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I Love Craig


I hope you do bother looking at my web site but if your reading this I guess you have. Please don't think I'm being silly though coz I just wanted to show you how much I fancy you. I kinda thought that if you bothered to look then you must like me a bit or why would you bother?

I didn't get to see you at the concert last week but I spent most of the time looking around to see if you where there. I really did try, I'm so sorry.

I came into ASDA last week to see you but I didn't dare come and talk to you. I just wanted to so much but I couldn't. I watched you for a while but you went round the back and didn't come back out so I went home. Gosh I know this sounds so bad but I really do like you. I think about you all the time and I even have your name all over my folders.

My friends who have seen you all think your great but say I'm wasting my time coz you have a girlfriend, am I? But I know they think we would make a really good couple. I know I shouldn't say all this coz you have a girlfriend but I just know we would be great together.

Well anyway, I suppose talking wont change anything so I just have to wait. If you fancy meeting up some time for a drink or whatever, I would do anything you wanted to go out with you. I really do mean that. I wouldn't even mind dif you dumped your girlfriend, I know that makes me sound so bad but I did that with my last boyfriend but he was just a kid and that was over ages ago, but just let me know. My pictures on another web site, if you want to know who I am look there. Please know I really do love you craig.

the address is: it should work but if not its just exactly the same as this one but with the word pic on the end. I hope your pleased with that you see!