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Qian, Mu, 1895-1990.
Chinese historian and philosopher

Qian, Sanqiang
father of China's atomic bomb

Qian, Xuesen
China's father of aerospace

Qian, Zhongshu, 1910-1998.

Quan, Andy, 1969-
from Shergood Forest

Quang, Bao

Quine, Willard Van Orman, 1908-2000.
mathematician and philosopher

Quinn, Helen R., 1943-
SLAC theoretical physicist
AAAS, 1998
Dirac Medal, 2000

Ramphele, Mamphela Aletta, 1947-
Managing Director of the World Bank
social anthropologist and physician

Randolph, A. Philip, 1889-1979.
pioneer in civil rights and labor

Rawls, John, 1921-2002.
political philosopher

Reinhardt, William P.
Phi Beta Kappa visiting scholars

Rembski, Stanislav, 1896-1998.
prolific portraitist with an economical style that masterfully evoked the spirit of his subjects; died in Baltimore, Maryland.  Among the best known of Rembski's 1,500 works were posthumous portraits of Presidents Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt, the latter commissioned by Eleanor in 1945.  (from Time magazine, September 28, 1998, p. 29)

Restany, Pierre, 1930-2003.
influential French art critic
formulator of 'New Realism' in art

Rey, H. A. (Hans Augusto), 1898-1977

Rey, Margret (Elizabeth Waldstein), 1906-1996..
co-creators of Curious George, a children's book series about a mischievous monkey

Rhoads, Jonathan E.
Philadelphia surgeon Westtown School alumnus

Ricci, Matteo, 1552-1610.
   x Li, Ma-Dou  (S.J.)

Richardson, Jane S.
Duke biochemist; MacArthur Fellow

Rickett, Adele Austin

Rickett, W. Allyn
Professor Emeritus of Chinese Studies

Riemer, Neal, 1922-2001.

Riesman, David, 1909-2002.

Rimmer, Harry, 1890-1952.

Ritchie, Dennis, 1941-
co-developer of Unix with Kenneth Thompson
developer of C language
National Medal of Engineering

Robinson, Mary, 1944-
human rights advocate
former President of Ireland
United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

Rochester, George, 1908-2002.
nuclear physicist

Rogers, Fred, 1928-2003.
Fred McFeely Rogers; Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
of Pittsburgh, PA

Rosenthal, Franz, 1904 or 1905-2003.
Yale Sterling Professor of Arabic

Rosten, Leo (Calvin), 1908-1997.
A native of Poland, Rosten is best known for his works celebrating Jewish culture.  His definitive reference work, The Joys of Yiddish, published in 1968, introduced readers to colorful and now common terms like schlemiel, schmaltz, and chutzpah.

Roth, Philip.

Rowse, A. L., 1903-1997.
Alfred Leslie Rowse; Shakespearean scholar; gay historian

Russell, Ching Yeung
children's author

Russell, Willy.
Blood Brothers

Rustin, Bayard, 1912-1987.
gay civil rights activist of Quaker faith from West Chester, PA

Sack, Allan, 1914 or 1915-2003.
early speed-reading educator

Salinger, J. D.
novelist, Catcher in the Rye

Salk, Jonas, 1914-1995.
polio vaccine developer

Sanchez, Sonia, 1934-
African-American poet

Sanford, John, 1904-2003.
John B. Sanford

Sarnak, Peter
mathematician, Princeton
NAS, 2002

Sarton, George, 1884-1956.
father of the history of science
cf. Kuhn, Thomas, 1922-1996.

Sarton, May, 1912-1995.
poetess; daughter of George Sarton

Saund, Dalip Singh, 1899-1973.
U. S. Congressman from India
first Asian-American elected to Congress
first Asian-American woman elected to Congress: Patsy Mink
mathematician; PhD, 1924

Say, Allen
Caldecott medalist Allen Say eloquently depicts this dark moment in history with Home of the Brave.

Scalapino, Robert A., 1919-
(PhD, Harvard)     bio
Robson Research Professor of Government Emeritus
UC Berkeley

Schlesinger, Arthur, 1917-
Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.
Arthur Meier Schlesinger, Jr.
Pulitzer Prize-winning historian (son)
A Life in the 20th century: innocent beginnings (2000)

Schlesinger, Arthur Meier, 1888-1965.
historian (father)
Arthur Meier Schlesinger, Sr.

Schmucker, Samuel Christian, 1860-1943.
(some give 1944)
evolutionary atheist
PhD (chemistry), Penn, 1893
West Chester State Normal School faculty

Schneider, Stephen H.

Schoonover, Frank E., 1877-1972.
artist of the Brandywine School
student of Howard Pyle

Schor, Naomi, 1943-2001.
Benjamin F. Barge Professor of French at Yale

Schultz, Theodore William, 1902-1998.
Nobel laureate in economics, 1979

Scitovsky, Tibor, 1910-2002.
Hungary-born Stanford economist

Scott, James C.
Yale Sterling Professor in Poltical Science

Scowcroft, Richard, d. 2001

Sebeok, Thomas A., 1920-2001.

Seigle, Cecilia Segawa
professor emeritus at Penn

Seldes, George (Henry), 1890-1995.
critic, antifascist, and crusader (a muckraking journalist)
America's greatest press critic
dean of investigative reporters
      Facts and Fascism (chapters 1 and 2)
      Is the entire press corrupt?
      from public eye
      To tell the truth and run (a film)
      from Yahoo!
      from Spartacus

Seng, Harris B. H., 1919-
professorof library science, National Taiwan University
Shen Bao-Huan (Bao, treasure; Huan, globe)
father: Samuel T. Y. Seng, pioneer of modern library service in China

Seng, Samuel Tsu Yung, 1883-1977
     (sometimes given as 1884-1977)
father of modern library science education in China
son: Harris B. H. Seng

Sensabaugh, George, 1906-2002.

Sewall, Richard Benson, 1907-2003.
Yale Prof. of English; Emily Dickinson biographer

Sham, Lu Jeu, 1938-
Shen Lu-Jio (Lu Dong-bin; Jio=nine)
NAS, 1998
Academician, Academica Sinica (Taiwan), 1998

Shaner, Janet P., 1952-2001.
former Superintendent, WCASD

Shannon, Claude Elwood, 1916-2001.
father of modern digital communications and information theory
MIT professor emeritus; MIT obit
wrote the landmark A Mathematical Theory of Communication (1948)
National Medal of Science, 1966

Sharff, Stefan, 1919-2003.
film scholar at Columbia University

Shaw, Mei-Chi
Professor of Mathematics, University of Notre Dame

Shen, Harris B. H., 1919-
use spelling Seng;  Bao-Huan (Bao, treasure; Huan, globe)
professor of library science, National Taiwan University
father: Samuel T. Y. Seng, pioneer of modern library service in China

Shen, Yuen-Ron, 1935-
professor of physics, UC Berkeley
NAS, AAAS, Academia Sinica (Taiwan and China)

Sheng, Bright, 1955-
MacArthur Fellow, 2001
Sheng Zong-Liang
composer; professor at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Shiau, Chia-Tong, 1913-2001.
b. 4/16/1913
d. 6/16/2001

Shinseki, Eric K., 1942-
from Hawaii
4-star general, Army Chief-of-Staff

Shively, Donald H., 1921-
Donald Howard Shively
Japanese studies scholar
Director Emeritus of the East Asian Library and Professor Emeritus, University of California at Berkeley

Shor, Peter W.
Bell Labs
NAS, 2002 (computer sciences)

Shu, Frank H., 1943-
son of Shien-Siu Shu
(pronounced Hsu Hsia-Shen)

Shu, Shien-Siu, 1912-2001.
father of Frank Shu

Shubik, Martin
Yale SOM

Shulman, Anna Leon
Editor of the Association for Asian Studies' Bibliography of Asian Studies, is a recipient of the Ph.D. degree in Chinese history from the University of Maryland, College Park, a contributor to the annotated bibliography Doctoral Dissertations on China and on Inner Asia, 1976-1990, and a native of Hong Kong.
Doctoral Dissertations on Hong Kong 1900-1997
An Annotated Bibliography
Frank Joseph Shulman   Anna Leon Shulman
$97.95 Hardcover
Release Date: 12/1/01
ISBN: 9622093973
872 Pages

Shulman, Frank Joseph.
B.A., Harvard
PhD, Univ. of Washington
a professional bibliographer, editor and consultant for Western-language reference publications in Asian Studies, is the author of twelve book-length bibliographies and scholarly guides on East, Southeast and South Asia. A graduate of both Harvard University and the University of Michigan, he has also served as Editor of the Association for Asian Studies' bibliographical journal Doctoral Dissertations on Asia (1975 - 1996) and as Curator of the East Asia Collection at the University of Maryland, College Park Libraries (1976 - 1992).
Doctoral dissertations on China, 1971-1975: a bibliography of studies in Western languages / compiled and edited by Frank Joseph Shulman.  Seattle, University of Washington Press.  c1978.

Shulman, Lee S.
Stanford emeritus professor of education

Shuy, Roger W.
Roger W. Shuy is Professor of Linguistics at Georgetown University, where he has taught for three decades. His specialty, language and the law, has led him to consult on hundreds of criminal and civil law cases. He has testified over forty times in many states. His most recent book is Language Crimes (Blackwell, 1993).

Siamese Twins (1811-1874)
i.e. Chang and Eng Bunker born in Siam (modern-day Thailand)

Siegmund, David O.
Stanford mathematician
NAS, 2002

Sih, Paul Kwan-Tsien, 1909-1978.
professor at Seton Hall University and St. John's University

Silverstein, Theodore,1904-2001

Simon, Herbert A., 1916-2001.
Nobel Prize for Economics, 1978

Simon, Paul

Simone, Nina, 1933-2003.
soulful diva and voice of civil rights

Siren, Osvald, 1879-1966.
Swedish Orientalist (Chinese art)

Sisulu, Walter, 1912-2003.
Walter Max Ulyate Sisulu
Nelson Mandela's mentor

Siu, Yum-Tong
mathematician at Harvard
NAS, 2002
distinguished Hong Kong University graduate (B.A., 1963)
Professor Siu is presentlyWilliam Elwood Byerly Professor of Mathematics at Harvard University, who has been C V Starr Visiting Professor of HKU's Institute of Mathematical Research from 1999 - 2000.

Skinner, B. F., 1904-1990.
Burrhus Frederic Skinner
NAS memoir

Smith, Rogers M.
political scientist, Penn

Solomon, Richard H., 1937-

Soyinka, Wole, 1934-
author and playwright
The first African winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature

Spence, Jonathan

Sperry, Roger W., 1913-1994.
brain expert; winner of the 1981 Nobel Prize in Physiology
1935 Oberlin College

Spitzer, Lyman, Jr., 1914-1997.
B.S., Yale, 1935; PhD, Princeton, 1938
Princeton obit
the man behind the machine
his brainchild: Hubble Space Telescope
National Medal of Science, 1979

Spock, Benjamin, 1903-1998.

Stahl, Lesley, 1941-
CBS reporter
husband: writer Aaron Latham

Stegner, Wallace, 1909-1993.
writer and teacher at Stanford

Stein, Elias M.
Princeton mathematician
PhD, U of Chicago, 1955
US National Medal of Science, 2001
Princeton press release

Steitz, Thomas A.
Sterling Professor of Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry
Yale University
NAS, 1990
AAAS,  1990

Sternberg, Robert J., 1949-
Yale psychologist (intelligence)

Stewart, Martha (Kostyra), 1941-
lifestyle and homemaking expert of Polish ancestry; biography ; ex-husband: Andy Stewart, publisher

Stewart, T. D., 1901-1997.
Thomas Dale Stewart
hands-on, skull-and-bones anthropologist

Stillinger, Jack
U. of Illinois professor of English
Fellow, American Academy of Arts & Sciences, 1993

Stine, R. L.
the most popular children's author in publishing history; Goosebumps

Stoddard, Whitney Snow, 1913-2003.
art historian

Stone, Peter, 1930-2003.
Yale Drama School graduate
only writer to win Emmy, Oscar, and Tony award

Stone, Ruth, 1915-

Stoppard, Sir Tom, 1937-
born "Tom Straussler" in Zlin, Czechoslovakia on July 3, 1937
English playwright

Strejan, John, 1932-2003.
wizard of pop-up books

Su, Adrienne

Su, Buchin, 1901-2003.  默˙獵
Chinese mathematician
x Su Bu-chin
x Su Buqing

Su, Chin-Chun.
Volterra functional analysis of nonlinear systems with deterministic and stochastic inputs.
[Philadelphia], 1967.
xxvii, 156 numb. l. illus. 29 cm
PhD, Penn

Su, Julie.
lawyer; MacArthur Fellow, 2001

Sullivan, Michael
Michael Sullivan is Fellow Emeritus at St. Catherine's College, Oxford University. His many books include Art and Artists of Twentieth-Century China (California, 1996), The Arts of China (4th ed., 2000), Three Perfections: Chinese painting, poetry and calligraphy (1999), and The Meeting of Eastern and Western Art: Revised and Expanded Edition (California, 1997). Michael Sullivan has received honors and fellowships from the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Guggenheim Foundation, and the Rockefeller Foundation. He lives in Oxford, England.

Sun, Chyng Feng
children's author

Sunderman, F. William, 1898-2003.
doctor and scientist
Sunderman Sugar Tube

Sung, Betty Lee, 1924-
authority on Chinese Americans
professor of Asian Studies, CCNY

Sunstein, Cass R.
University of Chicago

Sutch, Richard
Phi Beta Kappa visiting scholars

Sutherland, Zena, 1915-2002.
children's literature pioneer
professor at U of Chicago

Swan, Jane
retired professor of history, West Chester U of PA
The Lost Children: A Russian Odyssey
Carlisle, PA : Pennsylvania South Mountain Press, 1989.
"Children of Russian Revolution,"  Scholars, 3 (2): 32-43 (Spring/Summer 1992)

Tan, Amy, 1952-
author of The Joy Luck Club

Tan, Cecilia

Tao, Jing-Shen, 1933-    吵ネ
Academician, Academica Sinica

Taussig, Helen Brooke, 1898 - 1986
 M.D., Pediatric Cardiologist

Tay, William  綠攫此
    x Zheng, Shusen
PhD, UC San Diego, 1977

Taylor, Frederick Winslow, 1856-1915.

Teng, Lee C., 1926-    綡兢
Chang-Li Teng
acceleraator physicist
brother: Chang-kuo Teng (violinist)
father: Tsui-ying Teng (educator)
uncle: Tsu-ju Teng (principal, Tainan First High School)

Ter-Pogossian, Michel M., 1925?-1996.  (age 71)
PET (positron emission tomography) scanner developer

Terkel, Studs, 1912-
Pulitzer Prize-winning author

Terman, Fred
son of Lewis Terman
Stanford dean and provost and engineering professor

Terman, Lewis, 1877-1956.
legendary Stanford psychologist; IQ guru
   The Vexing Legacy of Lewis Terman

Terman's Termites:
Jess Oppenheimer (1913-1988)
Edward Dmytryk (1908-1999):

Terng, Chuu-Lian
(female) mathematican
professor, Northeastern University

Terry, Charles S., 1926-1982.
translator of Japanese culture

Thompson, Kenneth Lane, 1943-
Ken Thompson
co-developer of Unix with Dennis Ritchie
National Medal of Engineering

Tian, Gang.   バ
PhD, Harvard, 1988 (under Shing-Tung Yau)
Simons Professor of Mathematics, 1996-   , M.I.T., Cambridge, MA

Tiee, Henry Hung-Yeh, 1921-
A Reference Grammar of Chinese Sentences with Exercises. Revised. Donald M. Lance, linguistics consultant. 348 pp., 6 x 9, 1986. (4th ptg.) Paper (0-8165-1166-7) $32.00s.

Tien, Chang-Lin, 1935-2002. バ繫
Chancellor of UC Berkeley

Tien, Morris Wei-hsin  バ蝴穝

Tigner, Hugh Stevenson

Tigner, Maury
Cornell physicist

Tigner, Steven S.
professor of philosophy and education,
University of Toledo and Boston University

Ting, Li-hsia Hsu, 1923-
professor emeritus of library science, Western Illinois University
PhD, U. of Chicago, 1970

Ting, Nai-tung, 1915-1989.
PhD in English philology, Harvard, 1941
chairman of the English Department of the New Asia College
(later part of the Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Ting, Pang-Hsin, 1936-      ü穝
Academician, Academica Sinica

Ting, Samuel Chao Chung, 1936-   籉い
Nobel laureate (physics), 1976
Nobel Banquet speech (English translation from the Chinese)

Ting, Thomas Chi Tsai, 1933-  
professor emeritus of applied mechanics, U. of Illinois at Chicago
born in Taipei, Taiwan

Tobin, James, 1918-2002.
Yale economist; Nobel Prize, 1981

Tolkien, J. R. R., 1892-1973.
British novelist

Trevor-Roper, Hugh, 1914-2003.
Hitler historian

Trudeau, Garry, 1948-
comic strip Doonsbury creator and Yale alumnus
married to journalist Jane Pauley
Newsweek Oct. 15, 1990 cover story

Tsai, Ming, 1964-
chef-owner of the Blue Ginger Restaurant in Wellesley, MA
"East Meets West with Ming Tsai" tv show on Food Network
author of cookbook Blue Ginger: East Meets West Cooking
with Ming Tsai.

Ts'ao, Yu.   see Cao, Yu, 1910-1996.
Chinese dramatist

Tsao, Yung-Ho, 1920-
Academician, Academica Sinica

Tsien, Richard W.(Winyu)
   Rhodes Scholar, Oxford
   B.S.(1965), M.S.(1966), PhD (1970), MIT

Tsien, Roger Y., 1952-
A.B., Harvard College, 1972
PhD, Cambridge, 1977
Marshall Scholar
NAS, 1998
Professor, UC San Diego

Tsien, Tsuen-hsuin, 1910-   窥癡
AM'52, PhD'57, University of Chicago

Tsou, Tang, 1918-1999.
Homer J. Livingston Professor Emeritus at U. of Chicago
political scientist

Tsu, Yun Hui
Tsu, Timothy Yun-Hui
Associate Professor,Japanese studies
National University of Singapore
PhD MA Princeton; BA ICU
Study of Chinese communities in Japan; Japanese occupation of Taiwan; Japanese and Chinese folk religion

Tsu, Timothy Y., "All Souls Aboard! The Ritual Launch of Model Junks by the Chinese of Nagasaki in Tokugawa Japan." Journal of Ritual Studies 10(1996)1: 37-62.
Tsu Yun Hui, "Between Heaven and the Deep Sea. The Religious Practice of Chinese Seafarers from the Eleventh to the Mid-Nineteenth Century." East Asian History 23(2002): 69-86.

Tsui, Daniel Chee, 1939-    盳礱

Tsukahira, Toshio George, 1915-
PhD, Harvard, 1951

Tu, Wei-ming, 1940-     蝴
Professor of Chinese History and Philosophy
Department of East Asian Languages and Civilizations
Director, Harvard-Yenching Institute
Harvard University

Tuan, Yi-Fu, 1930-

Tukey, John Wilder, 1915-2000.
Princeton statistician who coined the words software and bit.

Turkevich, Anthony, 1916-2002.
radiochemist, U. of Chicago

Turner, Michael S.

Tversky, Amos, 1937-1996.
Stanford psychology prof.
PhD, U. of Michigan, 1965

Tynan, Dr. Ronan, 1960-
Irish tenor; physician (orthopedic surgeon)
Dr. Courageous; The Impossible Dream
Halfway home (memoir); Stages (autobiography)

Uchida, Yoshiko, 1921-1992.
children's author (29 books)

Uhlenbeck, Karen Keskulla, 1942-
prof. math, U. of Texas-Austin
US National Medal of Science, 2000
UT-Austin press release

Venne, Peter.
S.J., Father
wen na
Prof., Fu Jen University

Vidal, Gore, 1925-  (under construction)

Vinnograd, Richard Ellis.
Richard Ellis Vinograd chairs the Department of Art and Art History
at Stanford University. An expert on later Chinese painting, he is the recipient of numerous academic honors. He lives in Palo Alto, California.

Vonnegut, Bernard, 1914-1997.
PhD (MIT, physical chemsitry)
older brother of Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

Vonnegut, Kurt, 1922-     (Jr.)

Wakatsuki Houston, Jeanne

Wald, George, 1906-1997.
Nobel Prize for medicine, 1967
Harvard professor

Wallace, George Corley, 1919-1998.
Govenor of Alabama

Wang, Chen-ho, 1940-1990.
novelist from Taiwan
Rose, rose, I love you

Wang, David Der-wei

Wang, Gungwu, 1930-
Academician, Academica Sinica

Wang, H. (i.e. Hsu) Samuel.

Wang, L. Ling-chi, 1938-
Professor of Ethnic Studies, UC Berkeley
 born and raised in Xiamen, Fujian and Hong Kong

Wang, Mary Lewis
children's author

Wang, Vera

Wang, Wen-Hsin, 1939-   ゅ砍

Wang, Wenxing, 1939-    ゅ砍
see Wang,Wen-Hsin, 1939-

Wang, William S-Y   じ

Wang, Ying-lai, 1907-2001.
the first scientist to engineer synthetic insulin in 1965

Warhol, Andy, 1928-1987.
American pop artist born in Pittsburgh, PA

Wayne, John, 1907-1979.
"The Duke"; Western movies
real name: Marion Michael Morrison

Wegener, Charles, 1921-2002.
educator and philosopher, U. of Chicago


Wei, James     肩
Wei Chien-Kwang
Princeton dean

Weil, Andrew, MD.
Harvard Medical School

Weiss, Theodore Russell, 1916-2003.
poet and professor at Princeton University

Wells, Linda A.
founding editor and editor-in-chief, Allure magazine
B. A., '80, Trinity College, Hartford, CT.

Welty, Eudora, 1909-2001.
writer from Mississippi

White, Byron, 1917-2002.
U. S. Supreme Court justice

White, E. B., 1899-1985.

Whyte, William Foote, 1914-2000.
author of Street Corner Society (1955)
Cornell University sociologist
Swarthmore College alumnus

Whyte, William H., 1917-1999.
William H. (Hollingsworth or Holly) Whyte
born in West Chester, PA
known for his work Organization Man (1956)

Wiener, Norbert, 1894 - 1964.
cybernetics; Harvard PhD in math at the age of 19

Wilf, Herbert S., 1931-
Penn mathematician
students: Fan Chung (1974), Richard C. Garfield (1993)

Williams, Robin, 1952-
born in Chicago

Wills, Garry
Pulitzer Prize-winning historian

Wilson, August

Wilson, Edward O., 1929-
Harvard sociobiologist

Wilson, Sandy, 1924-

Winchester, Simon

Winks, Robin William, 1930-2003.
Yale historian (espionage)

Winsor, Kathleen, 1919-2003.
wrote novel "Forever Amber"

Wirth, John.
Latin American studies

Wittgenstein, Ludwig, 1889-1951.
Austrian philosopher

Woese, Carl R., 1928-
B.S., Amherst College, 1950
PhD, Yale, 1953
U.S. National Medal of Science, 2000

Wolf, Naomi, 1962-
feminist; Yale '84; Rhodes Scholar '86; Jewish writer

Wolfe, Thomas, 1900-1938.
Look Homeward Angel
You Can't Go Home Again

Wolfe, Tom, 1931-
PhD, Yale
cover story, Time magazine, Nov. 2, 1998
The Bonfire of the vanities (a novel, 1987)
The Right Stuff
A Man in Full (a novel, 1998)
The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test

Wong, Chi-Huey, 1948-
NAS 2002, chemistry

Wong, Herbert H
children's author

Wong, Samuel, 1962-
music director, Hong Kong Symphonic Orchestra
Harvard; eye surgeon

Woo, John, 1946-
movie director from Hong Kong

Wood, Allen W.
Stanford professor of philosophy

Wood, Mary Elizabeth, 1861-1931.
librarian and missionary in China
pronounced in Chinese: shu di-hua

Woodward, Bob
Yale '65  (Stiles 2973)

Woodward, C. Vann, 1908-1999.
Comer Vann Woodward
Yale historain

Woodward, Joan, 1916-1971.

Wright, Frank Lloyd, 1869-1959.
architect; master builder

Wu, Chien-Fu Jeff, 1949-
Hsinchu, Taiwan

Wu, Chien Shiung, 1912-1997.
nuclear physicist at Columbia University
helped with experiments that won Lee-Yang their Nobel
husband: Luke Yuan

Wu, Chung Hsiu, 1936-
M.D.; reproductive endocrinologist from Taiwan

Wu, Eugene W., 1922-
librarian (Harvard and Stanford)
Wu wen-chin

Wu, Ho-su, 1919-1986.
Shinkong Group (Taiwan)

Wu, King-lui, 1918-2002.
Yale professor of architecture

Wu, Sau Lan
(female) physicist
Enrico Fermi Distinguished Professor of Physics
University of Wisconsin, Madison

Wu, Wen-tsun, 1919-     ゅ玊
 aslo Wu Wenjun or Wu Wentsun

Wu, Yenna
UC Riverside

WuDunn, Sheryl    ヮ间

Wycoff, William A. (Alfred) Jr., 1936-
China specialist

Xia, Eugene Zhu
math., National Cheng Kung University (Tainan)

Xiao, Qiang
China's human rights activist
MacArthur Fellow, 2001

Xie, Xide, 1921-2000.
(Hsi-teh Hsieh)
woman physicist

Xu, Bing, 1955-      畗
artist; square word calligrapher
New English calligraphy
MacArthur 1999

Yang, Chen Ning      法圭
Nobel laureate in physics
son of mathematician Yang Wuzhi

Yang, Chung-Tao, 1923-    法┚笵
Penn (1956- ) professor of mathematics emeritus
Academician, Academica Sinica (Taiwan)

Yang, Gladys, 1919-1999.
born Gladys Taylor (or Tayler?) in Beijing
of British missionary parents
co-translator of Chinese literature
with husband Yang Hsien-yi (Yang Xianyi)

Yang, Hsien-yi.     法舅痲
co-translator of Chinese literature with wife Gladys Yang

Yang, Mu, 1940-    法
U. of Washington, Seattle
pen name: Yeh Shan; born Wang Ching-hsien

Yang, Shang Fa
agricultural chemist

Yang, Wuzhi     法猌ぇ
China's pioneer researcher on modern number theory
father of C. N. Yang, a Nobel laureate

Yang, Xianyi.    法舅痲
co-translator with wife Gladys Yang of Chinese literature
also Yang Hsien-yi

Yao, Andrew Chi-Chih
computer scientist

Yau, Horng-Tzer, 1959-
born in Taipei
PhD, Princeton, 1987
MacArthur Fellow, 2000
AAAS, 2001
Morningside Gold Medal in Mathematics, 2001
Academia Sinica (Taiwan), 2002

Yau, Shing-Tung, 1949-     Θ
Harvard mathematician; Fields medal winner
MacArthur Fellow, 1985

Yee, Paul.

Yeh, Chia-ying

Yeh, George C.   腑古愤
d. 4/2/2000

Yeh, Lily     腑立立
Philadelphia artist

Yeh, Michelle
UC Davis

Yeh, William
see Yip, Wai-lim

Yen, Douglas E. (Ernest)

Yen, Y. C. James, 1893-1990.
Dr. "Jimmy" Yen; Yu-Chuen James Yen
Yale 1918
died of pneumonia in NYC, 1990
Dr. Y. C. James Yen Citizen of the World Award

Yen, Yuan-shu    肅じ
prof. of English, National Taiwan University

Yep, Laurence Michael, 1948-
Chinese-American writer

Yip, Cei-Cai
Cei-Cai Yip lives in Melbourne and has an MA.
Apart from formal studies on East Asian history
and politics, he also has an interest in ancient
philosophy, philosophical logic and theology.

Yip, Wai-Lim      腑蝴稧
UC San Diego

Yosano, Akiko, 1878-1942.
31-syllable tanka poet
wife of Yosano Tekkan

Yosano, Tekkan, 1873-1935.
real name: Yosano Hiroshi
husband of Yosano Akiko

Yoshikawa, Eiji, 1892-1962.
creator of Miyamoto Musashi

Yoshimoto, Banana, 1964-
Japanese novelist
Monica's Bananamania

Yu, Anthony C., 1938-      瓣每
Kuo-fan Yu
Academician, Academica Sinica

Yu, Chia-Fu
mathematician, Columbia

Yu, Diane C., 1951-
IN 1983, Diane Yu was appointed superior
court commissioner for the Alameda County Superior Court
in Oakland, California. In 1986, she was the first White House
fellow ever appointed from the judicial branch of government
to serve as special assistant to the U.S treat representative.
In 1987, she was appointed as general counsel of the state
Bar of California

Yu, Kwang-chung, 1928-     い

Yu, Qiuyu, 1946-     獴

Yu, Ying-shih, 1930-    璣
Professor Emeritus of East Asian Studies, Princeton

Yuan, Longping, 1931-
father of hybrid rice
China's most famous "farmer"

Yuan, Luke C. L., 1912-2003. 癒產鮝
Yuan Chia-Liu, physicist
spouse: Chien-Shiung Wu  胺动
grandfather: Yuan Shih-kai 癒惩

Yuan, Tung-li, 1895-1965.  癒搂
library science


Yung, Wing, 1828-1912.  甧叮
first Chinese student to graduate from an
American University (Yale)

Zabludovsky, Abraham, 1924-2003.

Zhang, Junmai
see Chang, Carsun, 1886-1969.

Zhang, Shou-wu
Professor of Mathematics
Columbia University
NAS, 2002

Zhang, Yingjin
professor, UC San Diego;
PhD, Stanford

Zhou, Shuren, 1881-1936.
see Lu, Xun, 1881-1936.

Zhou, Zuoren

Zhu, ZiQing, 1898-1948.
Chinese writer

Zia, Helen, 1952-
in the first class of women at Princeton

Zindel, Paul, 1936-2003.
playwright who won an Obie Award and Pulitzer Prize

Zinn, Howard, 1922-
historian and playwright