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Tracey Burke
(954) 665-7271
Distributor# 745136
Member of the HeavenScent team

Extra income opportunity!

Distributor information

You can enroll as a Young Living distributor either to build a business for extra income, or just to qualify to purchase Young Living products at wholesale prices (or both!)

Once you sign up as a distributor, simply purchase a $20 Success Kit, and you will be able to buy at wholesale prices from then on. Be sure to enter this as a separate purchase first so the system will recognize your wholesale status.

As a distributor, you can also receive commissions when other people purchase Young Living Essential Oil products using your distributor number as their sponsoring number.

To complete the distributor signup process, simply visit the signup page, read the agreement, and click on the "Independent Distributor" button, then enter your information as prompted. Once completed, you can sign into your Virtual Office any time to place orders or track your shipments. Remember to place your $20 Success Kit order first. (You will find this in the "Literature & Training Aids" section.)

Two Month "Autoship" Discount

You can save an additional 3% by purchasing at least $50 worth of products two months in a row. Simply click on the Autoship option while logged in to your Virtual Office, click on the "Create" button, then add the items you would like to order this month. After this month's order is processed, log back in and change the selected items to what you would like for your second month's order (if you would like different products). At this point, you can also change the processing date so that your order will be shipped earlier or later in the month. Once your second month's order has been processed, you can log in and delete your Autoship, although many people like to keep it active and continue to order products every month with this discount. All Autoship orders are discounted by 3%. There is also a 2% discount for entering your order online. Therefore, you will actually be paying 5% below wholesale prices if you take advantage of the Autoship option as described.

Questions? Please contact Tracey at, (954) 665-7271.

Hear from the experts!
New! Hear Teri Williams speaking on The Power Hour, 1/21/04. She discussed the immune system, using oils in prayer and annointing, frequency of oils, dental health and more.

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SPECIAL THIS MONTH! With ALL orders placed in JUNE, you will receive a FREE 1 oz packet of Berry Young Juice. This juice contains powerful Chinese Wolfberry juice and scored much higher on the ORAC antioxidant rating scale than Noni, Xango, Himalayan Goji and Limu juices. Order anything today and receive 1 oz as a free gift!

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