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My Favorite Web Sites

All about GC! Woooo hooooo! (we luv gc)
Check this out! Kick ass cartoons

hey. i know all that other crap is gone but we couln't leave it up there. don't worry this site is still devoted to "ranting and raving about our god damn problems". yeah. we get rid of things a day or two after we say them. haha. yeah i'm bored. go to our linx down below this cuz they're hella funny. still bored? email me @ or kate @ my AIM sn is sourskittles130 OR JoelBenjM. i don't know if kate wants to give you hers so yeah..... ask her. blah...blah...blah.... haha let's see how long it takes for kate to get mad at my lakers colors.... OK, well i guess she hasn't been here yet. i'm really bored. i'm almost done with my homework. eight grade sucks.

Things that suck about life: