinions
E -mail your comments
B ring me your porridge
M ail your ideas
A ttach your drawings (to the e-mail that is !)
S end your suggestions
T ry to see past that damn Ad Banner
E-mail your Opinions (after step one !)
R eturn my messages quickly (please)


Well not much to comment on here. I slapped this one together because I knew otherwise that I would never post the site and I'd really appreciate your input about all of it. The only thing I can really comment on are the articles themselves. The options article is the one your reading now. Not really much use beyond the explanation of the site, my motives and me just mucking about. Although I haven't read the latest Marhaba I haven't seen any articles covering Qatar's crotch rocket community. By the way these are suggestions from a reader not a webmaster. Boxing Daze and Secret Garden sure can be made into good articles, but it's the concept I'm going for. I'd really love it if Marhaba got a lot more edgier and sort of slid away from the informative side of things to the more entertainment side of things. Really getting the readers completely enthralled about Qatar's happenings and striking an even balance between Male articles like Boxing Daze and female articles like The Secret Garden. After I've published this article and sent you the heads up about the site I'll start working on them in my spare time. I still have the forms the JavaScript and the completely revamped Marhaba site to work on you see. I'd Like your input
before then though. You don't want me to remake more of what you hate and less of what you like do you ?? Next we'll talk about the Map of doha.

Map of doha

Marhaba should be Online for this site alone. Although a little chunky sort of misshapen and yes it's probably a map from the 60's but the concept is a good one. I figure this page should be done in flash and be a live online map of what's going on in Qatar from events to hotels and the rest. When the specific field is selected (events in this case) all the different points of the map where events are taking place on that day or that week (different legends on the map designed by closeness of event to present day w for this week t for today and so on) on mouse over when selected it should display all the relevant information in the sidebar. The same should be done for all the other fields. Just gotta get a hold of flash !!. I'll redo it in JavaScript in the meantime so you can get a clearer Idea. Sure its not going to be as smooth or flashy (pun, very much intended) but it'll give you a better picture of its intuitiveness. Anyway's onto our next victim on the self-critical chopping block. Information.

I wasn't going for design with this concept I was going for usefulness to the general public. I explained it pretty well on the site itself but if we're going to talk about design I think the only thing wrong with this page is the picture and maybe the font. It also could use some more vital info, just can't think what that would be. But overall this is maybe the only page that I feel I'm satisfied with. The rest just lack that umph, hence the complete redesign. Wait scrap that, this design is all wrong. This is supposed to be a horizontal website. The column on the right with the information should be in a row at the bottom. Hmm well another page I'm not satisfied with. No worries I'll work on it later, besides its pretty easy to do. Now onto Jobs.


This is a strong section visually. In fact get a pair of sunglasses because I think reading it could burn your retina. Another page that needs to be Java Scripted. It will work by revealing more information of the desired ad on mouse over. The example is done on the experienced chef position where the info turns up in the middle. Needs work but maybe a change of color a few alterations. I still
don't think it sits right so I'll bin it on the next revamp. Next up is the simple Links section.


I like the style . It sits well with me more than the other pages on this site. I like its simplicity I think I'll keep it. Its closest to my personal style than anything out here I think. Good contrast, simple and intuitive navigation. Once you start getting more links, I'll put a little box under the word links and with all the section heads (Islam, banking so on) in the same font and style format of the links containing the section heads. Other than that I like it.
Next is theContact section.

This is just your average online form and is one of the things I want to have down and working before I revamp the site for functionality purposes rather than actual usage (I don't want to get rusty on my form creation you know). In the end it means people can just log on to the website drop a suggestion without ever having to log into there e-mails. It also ensures that no one sends you anything dodgy like a virus or spam. It cleans up the suggestions process basically. The design itself is pretty basic. I like the font and as a result I use it a lot when playing around with graphics. Next up is the creatively named Q.Live section so stay tuned.

I'm worried about this page. In fact I don't like it for 2 reasons. 1st its image heavy. Too many images makes everything load slowly for dial up users and its never been my style to do something this image intensive, but I wanted to try something new with the images I got. 2nd It's too short, people working with big resolutions on there monitor will see a horrible maroon background and feel the site ends prematurely. Less is more, have to keep that in mind when making pages. My sister pointed out some irony on this page too. I typed come out with me even though all the images are of places indoors. Overall not really on par. Next is What to See
Brave The Elemnts
What To See
Another snapshot of what could be. The what to see section doesn't change much too quickly so it would be worth making completely in flash. The idea is the site visitor selects one of the pictures (in the example she's selected Wakrah) quickly and smoothly the black lines surround the image like crosshairs then smoothly expand revealing the rest of the image and the information about the place in question. Sure it'd take some time to make it out of flash I'd probably have to learn some Actionscript (the flash programming language) but I was pretty good with flash in my day. I just need a little refresher because I don't think I've used it for about a year. Next we check out the what to do section.
What To Do
My friend doesn't like this section. Surprisingly I do. Sure the menu for letter selection needs a lot of work, but outside of that it's a very satisfying page to work on because the whole page only uses one image. That's the butterfly, the rest is purely HTML and CSS And I'm proud of that because after I clean up the code in the background the load time will be instantaneous. I actually like the design as well which is pretty rare because this is probably one of three pages that I actually like and think is pretty close to completion. I like the image (although maybe a little inappropriate) it feels like the butterfly would pop out the page if you gave it half the chance. And so I have discovered the power of shadows in graphic design. So overall a good page for me. But is absolutely horrible at backwards compatibility or just compatibility in general which has to be rectified. The positioning may be wonky the color's may be dithering and the text maybe too small when viewed with a computer whose settings aren't exactly like mine. You'll find out when you read my article on HTML that webpages look different under different web browsers and monitors. This page would look completely different under Internet Explorer 2 or even the latest Mozilla than it does under Internet Explorer 6. Well Next up we check out the what's on section.
Whats On
Yuck, bad Idea done even worse. Well the idea is that it's supposed to be in flash and come across the screen but this is just such a bad idea it begs to be scrapped if you click above the W on what to do you'll find a link to the second version of the site which is slightly better but still pretty bad. This page and the entire Sections area are the reasons why I'm redoing everything all over again. I just want to experiment with forms and JavaScript before I do, just for fun. After that its to the chopping block. Well on to where to eat.
Where To Eat
Here the mood is bad. It seems like a good page but give it a few seconds to sink in and you feel something wrong with the entire mood. If you're as sensitive as me you'll get that feeling for the entire site. Although I see a lot of room for advertising. I want to try out and see if a JavaScript feature works on this page where on mouse over a window appears by your cursor giving a picture and detailed information on the restaurant. Overall it needs a Overhaul. For the Sections area I have to say I may have done it while drunk on root beer or it could have been that non-alcoholic malt beverage or maybe wired on mountain dew (who knows ?).
Sections Warning
Well thats it you've reached the end of the article. Please keep in mind that this is still a work in progress and will be something I'll be experimenting on for a while so take your time looking at everything and taking notes of the things you like. Make sure to take note of everything you like regardless whether it fits together in your ideas, I have a nack of sticking unusual things together and making them look good. After the forms and the javasript is done the next revamp is going to be a frames based traditional top down site that will be more faithful to Marhaba. So try and hit me back before then so you can give me your idea's. ANYWAY... Bye Bye for now

P.S keep exploring and you've been given fair warning about the Sections area so stay away..

Godslave Son of Friday the Fatheroftwoeyes.

I got A little obsessive with this page and have turned it into a Officially certified XHTML 1.0 Compliant page. Although Im sure its still going to look wonky on some browsers out there, certtification means it probably won't look wonky on yours, Although it looks completely Out of whack and wonky on my Internet Explorer 6 Browser on my Windows ME system so if you have the same IE6 on Windows ME Please Click Here and Download the quick, fast and secure Firefox browser to view this site properly or just do it anyway to make sure, its better, faster and more secure than IE and its only bout 4mb so you're not losing anything

Valid XHTML 1.0!
Big Marhaba Logo
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