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I am 5'9-131 lbs-brown eyes-black hair-tan skin-English accented,with a hint of Spanish and Southern(but people say I sound australian,Weird eh?whatever lol)-13 years old-Memphis,Tennessee(da burbz of da matta lol) ~~dAd't be me lol~~I am black,hispanic,white,and I am an English american.My ancestry is Welsh,spanish,african,german,norse,hebrew,and french. Yo email me at to find out more about me.My AIM is slaterpro13 and my msn is . My best friend is Kari.We are always there for each other.She's the coolest.I also get bug her into going out with the strangest peepz lol.Oh well I still love you lol and I won't stop!You can't make me lol! Ain't she a beaut lol Take my Quiz on! My other best friends~this includes everyone even though they aren't with us no more~ are Kesh,Eric,Jake,Jacob,Preston,Renee,Kelly,Jessica, Connie,Amber and Brittany,Lance,Darlene,Michael,Amanda,Emily,Matt, Brittany W.,Brandon,Danielle,Ryan,and Marc.This is the whole gang,and more,from South Walrus Rock baby!I love ya'll!WE ROCK!yA'll r like familia to are my family! Thats a lot of peepz lol Most girlz say I am vewy cute.I flirt a lot lol.