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Beads of Paradise
 Secrets to Selling Your Jewelry . Sales 
March 8, 2004 
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Hi John,

These are exciting times for beaded jewelry makers! You see beaded jewelry on television personalities, movie stars, and in magazines frequently these days.

Where do you find your inspiration to bead? You can look in magazines, catalogs, and the bead listings at pizazzworks. Many of our listings contain ideas for your beading project.

We know that beads are just objects with holes in them until you coordinate them and put them together in a creative way.

We try to provide that spark to ignite your creativity. We believe that creativity is in all people. It is just buried a little deeper in some. The more that you try different things and see what the outcome is, the better you will become as a jewelry maker.

Don't be afraid to branch out. Every design will not be a winner, but you will improve your abilities when you exercise your creativity.

in this issue
  • Should you do custom work at a show?
  • What about Sterling Vermeil?
  • New Jasper!

  • What about Sterling Vermeil?

    What should you use if you like gold accents in your jewelry?

    Most of the findings and accent beads that you see for beaded jewelry today is sterling silver. But what do you do if you want the accent color to be gold?

    14k gold beads are available and can be used with high end gemstone beads. But all of your jewelry is not going to be made with expensive gemstone beads.

    Gold filled findings and beads are much less expensive than 14K gold. It is a very durable metal because it is made with a fairly thick layer of 14K rolled over the surface of the base metal. The problem is that the choice of beads and findings available in gold filled is very limited.

    An economical solution to the problem is to use sterling silver vermeil. Vermeil is made by plating sterling silver with gold. This gives you the gold look that you want without the high price of gold. If the metal is in constant contact with skin the gold finish can wear on vermeil beads, spacers, and clasps. Generally this is not a major problem. The good news is that even if it does wear, the metal underneath is a precious metal (silver).

    Some people are allergic to plated items. This happens because they are allergic to nickel. When plating is done over a non-precious metal like pewter or steal, nickel is used before the final layer of gold is plated on. With sterling silver, nickel does not have to be used, so this drastically reduces the number of people that will have an allergic reaction. Generally only people that are so sensitive to metals that they can only wear high karat gold will have a problem with vermeil.

    Sometimes a bright gold color is too much for your design. Now you can buy antiqued gold vermeil which is a subtle gold rather than a bright gold. So if you want gold accent tones in your jewelry, Sterling Vermeil is an excellent, economical way to go.

    Click here Antiqued Sterling Vermeil!...

    New Jasper!

    Jasper is a bouquet of colors for your jewelry designs.

    Jasper is a very colorful and unique stone. You will find color variations in jasper that you will not find elsewhere in the gemstone kingdom. This is the real beauty of Jasper

    One way to begin a design is by building the design around one or more beads. You can use Jasper as a starting point for your design. Each one is so different that you will find new inspiration in each stone.

    The variety of colors gives you numerous options to accent your main focal beads in the design. By designing around the stones, you allow the stones to inspire the design. This is a great way to stimulate your creativity.

    Jaspers are relatively inexpensive beads so you can use them often to stir up your creative juices. Have fun with your designs!

    Click Here For inspiring Jasper...


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    Should you do custom work at a show?
    I received this question about custom work from a reader.

    There were two questions in her email. I will answer the first question this week.

    Question: "I must admit that I appreciate your sales advice more than anything else I have read on the subject. It is more natural, and common-sense, and suits my personality and style better than any of the slick-trick approaches(however well-disguised) that I have seen elsewhere. I do have one further question, however. At shows (and I have only done a few) sometimes folks want custom orders. I have been able to make a few sales by telling them I can make the piece for them that day, and then doing it. Of course, by doing so I naturally have to sit down. But my working also attracts interest from people, and I always put down my work to address the customer. (But from now on I will see that I stand up, not sure if I did before... well, yes, but not always just at the first moment, and never abruptly. Does that also trigger a defense mechanism?)",


    You bring up a very good question and make me think of another point that I would like to add to my discussion on "Selling Your Jewelry".

    I believe that a person does attract attention when they do their work at a show. I have observed folks that do this regularly at shows. But the type of interest that is attracted seems to be more curiosity than real buyers.

    Real buying customers are the ones that are looking at the jewelry that you have on display rather than watching you make jewelry.

    While making jewelry in your booth is a way to attract people, I feel that you are at the show to sell jewelry and that is where your attention should be. When your attention is diverted from selling, you are going to lose sales.

    I have a friend that does custom wire wrapping. She generally does not do it at the show. She will sometimes do the work after the show and ask the person to come back the next day to pick it up. Otherwise, she will ship the product to them. She and her husband do very well. It is their only job and they don't do a lot of shows.

    Since she doesn't do her work at the show, she is able to concentrate on talking to the people that walk up to her booth. She has help also. Her husband cuts stones and he is in the booth most of the time too.

    It is very important to show a customer that you are willing to give your full attention to them when they are ready for it. When you are working, many people feel that they would be bothering you to take you away from your work. If you are going to work on something, you should do it when no one is around. If you need to just adjust something with a pair of pliers, this would be alright, but during the time that you are making that custom piece, you could be losing more business than you are gaining.

    I really do not think that you can effectively do custom work at a show and make the necessary connection with customers in order to make sales. It is too difficult to really focus on both. When you don't focus on customers, you do not make as many sales.

    Next week part two.

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