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Orgasm multiple orgasmic erogenous zones South Asian Women Indian female sexual ecstasy climax frigid frigidity fantasies holylingus India bharat

1st Woman Prez & Dirty Ugly Smear Campaign :: Indian polity so menial lowly

10:23 PM 6/25/2007 :: Indian polity so menial lowly that first time ever... never foreseen kinda ugly smear campaign against the presidential candidate from the ruling alliance supported by the Left... 60 years on first time a woman stand a chance 2b elected and b'com India's first woman pres... and whole gang of 'hijra manD'lii' opting 4 any cheap trick available to malign the high office of the nation... Sonia :: the whole country is a witness... 4 there ways and means... that how stoopy low they cud get... while a 23 years old lampat propagator of another 'Hindutwa' gang of Indian right wing polity, breakaway alliance on vote 4 prez... holly pussjoos they don't even deserve 2 be there not just Parliamentarian but not even as a party... India is in a grave danger till they r completely totally and utterly done away from any role in public life... btw city and suburbs traffic is unfriggin' ugly, specially the honking... loads of pressure horn within the city sometimes even outside hospitals as well... either there is no rule of law or no law @all... how that cudn be... there must be some but seems even the law enforcers dosn't seem informed enuff on this... what a friiggen shame, Its kaaW kaW Kaaw... how no one in the media talks about it... the loud mad wedding processions... loud screaming firecrackers in the late of night... without restraint.

Mayawati/maayawati it's not just the brahmin-dalit votes which got u an absolute majority in UP but the Muslim-Dalit-Brahmin votes... 1993 Bombay Bomb Blasts accused punished but what the Baabrii Mosque demolition crime.

Indian polity gone so lowly menial lumpen coz them still in significant numbers... and this prez poll process a proof... their marginalization is due in 2009... which is much needed, grave danger is on till they r rejected completely and totally and utterly...

Dengoo nahiN Deng'Hee :: Indian Electronic Media, So Low Quality One

why the media both english and vernacular rhyme Dengue as dengoo... its a misnomnor... DengHee is the actual rhyme or the phonetics of the word 4 a friggin' desease... why the hazaar mosquito repellent producers & communication expert did not communicated not just the actual rhyming of the word but highlighting a fact about the disease which will contribute in the increase of its overall business statistics... :), which is that DengHee causing virus u get through another kinda mosquito, and b] that strike/ bite/suck during the day unlike the malaria one, having a night shift... ha! and/nad dah!!!

1st Woman Prez, 60 Years On :: Dynastic Democracy An Oxymoron

Raahul the crown prince of this dynastic democracy oxymoron put his shoes in mouth time and again proves him as immature... bad PR risk by the ruling coalition of INC... Priyanka wud take india into StarTrek and teleporting stuff age... bye then it wud be in thing neway... :)... but INC poor bunch of leaders as possible contender 4 the prezdential ;) presidential candidate, ...or is it candy_date... So Sonia Gandhi the INC prez proved herself immature too... INC shud have shown the courage and field Ms Meira Kumar [Meera kumaar]... me commented on it big time, 4 half a dozen years on... check me out backwards...

Shivraaj Paatil as a home minister is wrong since he lost an election, meaning people rejected or punished him with defeat [he was long many numbers of re-elected mp]... NDtv V the People had noisy women panel... women their own worst enemy... Shobaa De talked of Mahasheweta Devi but forgot in her bias that Pratiibha Paatil [Pratibha Patil] is/was a lawyer by training... while Kalaam the KabaaRii Scientist... maker of phallic symbol missiles capable of carrying WMD whisch kills hundreds of thousands in seconds... and Chandan 'Chaaloo' Mitra ex-marxist turned a CONservative right winger called Shekhawat of some gr8 height & stature stuff... forgot that he started as a hawaldaar... as he conveniently forget his own leftist past...

Jayalalitha fatso ex-bhanND so jealous and petty by calling Pratiibha's choice as a joke is a shame... only UPA & allies have got the numbers, while NDA and 3rd front just trying futile to register its presence but maligning the office in the process...

An Open Letter in The Hindu 2 the Sanghii Ex- hawaldaar

"Your candidature has become a pawn in the game of tired old political leaders who have taken their defeat in the May 2004 Lok Sabha elections with ill grace. They are now trying to use the Presidential contest to undo that verdict, instead of waiting till May 2009. Must you allow yourself to become an excuse for these discredited leaders to play out their bitterness?I do not know if you will be left alone by your "well-wishers" to take an honourable decision."

Decaying Soya Plant @ Nagjhiri :: Millions of Dollars Wasted

Big Soya Plant in Naagjhirii/nagjhiri/nagziri western MP down the fookin' drain... 100s of crores wasted... Arjun Singh started it all... but all successive govts miss managed it beyond a fix... and as days pass by the value of the plant goes down too... the decay reduce the value... can't it be sold off b4 it's too late...

Tons of Fake Encounters :: Extra Judicial Killings of Moslems

7:45 AM 5/22/2007 :: tons of fake encounter deaths by the cops and by the occupying forces in Kashmir/kaashmiir... stupid patriotic Indian media helped with hours of coverage of those state spin doctoring and now hours of coverage of undoing it all... series of terrorist attacks on Moslems lately and authorities find it difficult to term it terrorism... all sort of political violence termed as terrorism and Muslims responsible for it... even the the violence against Muslims...

Akali/Akaalii @ Bad Politics :: Caste’ist Can't Really Be Siikhs

Akaalii/Akali a religious political party ruling Punjab settling scores with a sect who pledged help 4 the INC... The JaaTs/Jats don't deserve to be called themselves Siikhs/Sikhs... since they seem to have abandoned the basic tenets of Sikhism/Siikhism... Akaalii Dal shud be outlawed along with Akaal Takht 4 their bullying tactics of other Punjaab sects likes of Nirankaarii and Dera Sachcha Sauda....

Big BhaaND Family Obsessed :: Celebs As Ordinary As the Rest

BhaaND-e-Aazam or big bhaaND obsessed with his family... he either talks about his father or his son... recites his father's poetry, as if no one else did any poetry ever... :)... got him a doll 2 play with. t doesn't see any future in that relationship... and btw menopause happens so early these days!!! He roamed around stupid temples to get rid of some bad omen astrologically... so bhaaNDs to Industrialist to HOSs to ambassadors to lawyers to doctors all poor ignorant unenlightened people... as superstitious as any ordinary kiiRa MakoRa...

Maayawati's Maaya :: Both National Parties Defeated in UP

Maayawati/Mayawati did in three Goliath... BJP big looser with less than a fifth of the votes and 2009 General election hope balloon busted... how delightening... Blair and Wolfowitz too gone... and another one gone and another one gone and another one bites the dust...

Quality of TV Journalism :: Urdu Speakers Discriminated

Quality of journalism in here... someone on IBN7 yesterday rhymed behaal instead of bahaal... lol... in the Punjaab Bandh story and Amrita Rai/Roy of NDTV rhymed 'vazan' as vajan... no less than 3 times... :)... so they try to speak Urdu but know none of it...!!!

DD-Urdu has been launched by the Prasar Bhaartii, for over 6 months now... but local cable operators haven't included it in their channel pool. Wonder if it is on in the rest of the major cities in India]... despite being demanded by us... [and DD in its promo tells us that it is our statury right ha!] this is a proof how minorities r marginalized and being treated in this country... no wonder, since democracy is rule of the majority, InIt?!?!

Our tribal mindset mainstream media keep reporting how Bollywood cinema & Tulsi soap [rather Tool_sie :)] is popular in AfGhaanistaan etc., and our channels r popular in Paakisstaan... meaning they have access to our media but V don't have access to theirs... this makes them inclusive and us exclusive... and V keep parroting ours being liberal, biggest democracy and them conservative, fundamentalist, and bigot etc., Which certainly not true and a canard... [how r our Police stations and other public offices have religious icons while this country is suppose 2 be secular etc., What a mess v have made of this country].

INC Not Walking MK Gandhi Talk :: Meira Kumar/ Meira Kumaar As Presidente

10:30 PM 5/14/2007 'ave spoketh earlier... round 1998-99 that Gaandhii talked of a Dalit, [renamed 'Harijan', also name of his publication... and Harijan comes from Jewish tradition... translation of 'chosen people of God'... jhunjhuna as a toy device] the first prez after the Independence shud be a Dalit... and not just @ that but a woman?!? [the poor born dalit]... and later agreed on Pt. Raajendra Prasaad's name... INC so hypocritical that even after 60 years or so it still faraway from this eventual reality... INC isn't naming Meira Kumaar as possible candidate in the forthcoming headOstate elections... good that Maayawatii won the most populous state but what a clever dohbii pachhaaRh she did... and she must pick Ms Meira Kumar as her party's choice of presidential election... goood that all the exit poll business busted and lost credibility in the eye of the politically aware people...

Maoist Naxals 2 Spread and Target Capitalist Profiteer :: Forward Castes Profiteer as in Racketeer.

3:08 AM 3/11/07 :: good news that Maoist Naxals have decided to oppose the SEZ - the special economic zones... which is not dirty capitalism but anti-national as well... since SEZ exclude all Labour laws of the land [a fact which has never been mentioned, not even a single time in the studios of hazaar mushroomed fly by night operators, as electronic media... not even by the CPI & CPIM, the left parties supoorting the present Indian Union Govt., It's anti-national b'coz it creates separate land zone, where law of the land doesn't apply completely... so in a way it is creating nation within nation... Maoist Naxals 2 spread across the nation leaving their support bases, where they r most secure... eventually the regular and frequent faces on Indian telly and the owner managers of the Indian media cud also be the target... the establishment dalla of the brahmin empire... 4 Gaandhigiri ineffective amidst the cacophony of the present polity... which is corrupt to the core... Even the Beeb South Asian Radio and CPI CPIM full of forward castes and not representative of the Indian demography. Hence an hindrence to any significant change, which is a need of the hour and much belated neway]... but then :: “Until you know who has lent what to whom, you know nothing whatever of politics, you know nothing whatever of history, you know nothing of international wrangles.” ~ Ezra Pound, Expatriate American poet, writer [1885-1972] speaking of the destructive effects of parasitical banking, or usury, on national and international politics

Game-o-Royalty a super passion ine Damnocracy :: DemoCrazy Fascinated With an Aristocratic Gaem

Big farce is on... a huge huge cultivated mad passion about a sport which was essentially a British royalty sport... they r calling it a WORLD CUP... which 6 regular cricket playing nation r participating in and 6 not the regualr one... ha! outta 230+ nations of the globalvillage... all these silly journos r merely pawn in their game and think of themselves as some big crusaders, who r out to bring a change... makin' a difference... ha! & dah! the most looser of these half a dozen Criket kirkeeT/kirkiiT playing nations... mostly former british colonies... farcically called 'common wealth' ha! how common their wealth is... dah! is we all r witnessed 2... Songs, mostly praying and cheering and hours of national prime time as well all other time is focussed on it, their silly mundane monotonous routine life, so full of stress & bordome is being sheltered and anchored in this stupid game... how cud hoi polloi play an Aristocratic sport... lasting days and occupying a third of urban lives and a fifth of the rural one... but this opium is so needed that left and other intellecual not minding it or even objecting 2 it... I believe the developed nations play its national passion sport on weekends... not compromising on the productivity... not so many much man hours lost... billions of it... on top of hazaar holidays and B-days & D-days of many gr8 prophets & pravartaks... thousand friggin noisy mad festivals... most without aesthetics... good festivity, the enlighted one is one pure heaven... [what am me friggin' chosen one 2 articulate all these what me do...?!?]

So me go again... compelled to do it once again... the lumpen ignorant sectarian right wing polity getting strength... I thought they were on their way out but they gained 2 grounds... 2 states won by them nad/and 2009 the elction due... 16% of India's population the biggest province UP goes to poll... A stupid seemingly outgoing, in disgrace, socialist party with a poll symbol of Bicycle... amass hundreds of Millions from nothing... who escorts and relates to big Industrialist... I_Con of the Indian film industry... lol... Indian Supreme Court just ordered the Indian FBI to inquire into the allegation...

Visitors Visiting from 150+ Countries

11:46 PM 3/8/07 :: Here is Annual WebStat Country report in pdf... visitor from 150+ countries, not even tribal mindset mainstream Indian media daily national newspaper may have such a reach/access, I guess!!!

WebStat Countrywise Report ::

WebStat Countrywise Report :: The Mirror Site

btw tathagat said enuff and rest his case.

Op-Ed, IE, BREAKING DOWN NEWS Dead and exclusive By Saubhik Chakrabarti, Posted online Saturday, August 19, 2006 at 0000 hrs Op-Ed, ie, BREAKING DOWN NEWS :: Scoops, spooks and scepticism By Saubhik Chakrabarti Posted online the Saturday, July 22, 2006 at 0000 hrs A SHORT HISTORY OF US VETOES OF UN PEACE RESOLUTIONS :: The United States has vetoed 35 UN resolutions related to the middle east. (Palestine; 24, Lebanon; 8, Syria; 1, Libya; 2)...

Maneka Ganhi/gaandhi/gaandhii 420... lol... the kutta billi snob... and 2 her defence she uses SoniaG... these poor women, their major problem/ sickness called envy... keeps them occupied and full time... paranoid psychopaths Blair and Dubya turning the world in their own image... and how the US media made a fool of themselves over a 59 years old lady passanger on united airline... DDurdu channel is welcome, now do ten minutes of Paalii and Praakrit as well, this wud contribute generating a few hundred linguist in it, saving heritage wise... one shud loov the new languages but do not let die the old. InIt?

UN SC resolution... Israel should pay 4 every single destruction, every single brick... all those civil causalities may be avenged, all thru the globe, by militant Muslim outfits, right now its 10 :: 1, 10 times more causalities 4 the Lebanese... Robert Fisk: This draft shows who is running America's policy... Israel. /The Independent

It is Lebanon, not Israel, that faces a threat to its existence in this war :: The Franco-US resolution is an absurdity: it would give Israel immunity while denying Lebanon the right to defend itself :: Ahmad Samih Khalidi :: Thursday August 10, 2006 /The Guardian

The bhaRwa tribe who so often play havoc with hundreds of thousand lives,so heavily protected but their 'paaltoo' pets functionary 'functionaire' without any security!?! ...a few bollywood bhaaNds and Industrialist r on militant target and provided security, but many many more such people face the same danger... doing away the messanger may be wrong but ugly violent propagandist shud be lynched, alongwith the warmongers and perpetrator of state violence... [how cum a short Joseph Heller quote never quoted by neone on Indian Telly... the enemy is the one who gets u killed no matter which side he is on... Prabash/prabhaash Joe said on Beeb-e-Hindvii that "koonjra selling vegetables... but thinks of himself as revolutionary" when asked why there is a 20 hours live coverage 4 five years old mallich 'prince' and nothing about 100s miners @ illegal coal mining trapped in Bihaar.

Every year during the first two weeks of August the mass news media and many politicians at the national level trot out the "patriotic" political myth that the dropping of the two atomic bombs on Japan in August of 1945 caused them to surrender, and thereby saved the lives of anywhere from five hundred thousand to one million American soldiers, who did not have to invade the islands. Opinion polls over the last fifty years show that American citizens overwhelmingly (between 80 and 90%) believe this false history which, of course, makes them feel better about killing hundreds of thousands of Japanese civilians (mostly women and children) and saving American lives to accomplish the ending of the war. [Proof that America is an ugly evil empire and hoi polloi ugly stupid filth, so gullible and easily mislead... US, UK and Israel real axis of evil. and shudn't all warmongers and their kin lynched, so that this state terrorism never happens again]
The Hiroshima Myth by John V. Denson @

Five Myths That Sanction Israel's War Crimes by Jonathan Cook @ Israel amply demonstrating that it doesn't have the right 2 exist instead vice versa as it is pretending... and imagine they r the same people, who suffered tremendously and been constantly rejected by many a culture thru the world b'coz of their arrogance and fanatic and dangerous religious notion that they r chosen people of god.

Media unaware, or deliberate not asking the source of dangerous levels of pesticides residue in the colas... wonder if water samples from different cities ever been tested? vegetables ever go thru such scrutiny?!? btw Janmat tv [and guess what it goes off air or what, on me telly it ssays no signals] talked about the civic water supply having all this contamination in the drinking water 2 the 'khau hagu bachcha paaloo' hoi polloi... and that cola companies not mixing these pesticides... but mainstream media keep talking, parroting rather about cola cola cola... and populist politics [2 state guv banned the cloas] and hidden message of fascist way of intimidation and fear, their lumpen constituencies r on the rampage...] and btw why after 3 years these colas beaverges compnies caught once again is, that it is not possible to filter the water all over again coz their bottling plants all scaterred thru the huge lands, for distribution & delivery reason whatever and it is not possible to install a separate advance water purification or filter system @ every bottling plant...

10:14 PM 8/3/06 :: Govt. not serious on OBC reservation, now they r trying to delay it on a thousand pretext/pretence... and all that forward castes' prejudice against the backwards perfectly and 2 abundantly displayed during the anti reservation/ affirmative action proposals. This all signals that the Indian polity gonna shape pole apart in 10-15 years... OBC and SC/ST loosing all hope on the forwards, and a final distrust on forward castes [even left is full of them] [which constitute much less than the minorities 200+ million Muslims, 30+ million Christian, 25 million Siikhs] 4 any justice or hope from them and they wud eventually turn 2 Muslims, so there u go... Moslems with the help of OBC, SC/ST, Muslims wud eventually be the ruling classes... no wonder Kudarshan 2 Chechaadrii, AaDvaaNii 2 MMS, Sonia 2 Vaajpayii will all be termed terrorist by their paaltoo kutte as state propaganda bhonpoos [they think they r noble and elite and powerful... but don't u know who & what and when and how they really r... lol.]

Thousands of Muslim activist are rounded up by the police and tortured 4 weeks on [no one directly responsible 4 the train bombing yet, so this investigation heading no where, real culprit eaither the mafia or the state itself, hence no progress] while a hindu boy who sent a life threatening email 2 the Prez is all smile facing the press... thousands of emails r being sent 2 forgive him let him loose... what if his name was Suhail and not Saurabh/Sorabh, all these half literate idiot box journoes wud have been estalishing his link with god knows how many muslim outfits, most of whom r fighting 4 Kashmir/Kaashmiir's independence, home tule r right of self determination or whatever... including lies that he has been traine in terrorist camps in Pakistan/Paakisstaan. Pakistan so naive in believing as if these be-imaan underdeveloped tribals can resolve it thru talk... they just wanna do time... hence the flip flop on the policy, derailing talks again and as this being written & said... Pak/Paak expell a diplomate and India respond in kind, hawks r back again on telly with sparkle in their eyes. The violence perpetuated by the evil states of Israel, UK & USA suggest that they can do act of terrorism themselves, 4 their own interest, and that they got no regard 4 human life.[According to a new Scripps Howard/Ohio University poll, more than a third of the American public suspects that federal officials assisted in the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks or took no action to stop them so the United States could go to war in the Middle East.]

33% reservation 4 women in politics... why no one talk about PR or full representation system of voting... this MMS guv is useless... MMS not a politician hence not fit enuff to rule, Home minister is a massive failure and seem like a bajrangii. where all this pesticides comes into Colas??!!??!! The civic water supply is contaminated and that's how the contamination ends up in cola bottles, and all this hullabaloo, what a unfriggin' a farce and living in denial!!! All these water filtration plant r ages old and not even slight updating has taken place... me sure there wud be dozen of pesticides and other drugs which has been banned in EU & US long ago, r still being produced in here... Indian polity is full of dhor jaahil pehalwaan lungaare lampat awaara criminal friggin' pimps, how cud serious legislative work expected of them?!?

9:18 PM 7/27/06 :: Narsimha Rao let them destroy Baabrii Mosque, indeed an act of terrorism [and no body booked as yet, 14 years on] and let the Muslim vote bank swing against them... and this stupid Satya Sai bhakt monkey Shivraaj Paatil doing the same... guy is a disaster, INC shud chuck him away asap... RR Paatil is also one such moron. RSS is a militant organization... and is free to do and say anything... Shiv Sena is out and out a disruptive force yet nothing is done about them but Muslims are not allowed such organizing... root causes of terrorism is NOT addressed and Moslem being blamed and whole community of 200 million strong 'minority' being termed as terrorist... me afraid many many more retaliation violence 2 happen... right wing lumpen present in big numbers... their marginalization is inevitable, but b4 that there can be no reconciliation seem possible... neither there will be any room 4 the ruling polity 2 do any corrective measure...

Invisible borders :: THIRD EYE :: Barkha Dutt :: HT dated 29th July '06 "...Are we ready to look homegrown terror in the eye? And are we ready to look at the fact that this is a scathing comment on our failure to be an integrated society?

And no, this is not, and cannot be, about falling back on justifications. Such politically correct formulations are also an example of extremism — just of a different kind.

So those who point to the horrific Gujarat riots of 2002 to explain the Bombay blasts should be careful. Extend that argument another level, and you won’t be able to counter Narendra Modi who also rationalised the anti-Muslim riots as an emotional outburst against the torching of the Sabarmati Express in Godhra. To locate responsibility in the endless cycle of cause and effect is not just over-simplistic but also self-defeating.

Yet, there’s no doubt that ultimately the war against terror is a war of the mind; extremism can only grow roots in soil that has been under-watered and under-nourished.

Anti-Muslim riots in which the State secedes responsibility will in turn break down trust. But a riot is still an event, an aberration, if you will. Sometimes it’s just the business of living that is tougher.

Bombay’s biggest icons may include Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan. But ask an ordinary Muslim in the city just how tough it is to rent a flat in a regular building; the glitzy acceptability of Bollywood makes no difference to his daily life. Our cities are collapsing into ghettos, with invisible borders dividing our people.

And the statistics tell their own sorry story. Less than 4 per cent of India’s police force is Muslim; no more than 2 per cent of India’s bureaucracy is Muslim; and Muslims are 5 per cent behind the national literacy rate, making them the most educationally backward religious community. Yet, if a government-appointed committee attempts to gather data on just how representative our political and military institutions are, we accuse it of fomenting communalism.

If the Indian Muslim remains on the margins of development, isn’t there a good chance that he will remain on the periphery in every other way as well? It’s this imbalance, the sense of being an outsider, a person with no stake in the system that could provide the perfect breeding ground for terror.

So next time, don’t just stare at the bearded man with the skullcap.

Look beyond, and look within."

Mole in the PMO :: Ain't Them All Mole

Austin Powers: Nice to mole you... meet you. Nice to meet you, Mole. [to Foxxy as Basil & The Mole leave]
Austin Powers: Don't say mole.
Foxxy Cleopatra: Now stop.
Austin Powers: I said mole.
Foxxy Cleopatra: Stop.
[Basil gestures him to hush]
Number Three: Bye.
Austin Powers: Mole.
[Basil & the Mole try again to leave]
Austin Powers: Mole.
[Basil warns him again to hush]
Austin Powers: Mole.
Basil Exposition: Oh, shut up!
Austin Powers: [Basil and The Mole walk out and Austin lets loose] Moley, moley, moley, moley, moley!

Austin Powers: Mole. Bloody mole. We aren't supposed to talk about the bloody mole, but there's a bloody mole winking me in the face. I want to c-u-u-t it off, ch-o-o-p it off, and make guacamole.

3:24 PM 7/24/06 :: Blair & Dubya wud eventually be termed as some sort of crusaders in the annals of history perhaps... in terms of over all violence against the Muslims happening globally... Dubya fanatic Christian... Jesus was Jew and Jew literally dominate the global zeitgeist... major media theirs and them controlling almost 70% of Hollywood cinema... a very influential media... Israel is behaving in a brutal retaliation or offence as best form of defense way... Israel and America/UK seem real axis of evil... and there is hardly any level playing field 4 the poor Palestinian [England imposed retaliation of holocaust onto the Palestinian unjustfully]... them not just mighty superior militarily but also diplomatically as well... with Veto power vote in the UN, in the arm... which has been invoked a thousand time... wrongly and shamelessly @that... Christian and compassionate an oxymoron, there exists apartheid within Christianity... till very recently... them civilized ha! So history will record a time when America and Israel and UK played mighty powers... caused so much of violence and without any opposition @ that... mighty nations of Europe and Asia, just mute spectators.

Domestically or locally... its disruption by a strong opposition, just a few seats short of the leading party of governance of coalition polity... their nominated Prez and Vice-Prez... on top of that them appointed CEC, another top constitution post... plus Advani AaDvaaNii desperate naked ambition... INC & Left not combative enuff... them shud be accusing them of disruption of legislative work and loss of moolah and all... India's right wing religios fanatic lumpen subject 2 massive ridicule... One Sr expelled 'leader' accusing another Sr leader of connection with the mafia and she in return accusing him of being a blackmailer... :) [ear2ear one].

loads of blogs censored... blocked... 2 Resistance is Futile :: blogger Shivam Vij Indian Media Overt saturation mess Beeb Media-e-Aazam State Terrorism Across the Globe @ Wikipedia

Bad Pak PR

4 days into the Bombay MRTS train bombings, police, hazaar investigation agencies not just half alert but caught napping, Home Ministry all clue less... one after another Muslim outfits being blamed... thousands of slum dweller Moslem Muslim rounded up... police pretending action... may be underworld, the Bombay mafia on the run, Dawood and Shakeel's properties 2 be demolished the next day by some court order. ...different channels media haphazard mediocre chaotic coverage... bad PR on part of Mushsharaf/musharaff Admin in Pakistan / Paakisstaan :), they shud have been pretending big raids trying to trace the culprit outfits... Mulayam was courageous being politically incorrect this time round... combating INC RSS nexus... to divert hoi polloi's attention from rising prices and hazaar guv gaffe as hoards of farmers still doing haarakiri, the loan shark and desi finance system responsible 4 it all... wonder if it is outlawed as yet or not, all such payments shud be deferred subject 2 a good rain fall and in 2-3 installments, without compound interest monthly interest payment system. Monsoon 2 seems 2 have been a big disappointing this year 2...

Communal Violence, Prejudice & Terrorism

3:50 PM 7/13/06 :: Bombay MRTS bombings isn't just terrorism... but a gorilla warfare. What about state terrorism?!? regular bhaaNds who depends on hoi polloi 4 their survival are on telly... people such as Jaaved Akhter Shabaana Aazmii, Farrokh Shiekh, Mahesh BhaTT talking like big 'experts'... the Union Home Minister looks n seem so apparently a moron... dragging SIMI's name into it b4 the investigation barely begun, is a proof that there ain't no difference between lumpen hindutwa forces and lumpen greedy INC. Big debates r on... no one realizes that 'prejudice' and 'majority mindset' state terrorism causes this counter violence... when outnumbered resource less people combat the majority establishment with all state machinery & public opinion manipulations... they r at receiving end most of the time and once in a while they strike and ordinary people have 2 suffer. However biggest violence is being perpetrated by the 'mainstream' majority communities, in the form of declining men women ratio by 'sex determination'... no one seems to want a girl child [media does so much of jhooTh sach, why they can't report that its not the boy child but girl child being nicked from hospitals, or some fucking social engineering]. Wonder why the hindutwa lumpen quiet on the issue... this wud lead to manifold increase in the Muslim population, since they don't do such 'terrorism' and have enuff yoni/yonis/yoniis 2 procreate. So now we know who r gonna be eventual winner in this war Mr Prime Minister... coz winner in a so called war is the ones who r left, survived... what about 150k people killed in Kashmir Kaashmir so far in six decades, a third of which, is Indian.

Orgasm multiple orgasmic erogenous zones South Asian Women Indian female sexual ecstasy climax frigid frigidity fantasies holylingus India bharat teacher art sensuous babydreams lesbian Buddhist lesbians lovemaking Buddha tantra stud Shiva-shakti Oprah atheist agnostic toyboys sextoys arousal honeylingus French kiss kamasutra

NOT JUST PROPORTIONAL REPRESENTATION SYSTEM OF VOTING :: But Proportional Representation on everyfrigginwhere

Fractured mandate in so many past elections suggest that winner take all system of voting a failure... Proportional or Full Representation System of Voting [Anupaatic Pratinidhitava] is the answer... and in Chidambaram conclave speech the outgoing CEC TS Krishnamurti articulated the same [UNI March 12th] check me thread on the index page. 8th March women's day check Social and Political Oppression of Women thread 2...

Orgasm multiple orgasmic erogenous zones South Asian Women Indian female sexual ecstasy climax frigid frigidity fantasies holylingus India bharat teacher art sensuous babydreams lesbian Buddhist lesbians lovemaking Buddha tantra stud Shiva-shakti Oprah atheist agnostic toyboys sextoys arousal honeylingus French kiss kamasutra

"Life in Lubbock, Texas, taught me two things: One is that God loves you and you're going to burn in hell. The other is that sex is the most awful, filthy thing on earth and you should save it for someone you love." ~ Butch Hancock

"This crime called blasphemy was invented by priests for the purpose of defending doctrines not able to take care of themselves." ~ Robert G. Ingersoll

"Blasphemy laws should be abolished. It would be a strange God indeed, that required protection by the judicial system." ~ Salman Rushdie

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