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All are discount perfumes like the ones found in the retail malls.  For example, a 2 oz cologne spray bottle of Issey Miyake in retail stores may go for $80 a bottle.  You can get the same fragrance in body oils with us, but at a discount perfume price.

discount perfume body oils and fragrance oils

Store Location

Pearl Flea Market, Suite 11

Pearl, Mississippi

Office 601-502-0420
Fax 601-502-0421

Wholesale/Income Information
If you are interested in selling fragrance oils in your area, email us, and we will email you further information. 

For more information about the difference between fragrance oils and body oils, see the Fragrance Oil Information Page.

Why do many competitors or vendors sell oils very inexpensively, while our prices are higher than most?

There are different grades of oils. The cheaper the grade, the less expensive it is. “GRADE A” oils, which we sell, are the finest or best quality oils around. That means they are a bit more expensive than lower grades. Think of it like buying orange juice-concentrated orange juice is a lot less expensive than pure orange juice. So, the old adage holds…“You get what you pay for!”

Designer Body Oils, Candles, Incense, Oil Warmers, Lotions, Perfumes

We have not opened a store in Pearl, Mississippi.  So if you are in the area, stop on buy for low discount perfume oil prices.  We carry other products in our store as well, for example, a variety of candles, incense bottles, oil warmers, and much more to come.

We are the largest discount perfume oil supplier in our area.  Thank you for your support.

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